I just realized why I tend to stay away from Doctors(Medical).  I had an appointment today(Sunday).  What kind of organization gives appointments on Sundays?  At any rate I went to the doctor today for a scheduled appointment, this female Doctor came into the room, she starts off asking me question which the answers were right there on the monitor is front of her.  She tells me she is guessing my cholestrol level is about 200( no it wasn't, good and bad levels were and are good...very good) she put all this in to a program to calculate my risk of having a heart attack. She says something about my blood pressure was 200 or have been 200 and the bottom number probably somewhere in my lifetime has been over 100.  I had to interject and tell her my blood pressure has never been 200 not even close and my bottom number has never reached 100. It always hover around the mid seventies.
I am thinking is she crazy or what?  I think she is more like an a what to me.  She looks at the monitor and see the results of my latest lab work and see all her suppostions were way off base. She says, "Oh" but she did not put the correct numbers from my blood work into the computer to recalculate my chance of having a heart attack.  If I was a weaker person I would have left her office, thinking death was imminent(which it maybe) but not because of my cholosterol or any other medical reasons. She was crazy, once the nurse came in and the doctor went out, I stated she is crazy and the nurse agreed with me. She saw that I lived on Mission Street and assumed I lived around 16th and Mission(for those of you who do not live in San Francisco that area is not the nicest area in San Francisco) I said no, I live on Mission btw 3rd and New Montgomery Streets which is in the SOMA, again she says "oh".  I am like what is your fucking problem making all these supposition and assumptions about me and you do not know me from a hole in the ground.
You cannot just look at someone and assume you know them, thier history, where they live.  I hate that kind of prejudice...in fact I hate all kind of prejudice. She made me so tired, I came home took a nap, something that I do not do. I never take a nap during the day unless I am ill...she made me ill. Crazy Woman, Crazy Doctor.
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