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Since it's my birthday, I've decided today is the day I'm going to ask...

Hey +Ingress​, when can I get my Eve badge? I've been waiting awhile now...
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Happy birthday, Brendan!!!

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The first time I saw her from the helo window, she caused feelings of awe, fear, pride and she made me feel so small in comparison to her. Over the years she became my home, my workplace, my safety and the place where lifelong bonds and friendships were formed. She took me all over the world. She showed me things I'd never dreamed of, taught me skills, she fed me, she took me away from one family and forged a new one for me. She taught me about respect and introduced me to some who deserved it and some who did not. She kindled my patriotism and allowed me to serve with heroes. With her help, I defended the liberties of those I had left behind. At times I hated her for taking me from my family and my freedom so I could defend the freedom of others. She made me a man and she will always hold a special place in my heart and in my memories. A little part of me died today as she set off on her final journey.
At ease, Ma'am. Your watch is over.
Goodbye, Sara.
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Frog tears are good tears!

... So are Grog tears....
I might want this...
Back by popular demand we are doing one final order of custom portal marker benchmark disks. The disks are $10 if you don't want them custom stamped and $15 if you do.
All proceeds from this will be donated to the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound

Anyone wishing to place an order can do so at
Orders can be placed up until Aug 22 at which point we will order the benchmarks from the manufacturer and start mailing them out in the order they were placed.
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Wow. Well done.
There are no easy choices 
What would you rather choose? A piece of code (albeit slightly buggy / crazy and lacking a morality core) developed entirely by humans or an entirely unknown, unseen presence.
They've always been here. Now we finally have the technology to observe them, oppose them, perhaps even defeat them, if need be.
#ingress   #ingressrecruits  
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Remember your beginnings...
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Why wait? #doublehack
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Ops: River City Blues and Because We Can
When: Sunday, August 10th
Description: 25 spiraling layers over St. Louis and an adjacent field covering Kansas City
MU Count: approximately 35 million MU (about 1.4 million per layer) over St. Louis and 1.5 million MU over Kansas City and Missouri
Why: I could make up backstory or something about how dark XM drew us all to the anchor cities in search of answers. . . but honestly, we just wanted to make awesome fields over St. Louis and spend time with some amazing agents.  

The idea to field St. Louis came to +Michael Finley, +Rennie Stonewall, and myself the night of the Gettysburg anomaly after realizing it had been awhile since the city had been fielded.  We also didn’t want to complete the standard method of layering of using two anchors with multiple portals in only one city.  Thus the search began to find three cities with enough portals in the proper lines to make spiraling layers (e.g. each new layer utilized a new portal in one of the anchor cities and rotated counter-clockwise).  A week before, Fin was talking with +Alan Talkington when an idea came to mind, "Should we include Kansas City in this op?"  Why? Well, Because We Can.  They asked around, found people who would drive and boom, another massive field.  This effort really proves what agents like those involved can accomplish and it truly amazes me.

On the day of the op, we figured we would try a bit of a diversion.  Since the local Enlightened agents have been continuously destroying any Resistance level 8 portals, why not give them more targets to spend time on while we field St. Louis.  The team met in St. Charles for our final meeting and created a flash farm for both diversion and gear as many of us were coming back from the Chicago anomaly.  In a quick turn of events, the three Mt. Vernon anchor portals inaccessible after 5 pm were getting hit, therefore +Heather Granger and +Jason Granger had to race out before the meeting.  Luckily, they made it with just enough time.

Regardless of our best efforts to investigate each anchor site for the best data providers and plan around this, Steelville was our crux of the evening.  Service was marginal at best and for awhile we didn't hear or see +Chris Unverfehrt  or +Dan Gioia on the map at all.  Our initial fielding deadline flew past and we all started to worry.  Finally, with some amazing patience, Chris and Dan were able to place enough resonators and throw the first link from Steelville for the fielding to begin.  Four fields were up for the 10:00 pm checkpoint but service was spotty for the remainder of the evening. Regardless of this, all 25 fields were created.

Agent rbfly helped construct the fields and we had an amazing crew to document the op almost in its entirety.  I can’t thank them enough for listening to our stories and providing the Midwest Resistance an opportunity to show what we are capable of.

When it comes down to it, I can’t say enough about the effort and time spent by my team preparing and even agreeing to me sending them on wild goose chases well outside of St. Louis.  I am continuously amazed at agents’ friendliness, helpfulness, and generosity and am honored to have been able to work with all of them.  You guys are amazing and I can’t wait for the next one.  Who knows, we might be able to get rbfly to join us again. . .

