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Bringing in the new year with new energy. Working with amazing people and organizations around the world to highlight their work and support their efforts. Do you have a film, a series, a song, a book, or a program that needs distribution? Contact us for more information. +Tess Cacciatore #gwen #globalwomensempowermentnetwork #gwenlive

GWEN is collaborative, community-driven portal for Entertainment, Empowerment, and Life Education to Transform Lives!
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Brenda Brown

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Brenda Brown

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Check out our wonderful client +Lizzie Sider on +Fox & Friends/ +Fox News this morning: #lizziesider #foxandfriends #foxnews #antibullying #nobodyhasthepowertoruinyourday
Lizzie Sider takes anti-bullying message to schools across the country
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Brenda Brown

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Do you have kids in elementary or middle school?  +Lizzie Sider  is offering a Free Bully Prevention Program for all Elementary and Middle Schools in North America.  Please share the following with the principal, a teacher or a counselor at the school.  Please share this post as well.
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Brenda Brown

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+Brenda Brown Entertainment LLC and its founder +Brenda Brown (who is a board member), proudly support the following. Please share and +1 this post.
Go to http://www.GWEN.Live and there you go. You can see this most fabulous short film"Today, I Rise" created by +alexandra feldner that will inspire the socks off of ya... then you will see the rest of the announcements leading up to March 8th launch and THEN easy peasy ... click on the purple button and take a minute to sign up... easy as 1-2-3.. +Tess Cacciatore +Lizzie Sider
#gwen #rise #globalwomen #tesscacciatore #alexandrafeldner
GWEN is collaborative, community-driven portal for Entertainment, Empowerment, and Life Education to Transform Lives!
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Brenda Brown

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Most of you that know me personally, know I am on the board of Global Womens Empowerment Network
Support us when you shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at and Amazon donates to Global Womens Empowerment Network.
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For many Artists (and/or their Management Team) one of the preferred ways to get going with Brenda Brown Entertainment is to select one of our 4 pre-priced Standard Services Programs-Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum and then add any of the corresponding Optional Services that you may want, at any time. Because we fully understand that in considering whom you may want to make part of your “Team” to help grow your career, initially you may not want to enter into any monthly or yearly contract which obligates you financially to a company which you have no experience working with. All of our Service Programs are initially priced and offered to you on a Month-to-Month basis only. Our reasoning for doing this is simple. Once we begin working with you and prove to you that we stand behind all we say we will do for you and by keeping our fees most reasonable for what we provide, we hope to build your trust which in time may lead to you adding more services as needed. Additionally, this gives you the freedom to work with us without the concern that a contract would hinder any other pursuits that you may have with another entity or label. Over the years BBE has developed into a full services company offering a variety of key items that many serious Artists need in order to have a chance at success. BBE is known in the Industry today for offering a variety of great services which are all centered around having your music for sale worldwide on iTunes. In addition to being a premier iTunes® Digital sales specialist, BBE offers the best in Massive Social Marketing Campaigns, Promotion, Marketing, Branding, Industry Acumen, Connections to TV/Movie Music Licensing, Sponsorships as well as building Professional Business and Investor plans tailored to mapping out your goals financially. We also have an Indie Record Label, Pure Heart Records, where some of our clients place their music to support their physical CD sales and for registration purposes. Much of your growth and success will take time, a lot of dedication on your end as well as having the right professionals “having your back 24/7” and guiding you along the way. BBE can be an answer to many of your immediate and future needs. Most of our Services are affordable as compared to other service providers, many of whom we see overcharging their clients who may not know better. We pride ourselves on being fair and honest with our charges. By having your music on iTunes® (where the majority of your music sales will come from) if we can help you succeed thru our varied services and expertise, then your digital music sales should increase which translates to additional revenues for us as well thru our share of Royalties from iTunes.
  • Brenda Brown Entertainment LLC
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    This is Brenda Brown Entertainment. A unique, professional, one stop, full service entertainment company specializing in working closely with independent artists, authors, their management or label company (if any) on many of the critical aspects required in taking one’s career to the next level. Our mission statement is quite simple: Do the Right Thing All the Time, and to Be of Service to Each and Every Client. These are our creeds to which BBE is based around and is widely known for today in the industry. At the core of the business is our relationship with Apple for both iTunes and iBooks for worldwide digital distribution of both music and book content. BBE also has an indie record label called Pure Heart Records for physical distribution of music sales through websites and retailers. BBE believes in returning to our clients the lion share of all royalties earned on a timely and professional basis for they deserve a decent return for their hard work and dedication to their craft. Surrounding our core business is a renowned palette of full Management Services both Personal and Business which allows BBE the ability to manage or assist in practically all aspects of an artist’s career. In addition to being a premier digital content provider with iTunes and iBooks, BBE is proficient at creating and implementing complete social and media marketing campaigns, website and fan page creations and preparing detailed Business planning featuring both Investment Prospectuses for raising monies to developing detailed financial “road maps” for future planning. Over the years, in addition to our services and abilities to guide our Artists and Authors, BBE has developed an array of great business and industry contacts from PR firms, Radio/Promo specialists, Videographers, Website Designers, Branding and Sponsorships Specialists, Producers, Publicists and more. These contacts combined with our well positioned internal abilities to promote an artist or author to the marketplace, to literally to millions of people, makes BBE a one stop shop for any aspiring Artist or Author.
The World Is Waiting To Hear You

Brenda Brown Entertainment LLC is committed to providing quality, innovation and opportunity for all those wishing to engage in promoting their audio and video content as well as their eBooks within the iTunes® store. 


Our commitment is to serve the artist or author, we will never tell you how to create your craft that would be crazy, let us do what we know.


It was the designers of iTunes® who created the biggest shift in how music was bought and would be sold globally. Is the consumer better off?  Undeniably YES!   Before  iTunes®, who else gave you the choice to buy just the music you wanted to buy?  Many of you who are reading this now still have it in your heads that you need to be with a big name label.  Nothing could be further from the truth...  Its up to you the artist, creatively, the backbone of the entertainment world, to understand exactly who is serving and who is taking.  

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