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The crew finally take on Nidhogg. And, the Sultana awakes. Meanwhile, back in Ishgard, a power that strikes from shadows is revealed. And in Garlemand, the Empire brings the second Death Star Agrius-class super dreadnought online...
That moment you realize your whole life has been a lie… It was a night of revelations! And dragons! And cutscenes! So, so many cutscenes… We Scions of the Seventh Dawn had long known that primals are actually created by the thoughts and power of those that summon them. King Moogle Mog XIV, ...
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I popped into EQ Next Landmark looking for tea and trouble... and they were all out of tea. Though the days when players crowded the chat channels and fought over plots to claim are long gone, there's still moments of weird beauty scattered around... and in the hidden worlds far beneath the surface, death.
Tell me can I be your honey be, be strong… Every few years, I wonder whatever became of EQ Next. It was going to change the face of MMO gaming. Mobs that reacted to over-hunting or being left alone to become a bigger problem. Emergent events. A fully destructible world.
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Nope ill check it thx.
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I changed my power set in DC Universe Online from Heavy Light (AKA Green Lantern) to Munitions awhile back. Usually I just stick to the Controller role, but I've been needing to earn some in game currency for upgrades and decided to try a spin in the Damage role on New Genesis.
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Shroud of the Avatar Release #24 -- I try out the "single player online" mode, where every other player is edited out of the game world for your solitary enjoyment.
Outside of space, outside of time. Peaked into Shroud of the Avatar again yesterday. This is Richard “Lord British” Garriott's MMO-in-development that brings the morality-based gameplay of his Ultima RPG into a more modern. The last time I played, they didn't have any of the single-player ...
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+Gamer Hudson While I, also, haven't found any real "pull" to get me into the game, I know that the fun for these sorts of games tends to come near the end, once all the mechanisms are in place.

It's a little generic at this point. But, it is still very much in development.
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Love this so much :)
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I love Postmodern Jukebox, but I hadn't heard this one before. Definitely brilliant. 
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Sohm Al, Dragons, Moogles, and the Lost Cloud Empire... and a lost, painted pebble? Last week's FFXIV night swung between the epic and the mundane, but at last we finally have a party member who really knows how to gather sticks.
Tiamat. I mean, Tiamon. We expected to have to spend more time questing in the Dravanian Forelands before being allowed to ascend the mountain of Sohm Al and fulfill the promise we made to deal with the desperate dragon Nidhogg the only way we could — by killing his girlfriend, Tiamat. TioMAN.
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A movie that mashes up many of Kurt Vonnegut's novels and stories, including Sirens of Titan, Cat's Cradle, Mother Night, Harrison Bergeron and others.

First saw this when I was little... and it's stuck with me all these years. And here it is on Youtube.
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Took long enough, but Team Spode was victorious over the Sons of Trigon once again. And, White Raven defeated her deadliest foe... HERSELF!
Kickin' back with Raven. We've been working on the T7 DCUO alert, Desecrated Cathedral, for a few weeks. The basic plot is that the demon Trigon's miscreant sons are fighting over the scraps of their father's power. Trigon's not that interest in giving them any of it. HE wants to share his power ...
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Calling +Jane Smith...
We’ve known for a while that the delightful Steven Universe would be getting some long-awaited merchandise, and now we have our first look at it: four glorious little Pop! Vinyls from Funko. They’re so adorable, we just want to shove as many of them into our Cheeseburger Backpacks as possible.
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Eeeeeeeee! I must have these!
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Jessica Jones is really, really hard to watch.
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Yeah, not the same. I'm a parent of two toddlers. There are times I actively hate my children. But I never actually wish them harm, and couldn't even imagine it. Because I love them too. I joke about trading them in for cats, but I don't ever actually fantasize about doing real harm to them. I wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice anything for them.

Because, even when they are being total assholes (and believe me, a 2yr old and a 4yr old have a capacity for assholery unrivaled in this world) I also understand that they just don't really get it. And it's my job to teach them.

Societal pressure stops some people from being assholes, but there are lots of people who actually don't want to be assholes because of empathy: we are not all self centered 5 year olds at our core. Understanding that others are people too.

All that aside, having idle fantasies you would never act on is monumentally different from actually wanting to do those things, and doing them. If you didn't want to do it, but did - if you were "forced" in the traditional sense, it would be somewhat easier to move past it. Easier, not easy.

Rape is, at its core, tramautic because it is representative of total domination of someone, of taking what's most precious and private and violating that, of demonstrating complete control over them.

What the villain is doing here is orders of magnitude worse. He's not just controlling your actions, he's controlling your very thoughts and desires. It's not just a loss of physical control, a violation of your body, its thorough rape of who you are. 
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Rank 14 in World of Warships... and I could lose this rank, now! This calls for a little rethinking of my strategy....
Ranked up! Rank 14 and owner of the flag marking me as a member of the Second League… that is really available to anyone who is playing the ranked battles in World of Warships at all. You can't lose ranks until you get to 14, so unless you just never win a match, you will enter the rarefied ...
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Rank 17! No longer an utter noob. And this rank is also irrevocable, so no matter how much I lose, I'll not lost rank 17. Plus, if my team wins the next battle, I go straight to 16.
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I've always hoped that was the long term goal.
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