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There never seems to be a lack of crap that parents need to stay vigilant against.
Fantastic analysis by Feminist Frequency ( of the recent attempt by LEGO to create a 'world' for girls.

It's a pastel land, with no boys, and without career opportunities other than homemaker, beauty salon worker or cafe owner (all fine careers, but where are the women astronauts, firefighters, etc. etc.?).

This isn't the 1950s, LEGO. It's the 21st Century! I can't believe LEGO is perpetuating nonsense about how girls 'naturally' want to play.
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Lego and gender-marketing parity... before 8am. Brain trying to grasp...
Good vid, but requires a second cup of caffeine.

One problem she doesn't address she adresses in part 2 of this video is that LEGOcorp (or whatever the mothership is called) has to make money. Girls are disengaged with LEGO, so they can't just release a pink Deathstar and hope to reach them. Girls are so heavily targeted as vacuous, pink and purple loving cupcake eaters that LEGO marketers are trapped (by potential sales or brand dilution) into segregating the girl part of the universe. Disgusting.

+Wendy James, you might want to look at this. Your LEGO experience growing up was very different. In addition, I think that it would be cool to present this to +Leora Diakuw and +Anwyn Diakuw as project worthy of their talents and interests.
On further reflection, I'd have to say, at least they aren't princesses!
A little light reading:
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This is truly disgusting. I'm going back to the construction sites to whistle at broads.
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