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Just made my first juice ever in a new juicer that my daughter insisted I get... blueberries, strawberries, a granny smith apple, a tear of kale, another of parsley and not too much fresh ginger... I was going to take a pic, but it was so good it's finished! I'm fighting a chest cold and this is simply the most perfect drink ever! Delicious, nutritious!
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Get well soon. If it helps to drink a liter of it
+Heinz Udo Zemlin thanks! Clean-up, while easy, takes time, so I shall wait until tomorrow for another glass of this delight. :)
+Charles van Heck thank you! I haven't had a cold since Feb 2008... so am not happy about the situation. Grumpy is it. :):)
+Charles van Heck soup.... hmmmn... some hot & sour Vietnamese soup would be great. Maybe tomorrow. Movie's a good idea - I'll check Netflix later. Picking up my kitten soon who's just been spayed, poor dear. Cat Mama tonight making sure she doesn't jump up to her usual perches on the top of bookcases, and general feline comforting. :)
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