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A dear friend thought I made myself look younger, or at least remarked that this is how we appear in our memory of our physical self. I need to say I am not a camera; I cannot reproduce what my mind's eye 'sees'; I struggle to draw something I can live with, that's all. So of course I went back and tried to age the face, but still with the constraint of not looking in a mirror. And actually, I do recognize myself in this image, even if it's not 'perfect.' There's definitely something of the feeling of what I see when I look into a mirror, the sadness in the eyes, and an intensity.
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So what if you made yourself look younger?
There's nothing wrong with that at all, imho.

I am assuming that in this project, you are not aiming for realistic accuracy....

What is your particular goal in this project?

When I thought of joining you in this project, my thought was to describe my feelings about myself in expressionistic self-portraits, so that they are emotionally autobiographical. :)
I tried not to have any preconceived notions; rather, to see what emerges in the moment, +Nina Kuriloff. Just begin somewhere, and go from there, see what unwinds. Also I am experimenting with copper, gold and silver leaf (imitation!) for some larger paintings for another series. The foil is going to make anything look 'pretty' I surely think. Lol. It's glittery, that's its nature.

I hope as I explore these mirrorless self-portraits, that I can enter into the ways I distort my self-image, or to distort it to evoke the sensations within my body that I transcribe into visual imagery in a self-view, that sort of thing.

Women tend, more than men, to try to see themselves as they think someone else might see them. It's a kind of strange mirror that we carry around in our minds of ourselves.

Right away, though, someone wants something that looks like a photograph. I wonder what this is. We have cameras for that purpose. And Realist artists, whose work is usually superb but of which I am not one. 

I'd love it if you joined this project! That would make my day, totally. 
Very interesting, +Brenda Clews!
Your project sounds great!

It's been awhile since I attempted a self-portrait based on my actual looks...I wouldn't be interested in doing this.
What I do, usually a few times per year, is draw or paint the way I feel.
What interests me regarding self-portraits is the portrayal of emotions in an expressionistic way....

I look forward to seeing your progress in this project!
Ok, I understand. I hope to enter the emotional fields too, +Nina Kuriloff. I began with an eye in this one... If you do do some drawings or paintings that are about the way you feel, not how you look, please do tag. I don't want to miss them. Thanks for the conversation about self-portraits! 
And, thanks to you, too, Brenda, regarding the conversation about self-portraits.
What would the tag be, that you are referring to?
Thanks again.
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