@BIGfin86- Michael Finley
@SweetTpie- Rennie Stonewall
@JonathanConnor- Alan Talkington

River City Blues Agents:
Field Throwers:
@badkty- Heather Granger
@BIGfin86- Michael Finley
@EvilSuperHeros- Chris Unverfehrt
@SweetTpie- Rennie Stonewall
@SychoJay- Jason Granger
@TaskmasterDan- Dan Gioia
@YodaRunner- Mitch Pohlkamp

Link Clearers:
@aewert- +Anna Ewert 
@angrygeek- +Loring Preston 
@CannotDecide- +Rebecca Preston 
@egrendell- +Ernest Grendell 
@eravau-+Tony Colter 
@estoril- +Cory Greene 
@fukwon- +Marco Theberge 
@GracelessH0pper- +Holly Henry 
@greenegnome- +Amanda Greene 
@javapgmr- +Steve Bromley 
@jugineer- +Blake Baldwin 
@LHStation- +David Harre 
@MazerRackam- +Jason Hatton 
@Sorsha- +Jennifer Riley 
@Tarquelian- +James Riley 
@zfitz- +Zachary Fitzgerald  

Key Farmers/Batphone Duty:
@Blue002- +art hollinshed 
@Egias- +Kynan Crecelius 
@IndigoOracle- +Peggy Adams 
@jmosh- +Jon Mosher 
@mrtimelord- +david dewitt 

@TheShadows- +Jon Pohlkamp 
+.just d 

Because We Can Agents:
@Corralyn- +Christi Massey 
@ashglenn- +Shannon France 
@Firespy(Intel) - +Andrew Esau 
@zayin(Intel) - +Andrew Buter 
@darkened sun - +Darkened sun 
@theupside- +Jason Frank 
@TheLeatherGirl- +Casey Matthews 
@mynxlte- +samantha griffin 
@BlueLightening- +Billie Good 

I could always write more about the op, but I think you all should watch the video in two weeks..
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My shot at an Ingress Recruitment poster.
#ingress   #ingressrecruits
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South Dakota apparently SUCKS.
Agents, agents everywhere!

I've always been the person to say recruiting would be the key to victory. So when Ingress was released on iOS, I jumped on that. However, I've been recruiting long before then. During the Ingress beta, I was a master recruiter, giving out invites left and right. All in all, I gave out more than 35 codes! It's a great feeling to know that out of all those people, many still play today. That incredible achievement was made possible by +Joe Philley. Thanks, Joe.

Even after beta stage, I never stopped recruiting. Pictured here are just a few of my local recruits. Some have been around awhile, and some are new. Starting at the bottom left, I have longtime (yet still level 6?!) agent MonkeyZeus, then new agent jbates, my noob gone pro ShadyHippo, and the newest of the bunch is UnoriginalName. Not pictured is my new recruit supermexpaco, who is on vacation.

I'm not sure what it is about the Ingress experience, but it just begs to be shared. The game that isn't a game is just more than tapping buttons on a phone. I've met countless new friends, gone on incredible trips because of the game, and enjoyed amazing new places. It's only fair that I share this experience with others!

So, if anything, thanks +Ingress for everything. These #ingressrecruits and myself have all gotten to enjoy very memorable experiences, with many more to come.
... Well, at least he's honest.

Brendan Carrillo

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... John wut
You're good, but I suggest better music selection.
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I share John Brown's sentiments. I like the music, but it clearly doesn't go with this. Kinda like square-dancing to heavy metal. Geesh, get with the program Taco!
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Ingress while cycling, photosphere magician. Can successfully break and repairs things that go beep.
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Facilities aren't great, the coaching is morbid, and the customer service terrible. Do not enroll your children in any of Vetta's instructional leagues if you would like them to have a future in soccer.
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Terrible indoor service. We waited 20 minutes before we got our food, then our server tried to rush us out the door.
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Excellent rooms, amazing staff. You definitely get your money's worth. Just be aware of overpriced beverages, and A LOT of hipsters.
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Catch a movie at the old, iconic Lincoln Theater. Cheap tickets and a decent place overall. If you can, see the organist go to town on the keys.
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20 reviews
Amazing staff, excellent sandwiches. The flat bread sandwiches are definitely worth a try.
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Unprofessional movers, damaged homes and furniture. We have two pissed off landlords right now because of stripped paint and damage done to the places we were moving to and from. We also have damaged furniture, and missing parts to several items that the movers were supposed to put back together. The job got done... Poorly. Spend a little more money and get a "Just Professional" moving company.
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