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This. So much.
Dropping a different kind of knowledge on you all today. Things most of us involved in the social aspect experience but few ever want to openly talk about. Theres a darker side of Ingress sociality and I think it could be beneficial to check our reality.

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H Dawg
Woo. Awesome, Bree. It's one reason there are certain locals I don't much get along with. Point 1 being the major one, followed very closely by 2.
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So...... This might be fairly accurate..... #ingress #resistance #idreamintriangles
Urban Dictionary:
"I'm not addicted to heroin anymore, because now I play Ingress."
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(Shared publicly, widest dissemination requested)

Ingress Social Media Basics

Since the campaign launched to recruit more players to the world of Ingress, I've seen plenty of things. I've seen lots of neat artwork trying to sway a potential new player to choose one side or the other. I've seen lots of game-related training material that teaches the tips and tricks of the scanner: this is how you optimally deploy a resonator. This is how you fire a burster to get more damage, and so on. 

What I haven't seen are any good posts or guides that address the other aspect of the game for new players that is just as important: the social aspect. This post will attempt to rectify this. 

Ingress is the first game of its kind. It integrates a mobile, augmented reality game with social media. In order to get the most out of the game, you have to be somewhat savvy with social media platforms. Ingress does have official accounts on Twitter and Facebook, but the vast majority of Ingress-related news and information comes from right here on Google Plus. G+ is the best place to find out about Ingress meetups and events in your local community, connect with other local players, as well as finding out about rules changes and game-wide events, called “anomalies.” Be sure to join the official Ingress G+ community here:

Below are listed some of the recommend people and pages to follow on G+ to get the most out of your Ingress experience.
+Ingress  – The official page for Ingress itself. The page tends to post news and reshare posts from other Ingress-related pages.
+NIA Ops  – The page for game operations. Things like portal appeals and player reports are handled by this entity.

+Joe Philley  – Joe is a Niantic employee that handles a lot of public relations for Ingress in the U.S. His posts are prolific, and are usually about one of two things: Ingress or food. This man is literally paid to travel the country, meet Ingress players, and eat bacon. I envy him so much. Note that Joe is a Resistance agent. His counterpart for the Enlightened is…

+Brian Rose  – Brian does not post quite as much on G+. While Brian does travel, he also handles a lot of the back-end administration, such as designing rulesets for anomalies.

+Anne Beuttenmüller  and +Matilde Tusberti  – Anne (Resistance) and Matti (Enlightened) are like the above mentioned Joe and Brian, except they primarily handle Europe.

+Brandon Badger  – Brandon is the product manager for Niantic.

+John Hanke  – John is the CEO of Google’s Niantic Labs division.

+November Lima  - The official page for the NL1331 XM Van, a.k.a. the really sweet Mercedes van that cruises all over for Ingress player meet-ups.

Other Niantic staff (whose roles I do not know, but are cool anyway) include:
+Archit Bhargava 
+Mike Quigley 
+Jen Hsieh 
+Olga Garcia 
+Ethan Lepouttre 

+Niantic Project  - The official page of the Niantic Project, which is where the investigation behind XM all started.

+Hulong Transglobal,  +Visur Technology  and +IQTech Research  - These three are “corporations” that specialize is XM related products and manufacturing. These company entities also release documents and transcripts related to anomaly events. 

+Oliver Lynton-Wolfe  (Yuri Lowenthal, voice actor - Ben 10)– Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe is the researcher behind the “scanner” technology. Funny thing, there is another individual that has been mentioned briefly in some Ingress Reports named Dr. Joanna Brandt. She played by Tara Platt, who is an accomplished voice actress in her own right and is also Yuri’s wife.

+Carrie Campbell  (Erin Fitzgerald, voice actress - Skull Girls, League of Legends) - Dr. Carrie Campbell was a researcher for the Niantic Project that had “visions” during “Epiphany Night.” 

+Roland Jarvis  (JB Blanc, actor/voice actor - Breaking Bad, TITANFALL) - Roland Jarvis is a figurative leader of the Enlightened. He was assassinated and then brought back to life by the events of Operation 13 MAGNUS. 

+Devra Bogdanovich  (Karen Strassman, actress/voice actress - League of Legends and lots more) - Dr. Devra Bogdanovich is heading up efforts to “inoculate” humanity from the effects of XM. Recently, she deployed a “portal virus” that causes portals to decay faster. Yeah, thanks Devra. 

+Klue S.  (Katy Townsend, model/actress) - Klue was an investigator before she got “possessed” by ADA. 

+Hank Johnson  (Christopher Corey Smith, voice actor - World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Skyrim) - Hank is a “simulacrum,” an entity that dies every 1331 days and is reborn, and also a figurative Enlightened leader. Recently, an effort took place to preserve Hank’s memories so he will have them when he comes back to life in his next cycle. 

+Susanna Moyer  (Ione Butler, actress) - Susanna Moyer is the face behind the Ingress Report.

