Last night, after getting my kids some stuff at Mountain Equipment Co-op, with texts and photos flying back and forth, Mama shopping in the 21st century huh, when I got to the art store where my dear brother gave me a gift certificate for, it was closed. This morning I phoned and had them put aside the very largest Moleskine Sketchbook, 12" x 16", and A3, and hopefully will get down there today or tomorrow. At least I know it's behind the front desk, waiting for me. While I'd wanted to work solely on canvas (sheets or stretched), there's something about having a Mole on your lap on the couch with your inks and pens beside you in the winter months...

And I would like to try a series of Mirrorless Self-Portraits, using my, ahem, eidetic memory to compose myself without copying anything from a mirror or photograph. I've washed this face every morning for many, many decades, surely I know what it looks like. I'm really fascinated to see what emerges.

The self-portrait below is from the Moleskine A4 Sketchbook I filled last winter, and it was drawn looking into a round magnifying mirror so I could work without reading glasses. Graphite, 8" x 11.5".
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