I have an idea for an art challenge: #TheMirrorlessSelfPortrait . Recently I listened to an interesting podcast on CBC radio's Ideas program called, "_Silver and Exact_", an hour long show in which "Karen Virag explores the history and cultural significance of the mirror." 

In the show, a woman described her experience of living a whole year without looking into a mirror. She described intense loneliness. Of becoming obsessed with her shadow to know she existed. It changed her; she undertook the odyssey because she wanted to look outwards more than inwards. I was fascinated.

My idea for an art challenge is to draw or paint a portrait of yourself without looking in a mirror or at a photograph.

I would call it #TheMirrorlessSelfPortrait, and be chuffed if anyone would like to participate in this challenge with me.

Tonight I am picking up a new Moleskine, and may begin there, though I would like to try oils on a canvas too.

If anyone would like to join this challenge, leave a comment. Even one other, and it is a go.
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