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Just did a small 42 sec test, worked wonderfully. Will upload another year that's better.
Phone used S6 Edgde.

Can't wait to test this. Just waiting for it to pop up in the store

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Hope sprint does a quick job with this update
Android 4.3, an even sweeter Jelly Bean, is rolling out now to Nexus phones and tablets. The new release includes restricted profiles, Bluetooth Smart support, and much more. Read about it on the Official Android Blog.

Google plus seems to be getting better

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If ya like Neill youll love this stuff

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Intro for upcoming vids. If you digg it LIKE & SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE.

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Just a teaser for my channel. If you digg it, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE.

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Just me being a nerd on the dnews google+ hangout liveQ&A

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I think its pretty crazy that they didnt allow more ppl to join the vid hangout. Im hoping that was a glitch cause that would kinda suck if its like that every time they doit. 
also my question was how dow whirl pools happen
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