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Glitch might be awesome. Or, Glitch might be an ironic, hipster take on the social game genre. Or, Glitch could be a great timewaster when you have a few free minutes. Or, Glitch might just be a waste of time. I can't decide yet!
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I started with that game yesterday and so far, I'm not sure what to think about it. ^^
Exactly! I did get to the Bureau of Bureaucrats and am now a Card Carrying, but I have to earn Papers before I can buy a treehouse...
Hehe. I've done the same. Made me laugh, though. Bureaucracy at its best. ;) I did learn 'Better Learning' which is needed for the next step. The ironic thing is that I wanted to get somewhere to buy a bigger inventory bag and thought I'd use the subway - only to see that I need the Card Carrying and then the next step (forgot the name) in order to be allowed to use the subway. And then I walked to the Bureau and it is where I'd wanted to take the subway to.
I'm going for the hipster angle. Squeezing chickens and massaging butterflies = WAY too much weed consumed during the development of this game.
This is the developer that built Katamari Damaci and Noby Noby Boy. And he was, if I understand correctly, essentially told to "go crazy". So, I can't say I would be the least bit surprised to find squeezing chickens or massaging butterflies. :)
I really enjoyed it in beta.... but yeah it was a trip. It is a fun time waster. Not worth playing in lieu of another game.... but fun for those times when all you have is a browser and some time to kill :)

[edit] whoa it looks like I got to keep my beta char, or at least my appearance hehe, set back to level 1 but still pretty cool
Oh I got my invite for that yesterday. Need to try it out
Hawt damn! Got an email telling me that I learned Soil Appreciation II!

I an SO SOILING IT UP when I get home!
You will totally be the dirtmaster general soon. See like I said before, this is the type of game that needs to be integrated into G+ hehe, a perfect useless timewaster.
I played a bit when it was in beta. It's a great little time waster. I wish I had figured out how to make a neighborhood because that would be an awesome social experience.
I'm belghast as per normal heh
And the design TOTALLY fits g+
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