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Crazier and crazier!

"the bill would allow a doctor who opposes abortion to lie to patients about the results of blood tests, amniocentesis, genetic testing, or ultrasounds so that the patient is not informed about factors that could lead them to end their pregnancies. “It’s explicitly about preventing women from getting the information that they need to make their own personal and private decisions,”
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WTF? This is insane...there's no GOP 'war on women'? And what the heck is going on in Arizona? They're taking the 'craziest state' crown away from the Bible Belt states that usually wear it.
9 states have similar laws. It's insane!
"The president likes gay marriage? Fine, we'll just fuck over women more!"

What are they thinking??!!
They're not. Thinking requires the ability to reason.
How more retarded can they become ? Serilosly ...
I don't understand why they want babies born that will probably need taxpayer money to help support. There is another wave of cuts coming through for W.I.C. and similar programs. Making it more difficult to get birth control. so they encourage births no matter what but don't want to support the ones that get made. I guess the message is if you aren't rich enough to support a kid no matter what don't fuck.
From their perspective, if you have a special needs child, you probably pissed off Dog as some point ...
I see a wave of negligence lawsuits against doctors coming out of this.
In this case, hiding is lying as it implies that everything is OK when obviously it is not.
Here's my thoughts on this clusterfuck: they want more babies to be born for two reasons: one, it really is a religious things (think spirit, not human being) and two, future voters who they want to have a chance at future backward thinking GOP freaks to control others.

The confusing part of these laws is in one of their main mantras: "i'm not paying for some slut to use birth control" yet as Brenda mentioned above, they are ok to pay the cost for a birth and any services that child may incur through the systems over the course of it's life.

Even after that, it's still mind boggling how they can even pass such laws. Unless it really is about controlling others. Which is the whole crux of organized religion.
I wish Mary would come down and smite some ass.
Last I heard, Mary was still claiming to be a virgin. J/K. :)
Meaning the baby was not actually normal ?
+Kat Gillis the sad part about that bill in Arizona is that is was written by a woman. Which categorizes her under the "self hating" label.
I'd get a written contract from my OB/GYN that he/she will disclose all info to me regardless of the law. My health and choices come first! I just hope the women of Az are made aware of this and don't think they are getting all the info they need when they may not :(
It happened in Arizona because it worked in nine other states. Could be just a matter of time before they pull that shit in Nevada.
I think it's time to get biblical on these politicians' asses and start shunning them.

Don't pump gas for them.
Don't ring up their groceries in the supermarket
Refuse to serve them in bars and restaurants.
Don't provide them with any services (yard work, home repair and renovation, laundry and drycleaning)
Don't talk to them if you see them in the street
Don't deliver newspapers to their houses.
Don't provide them with massages or "escort" services

And most of all: DON'T VOTE FOR THEM!
Sounds great, +Hugh Tauerner, and I really mean that. But I could see people losing their jobs over refusing to serve them.
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