"I was recently speaking with one of my clients and she informed that she LOVES Pinterest, but feels very overwhelmed with all of the ideas she sees. She also mentioned that she’s added her bridesmaids and mother to her boards so they too, can pin inspiration for HER wedding. The end result? She’s being bombarded with ideas that create a jumbled, chaotic and unorganized vision of her big day. Now, through no fault of her own (because Pinterest is amazing) she can’t make a decision on anything! She’s staring at dozens of boards with dozens of choices on each, that she may or may not have pinned herself. My suggestion to her?

Create one “master” board (image below) that she doesn’t share with anyone, except maybe me, her planner. And on that board, pin one or two GREAT ideas, from each category, that SHE would like to incorporate into her big day. Then create another “master 2″ board for her friends and family to pin to. That board will be comprised of ideas that her friends and family think she should incorporate, while giving her the ability to keep HER ideas and vision separate. By creating two boards, she’ll be able to narrow down specific elements that she really, really wants or just thinks would look good. From there we can start putting her individual and personalized touches into place. Which makes her very happy because we’re knocking things off the to-do list!"
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