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Hold on -- American Truck Simulator only simulates California and Nevada? No New England?

Forget that. I was almost excited for this.  Let me know when Boston, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and all the other cities of the great Northeast Corridor are in the game. (And Hartford!)
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Oh see, that's why it costs 20 bucks. Each extra state will cost how many dollars?! :>

California and Nevada only is really a joke. :(
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FFXIV Daily Report:

Expert: Pharos Sirius (Hard)
Levelling: Brayflox Longpause
Gold Saucer: Working on it
Beast Tribe: Vanu still at max

I coerced Kasul to get online after work and we did the Valentine's Day quests. They're corny fun, but you have to do them with someone else. Rewards were earrings, a Mario cap, a bed and two halves of a loveseat. Appropriate!

While he was online, we did a quick Expert roulette and Pharos Sirius (Hard) came up. I hadn't seen this since we unlocked it with that > 1500 dps Monk making things simple. This time we had two Black Mages and it wasn't all that simple. I messed up a few times but no wipes and we made it through.

It takes me a couple of times to learn a dungeon.

Leveling roulette needed a healer, so I changed to Astrologian and rolled into Brayflox. I usually dread this dungeon, but the buff Warrior tank was on point and needed so little healing that I spent most of the dungeon DPSing. Quite a change from my normal Brayflox experience.

That left me just short of level 54. I knocked out the rest with a round of Vanu quests. Now that the reputation is maxed out, the experience from the quests is not inconsiderable for the effort.

Since I won another mini cactpot the other day, I'm sitting at around 80K MGP, within range of the Gambler's Trenchcoat. I spent a couple hours working on the Gold Saucer challenge log for more MGP until Kasul logged in.

It's just good, clean fun.

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Lessee... start by grabbing the two dots, then below the white squares, up and beneath the black squares, then over and outline the L tetris piece. Use the shifted placement property of tetris symbols to shift the horizontal line down two, with the L on top and the L in an F orientation on the bottom, outline them and down for the win.

Oh, hi. Never mind me. Playing The Witness in my head at work.

Just like every Witness player.
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Yeah, I can. I haven't solved it in game yet, maybe in the morning :)
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FFXIV Daily Report:

Expert Dungeons: Pharos Sirius (Hard), St Mocianne's Arboretum x2
Level 60 Dungeon: Neverreap
Beast Tribe: Max rep with Gundu Vanu
Mini Cactpot: Another losing night

Paladin ilevel: 185
Dragoon ilevel: 172

It was my and Kasul's story night, but there's no more story until the next patch. We did, however, have new dungeons to try!

Before we started, I did the last series of quests for the Vanu and maxed my reputation. Given how wonderful all the other reputation quests were, this ultimate rep quest was "talk to this other bird next to me". That was it. No new items on the vendor. I did buy some more unidentified stuff with the tokens I'd earned leveling up.

We started off with a quick Neverreap run. Kasul had enough Tomestones of Law after that to buy some new boots; I had nothing left to buy with Law, so I bought a picture of Lord Hauchefant to hang, with reverence, in my room. The Free Company leadership is talking about merging with another FC, so I don't know if I will have a room for long, but, until then...

Pharos Sirius (Hard) was the first new (to us) dungeon. It was a fun romp. We had an uber raid DPS monk doing well over half the entire group's damage, so he pretty much soloed the place as the rest of us struggled to keep up. I have never had to work so hard to keep aggro. It was a fun run. I "needed" two pieces of paladin gear, and "greeded" two pieces of dragoon gear, so I was very happy.

Next up was Saint Mocianne's Arboretum. The walkthrough made this seem terrible, and it really was. We made it through without too much terror and only one wipe. No upgrades for me, but Kasul got a new pair of boots... those Law stones he'd just spent gone to waste...

Having completed both of these dungeons, we now could use the Expert roulette, and so we did, hoping for the fun Pharos Sirius, but getting the yucky Saint Mocianne's. We eventually made it through after having some difficulty with the final boss. Kasul snagged another upgrade.

So Pharos Sirius gets upgrades for ME, and the Arboretum for Kasul. The dungeons drop stuff for all classes, and this must just be coincidence...

Now that we're able to get ilevel 185 gear, there doesn't seem to be much reason to save Law stones. Might as well just start buying unidentifiable stuff with them, too. Those animus weapons are hungry.

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They changed between avian and dinosaur style a lot between different Ultima Online and "Ultima Offline" cleints. I remember how hard it was to get a brilliant red one.
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Finally built my Ark in Godville. I immediately sent my double dragon companion/mount into the ark; she'd gotten so old that she was nearly powerless. I have a new pet, now.

Building the Ark opens up sea trips. You need two of every animal now (because, it's an ark), and the females are only found at sea, apparently.

I haven't DONE a sea trip yet, but somehow I have two female animals in the ark along with Pinky. Dunno how they got there if I haven't done any sea voyages.

(Godville is a Zero Player Game, which nonetheless allows you some influence in what happens to your hero/heroine. But they could get along just fine without you.)

