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Her Majesty Turns 90

Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 today, as the longest reign in British history continues. The British monarchy, an expensive anachronism, only f

A New Hyundai Compact Platform Is Born: The IONIQ And Niro

Imagine you are Hyundai-Kia, and you want to jump into the plug-In hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) game. What's the most cost effective way

The 2016 Hyundai Tucson And Kia Sportage: A Tale Of Two Design Philosophies

The non-luxury compact crossover segment in the USA is hotter than ever. For years, the segment has been dominated by the Honda CR-V, the To

Internet Bandwidth Speed Test - Android Apps on Google Play

Internet Bandwidth Speed Test is an Internet speed meter. It can test speed for WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, DSL and ADSL. With just one tap, it will t

Apex Launcher Pro - Android Apps on Google Play

Apex Launcher helps you create a customized homescreen experience on your Android (4.0+) device. Apex Launcher Pro unlocks the following fea

Thoughts On The Second Generation Volkswagen Touareg (Gasoline / Petrol)

Not sure if it is really worth $42,000. But the 2015 gasoline V6 Touareg brings the features. It has a lot of suspension travel for a produc

Moto Loop™ - Android Apps on Google Play

Moto Loop makes it easy to stay in sync with your home and family. Check up on the kids, receive alerts, and send messages right from the ap

Trust Us

It all sounds very familiar to Americans, who have had two Red Scares, and now a 15 year long "Terrorism Spasm". In each instance, 1917-1920

The Vatican Had It Coming

The Catholic Church, which had its own way in Ireland for centuries, has seen an incredibly rapid collapse of its power and influence. Of co

The Least Fit Cities In The US

The latest urban fitness report is out for the US. Do you detect a slight red state/blue state dichotomy? I must say, the only real surprise

Military Events in London Now And This Weekend (May 15-18)

We almost never post about events here, as this is a small blog with infrequent posts. But right now in London, The Honorable Artillery Comp

Come Meet The Hooniverse Podcast, Live And In Person! | Hooniverse

The beauty of the Internet, besides the fact that nobody knows you’re a four-legged mammal who breathes with his tongue out, is that you can

Renegade Run: Exploring Moab’s Dome Plateau in the New Jeep Renegade

Renegades on the trails in Moab? Why not!?! Billionaire Donald Trump once said the two most expensive words in the world are “why not?” In s

Hooniverse - Pop pop pop...

In this episode hosts Blake and Jeff are initially joined by producer Chrisy Hayes before taking a brief break and returning with Friends of

Rikers Island Is A Human Rights Catastrophe

The United States has an ongoing human rights crisis. It has been going on for decades, especially since the 1970s. Almost no one talks abou

Chris Rock: Most Americans Oblivious To Class Inequality

None of this is news to Americans who live in our largest cities. Chris Rock is probably correct about most middle Americans being oblivious

Professor Tim Wu: Airlines Want You To Suffer

Like most essays Tim Wu has written, this one is pretty awesome. As airline customers, we must suffer at baseline. And besides, suffering no

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