Hi +Frank Monza

I'm having some issues with rss/xml parsing with wg. I'm trying to get it to parse http://www.nrk.no/nyheter/toppsaker.rss If trying to parse as rss it never parses and simply stays as "loading". I guess this might have something to do with the content type being application/x-rss+xml?

So i though, no biggie, I'll just parse it as xml $wg("www.nrk.no/nyheter/toppsaker.rss", xml, "//channel/item["+gv(feed)+"]/title")$ That sort of worked, however, it seems KLWP doesn't get that this should be utf-8, so characters like ø,å,æ,etc aren't displayed at all. I can't quite get why that would be since utf-8 is defined both in the header:
Content-Type: application/x-rss+xml; charset=utf-8
and in the xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

So, any ideas as how to get this working, bar making my own proxy to convert the feed into something KLWP understands?

(I'm on KLWP 3.23)
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