+Sarita Hays  - Another reporter that sometimes covers for Susanna Moyer. 

+Stein Lightman  - Researcher that studies shaper glyphs. 

+Martin Schubert  - Former Niantic Project researcher.

+Tycho C. - The artist behind the Ingress comic books.

+Misty Hannah - A “mentalist” that has been involved with the Niantic Project. 

+Verum Inveniri - This page occasionally posts pictures of locations where there are “dead drops” - a stash of something to be recovered by an agent. 

 There may be more that I have missed, but the above listed people and pages should cover the majority of the Ingress world, in addition to any friends you make along the way. While it is completely possible to play strictly from your scanner, social media adds a whole new and enriching dimension to Ingress. Have fun and happy hacking! 

#Ingress   #IngressRecruits  
The world around you is not what it seems.
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Bree D. (blu3butt3rfly)

commented on a video on YouTube.
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This is fantastic doll! Miss you much!!
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Greg is an amazing person, with a kind heart and a smile for all. Please consider donating.
Greg is an awesome guy and a driving force of the Utah Resistance. How awesome is he? Many of us had no idea he's been dealing with this. No idea at all. Please help if you can...even a reshare is helpful! 
Greg Bennett and his family could use your help. Greg’s challenges started about two years ago he when he began experiencing knee pain and difficulty bending his right leg, which greatly diminished his mobility and caused significant discomfort. After a misdiagnosis, he eventually visited an ort...
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Thank you for the add!

I successfully obtained my guardian October 3rd, 2014. This was just a mere 450m from my home portal. I actually had left the country for two weeks while I was supposed to be charging, and so my amazing friends farmed keys and charged it for me while I was away!

There are actually two portals, side by side and I got them both. You can see the portals from a very busy roadway nearby, but they were in a neighborhood that not many bothered with. In addition to all that, the portals were submitted by a former resistance agent turned enlightened who didn't like me very much. She lived in that neighborhood, but had quit playing because of her health. She took them out at 172 days.

This has to be my favorite badge and the one I'm most proud of!

Many thanks to #b00p, I couldn't have done it without you! 😘
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Awesome! Congrats!
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Please be on the lookout for this woman from the Murray area! She's been gone almost 2 weeks. I'd love to see a happy ending to this.
(KUTV) Murray police say Kayelyn Louder, missing for 11 days, may have been delusional in the hours and days before her disappearance.  Police said during a press conference held on Wednesday that Louder called 911 three times in the hours before she
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It is my pleasure to call these two family. Please share their story! They are looking to adopt, and I could not be more excited for them! If you feel led, please donate. Please please share their story! It only takes a moment, but the impact could be life changing! Thanks!
Thank you to everyone who made it to the Sinatra night fundraiser! Together, you donated almost $4,000 towards the adoption fund- THANK YOU ALL so much for being absolutely incredible! Cyndi and I are overwhelmed by the love and generosity of our friends and family.

Also, we added a few updates to the adoption site. If you can, please share this with your networks and spread the word. Adoptions, many times, come together by word of mouth- both through donations and through connecting with expectant parents who are looking for a couple who is wanting to adopt. So, if you know someone who is interested in adoption as an option, or if you have a heart for our story, please spread the word!
We love you all! Thank you!
Welcome Home · Our Story · Why We're Adopting · Cyndi's Heart Condition · Doctrine of Adoption · How Adoption Works · The Adoption Process · How Much Does Adoption Cost? Resources for Expectant Parents · News & Updates · How to Donate · One Time Donation · Donation Subscription ...
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Ha ha ha!!! +David Dreyer
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I'm am where I am because God loves me and I love Him. {John 16:27}
Christian wife & mother. I stay at home with my darling kids. I love scrapbooking, crochet, and occasionally I sew. Ingress has opened a new world to me, and I enjoy playing with friends, usually after the kids are in bed and the hubby is studying or sleeping. 
Bragging rights
By God's grace and mercy I've made it this far in my life.
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We love this library! They are welcoming and accommodating to younger kids, but also the many teenagers that come in from the next door junior high. They have several programs that run on a regular basis that we enjoy and try to attend!
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Getting them to answer phone calls or emails is like pulling teeth. 3 months in a row with billing issues. Gas getting turned off last spring, garbage pick up not happening in the winter, and other things. I LOATHE having an HOA for this reason. If you have information on who the board members are, I'd like that please. Dealing with the office manager has become a joke.
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On our way home from Moab, we needed some grub, and we decided to give this place a try. Our party of 6 {including 2 kids} were not disappointed. The portions were huge, including the lunch portions! Service was attentive and polite. I recommend this place to everyone!
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LOVE their food! Great "combo meal" platter!
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8 reviews
We really enjoy the food here. The wait time is horrible though. Good food for a good price.
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Good
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Pretty much everything! The food, the atmosphere and the service!
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Seriously yummy burgers! When I need a great burger, this is where I go!
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