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Brendan Mac an tSaoir
Brendan is my SCA persona. A 13c Irish Gallowglass.
Brendan is my SCA persona. A 13c Irish Gallowglass.


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Due to this and other issues, I will not be spending much time at Lilies, although I may be there for a few meetings or so. I will likely be spending time and money on a trip home this summer.
Going to try to return to writing a lot more. If I could no longer write, I would regret not introducing you all to Kate, Wolfbrander, the Belt Rats, and Legend.

Also, I'm starting to write bible studies, probably beginning with Job and trials. You will probably start seeing more posts on theology, philosophy, and spirituality here, just to warn you.

Also, I want to explore more geeky stuff I'm interested in. I got FreeBSD up and running under Parallels on my mac. Next is to get Docker running on FreeBSD and play around, and possibly document, that.

And I have goals that involve white and black belts.

It'll be a busy year.
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Well, getting ready to head back to Calontir. Learned a lot.
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Starting next Wednesday, 2 Knights and a Huscarl, all broken, would like to start basic armored combat training for any who would like to develop a good foundation for fighting. It'll be mostly out of armor type training; how to hold a sword; how to move; basically how to throw a shot (cup and saucer type stuff); and a big emphasis on slow work (not warm-ups, think more like Tai Chi). Eventually, how to do pell work and for those who need it, a path to armored sparring.

This is not a one time thing, or a few weeks. Ariel, Logan, and I are going to commit to having someone there for as long as we have interested students. I'll probably even keep coming and working on my own slow work after interest has waned (and in case we get new fighters and such). I'd also like this to be a class like setting, not a few minutes before we go get into armor.

Any questions, please let me know.
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We are men and women of honor. We seek the high ideals of Chivilary, Honor, and Courtesy. If we continue to strive for these goals, we need not fear any who would question our motives.
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I am working on an experiment that I would like to get some help with.

For this round, I am looking for anyone who uses PGP or GnuPG or is interested in doing the research to figure it out.

With what I've just said, if you want to participate, please send me an encrypted email. I've setup a key for and another for my persona email at For extra credit, my personal email also has a key.

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Ok, I fully admit I was being a bit of a jerk, but I went up to a couple of fighters and the lady they were with at practice tonight and asked, "so what's this all about?"
The answers were interesting and mostly correct, but it turns out the fighters were my squire brother's kids I just hadn't seen in a while (doh).
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If you don't see me, I've not dropped off anything. A lot going on. Had a family emergency and now am trying to get the house ready to sell so I can get one that can be made handicap accessible. May take a while.

Also, the same goes for if I seem unusually grumpy.
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Last month you said you were going to read the Officers Letters in the Mews. There is interesting and important information in there, and you want to be an informed member of the Kingdom. But, you put off logging into the site, downloading the PDF and now you feel you can just wait until next month's newsletter.

Well, how about this. The Officer Letters are now online. Head over to and get quick access to the important and interesting information you want to keep up with.

If you use a news aggregator, and I highly rate, you can follow the RSS feed at

I would like to thank Giovanni for setting this up for us.
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In case the word is not getting out, I'll expand the broadcast a bit.

It is time for bids for this years CalonCon. The date on the calendar is July 15, 2017. I would like the bids by than the end of February so the Kingdom can make it's decision and begin preparations for it.
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I have had an interesting problem twice as Seneschal so far. Choosing someone qualified to for a kingdom office. In both cases, all the candidates were good and it made the decision very hard.

Good problem to have Calontir.
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