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A sketch in the first of my 'Mirrorless Self-Portraits' Series. Not sure where I'll take it next.
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+Brenda Clews Wonderful start...there's such a sensitive peek into the soul through those eyes!
Thank you, +Marilyn Fenn ... this, without looking into a mirror or at a photo. I'm intrigued by the idea of what will emerge in such a 'self-portrait.' I reminded myself, 'you wash this face every day, apply moisturizers, sometimes eyeliner, lip colour, surely you can remember the contours of your own face...' lol. But I found myself feeling my face as I drew the way a sculptor might. It was odd, that. I tried to get the wrinkles in, I did.
Oh +Brenda's beautiful. I love the additional mixed media embellishments. It already looks well on its way to being finished...
I like how half of the face is not as detailed as the embellished half...I hope you keep it that way. (Crosses fingers.)
oh, yes, this grabs me
something so fragile yet determined, wounded yet resolved
casually striking, deeply impressive
+Shannon Kidwell thank you so much for your lovely comment, and yes, I have continued working on it... hopefully, it works. The face is still open on the one side. Lol. Experimenting with copper leaf for a larger painting. 
+laurie corzett that's beautiful... your comment. I think you are reading the tarot card of me. Or we understand each other deeply. Thank you for your response, I treasure it. 
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