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The patch notes for the new FFXIV patch were released this morning. Tanks now won't have to keep a set of Strength gear (yay!), as Vitality will determine combat damage. It will be easier for me to keep aggro now :)

Tomestones of Law are going away and can be converted into Esoterics, so it looks like I need to not worry so much about gathering Esoterics now. All the Law armor is obsolete.

New solo combat rotation encounters to let you work on your rotations before you join a raid group. They'll have ones for all three roles, and for several bits of content. If you can't pass this solo DPS check, you have work to do before you raid.

Places that drop a paladin sword or a paladin shield will drop both at once now. We're the only combat class that requires two slots, so that makes sense.

The Gold Saucer Adamantoise Tortoise mount will be able to fly, Gamera-style, after the patch. Something to work on after I get the Gambler Trenchcoat, I guess. The devs promise the first person camera won't spin (like Gamera does in flight).

And lots of other fun stuff. Also, some help for Astrologian, my healer class. I KNEW that if I chose two of the weakest classes, I'd dodge the nerf bat!
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I bought SOME, including my only eso, but... everything now is fending. VERY happy with this. I always felt uneasy about trading health for strength. My health gets pretty low in random dungeon content.
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"Putting the Dragon in Dungeons and Dragons" - Adventure Co meets their first dragon. Comedy ensues!

Adventure Co were well on their way to storm the castle on the backs of their hijacked wyverns. The giant’s floating giant castle was still visible in the gloom, enough for the party to see that there were three ogres standing atop the rearmost tower.…
Adventure Co were well on their way to storm the castle on the backs of their hijacked wyverns. The giant’s floating giant castle was still visible in the gloom, enough for the party to see t…
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Scary fun!
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A bot designed to keep telemarketing scammers on the phone as long as possible by simulating a conversation. Some of these are hilarious -- ESPECIALLY the one with the telemarketer figures out he's talking to a bot and sticks around to hear the whole thing.
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Let's see where typing into the browser's address bar brings us today...
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+Nate Smith you must be careful not to hand people such an opportunity on a plate! ;)

("You are halfway there - now go get the billion, too!") SCNR! :))
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Weekend FFXIV report:

Raids: Void Ark, Binding Coil of Bahamut turns 1-5
Main Scenario: The one with the cannons
Mini Cactpot: No jackpots

Esoteric necklace for Paladin
Dragoon to ilvl 170
Astrologian to 53

I was one of the Alliance tanks for a Void Ark run, and the main tank for the Binding Coil of Bahamut run. Both were stories I very much wanted to learn.

Void Ark is current content, and wasn't synced. I still have very little idea what was going on, as I didn't expect to be pulled into it. But the free company was going, and of course I didn't want to miss an opportunity. I didn't know then that you shouldn't greed on stuff, so I immediately won some useless (to me) monk belt and was loot locked until tomorrow's weekly loot reset.

Kasul was on when the free company started talking about a raid that even we beginners could do. Binding Coil was a raid I'd been wanting to do for a very long time. Kasul and I had done the first turn a bit ago, but this time we were going to do the first five in a row (there are thirteen total). I was furiously reading the strats on the second computer as we gathered. We went in unsync'd, so the first four turns were no real challenge to us. (Kasul and I had done the first turn synced, before).

The fifth turn must have been a real disaster back when it was current content. It took a few tries even with the way we currently outlevel it. Since DPS wasn't an issue, all we had to do was learn the mechanics. Lots of fun.

Turns out that Bahamut didn't die at the end of the Cataclysm, when the artificial moon in which he was imprisoned exploded and fell to ground in three enormous shards. Bahamut has been biding his time, slowly regenerating. And it looks like someone is helping him regenerate.

It was nice to see that, as Alphinaud keeps being mistaken for his sister, his sister Alisae keeps being mistaken for her brother :) This clearly takes place well before the Heavensward plotline..... And, their grandfather is alive!

I was having trouble healing with the Astrologian. I took a gear inventory with the Market Board open, and I had appropriate gear for level in every slot except main hand. I had this cute Moogle planisphere from Thornmarch, but I had to let it go. I bought a HQ crafted one, glamoured it as the Ifrit globe, and went on to have a much better time healing than before.

Now 53, and ready to heal Sohm Al... a place with actual gear upgrades. While also being a fairly annoying dungeon. I'd like to get to The Aery as fast as possible.

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Someone put the FFXIV Astrologian into D&D :-)

I really do like the job, have been intrigued by it since I first heard of it. As I gain confidence with the healing and the tarot cards, I enjoy dungeons runs ever more.
Astrologian. A slender woman draped in fine robes sits in a dark room across from a man who feels he has lost his way. Smiling she releases her Planisphere and a flurry of tarot cards into the air. From the flurry of cards she draws and divines the man's fate, instilling in the lost soul a sense ...
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+Brenda Holloway I think if you pay attention to any of the class quests, there's a lot of role-play potential for most of the FFXIV classes.
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Watching Louis C.K.'s new show "Horace & Pete". It's pretty much a stage play. In fact it's exactly that. It's.... very intense.
LOUIS CK: Horace and Pete Episode 1 available NOW.
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I downloaded it the moment I got the email. Plan to watch it tonight, read some good reviews.
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