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Gotta say, I really hate dog shows. I think that they're way too indulgent and subjective and they encourage tinkering with the breed by people that really shouldn't be messing around with the dogs' gene pool.
But, this year a GSD took it all at Westminster. While I may hate the dog show phenomenon, I am glad to see that this wonderful breed is finally getting a little credit.

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I really like this column. I worry about a couple items though.

1) The portrait of Andrew Jackson in the background of the picture. Is that because the orange hitler muppet fancies himself as a modern Andrew ("John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.") Jackson? Constitutional Crisis anyone?
2) Mr. Pitts says, "They're (the American people) are unruly and loud, long accustomed to speaking their minds without fear or fetter". I certainly like the sound of that, but I wonder how long we would remain "without fear or fetter" if the power of the executive branch were seriously brought to bear. I didn't expect the customs and border patrol people to move so enthusiastically to enforce the president's illegal order, nor to so brazenly ignore a court order requiring that lawyers be given access to detained individuals. If the various branches of law enforcement and the military were to ignore the checks and balances in our system, how long would we remain "without fear or fetter"?
3) Mr. Pitts goes on to say, "And they believe power must always answer to the people." Well, for some of us, that's true. But there's a sizeable minority, approaching 50%, who believe that the people must answer to authority. They believe that what is wrong with this country is that there's too many of that other kind of person. You know, not REAL Americans. They're too brown, or they talk funny, or they worship a different god or the same god differently. If only THOSE PEOPLE would straighten up and get with the program then the U.S. could be great again. What the U.S. needs is a real strong leader who's willing to bust a few heads and straighten this country out.

I dunno. Maybe everything will go the way Mr Pitts says. I hope so. But I can't take it for granted. Not after the 2016 presidential election.

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This president attacking Senator Blumenthal's credibility is like the pot calling the kettle black. Or rather, more like the pot calling the crystal champagne flute black.

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Is this as corrupt as it seems?
Because it seems awfully corrupt.

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Kindof sounds like the republican party is feeling a little ashamed of themselves and they simply couldn't bear to hear the truth spoken.

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America hating Trump compares U.S. to Putin.

One can only imagine the storm of feces if Obama had made such a comparison.

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Was reading +Yonatan Zunger's piece on "What Things Going Wrong Can Look Like" and noticed the prediction that pressure will be brought to bear against academia. He mentioned Yianoupoulos' visit to UC Berkeley. The speech has been cancelled due violent protests. Now we see the upshot. Now, of course, the orange muppet hitler is threatening to cut off federal funds to the university.
<sarcasm_mode=maximum>Which, when you think about it, makes perfect sense. Because it totally was the university that set fires and threw smoke bombs and molotov cocktails and broke windows.</sarcasm_mode>

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Wow. Trump said something that turned out to bear no similarity to actual fact. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.

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Warning: This is not a piece about cute dogs!
Read the text here before clicking through.

The piece below is not a cheerful one. It started out as a comment on an earlier post, but it grew into a piece in its own right. I was trying to answer +Enclosed Grand Dad's question of why certain groups are particular targets of the Trump regime; that, in turn, grew into discussing what might be coming down the pipe next.

I come from a family for which thinking these things through, and knowing when to jump, has been a critical survival skill. The things in this post are the sorts of things people talk about quietly, while doing silent calculations about their options, but rarely talk about in public. This time, I thought I would share some of the innards with you.

Why the picture of the puppy? Because I stuck several pictures of cute animals, and links to even more, inside this article. They make this easier to deal with.

I'm going to go pet my dogs now.

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I may have a new favorite #christmascarol. Thanks to Neil Gaiman for pointing it out and thanks to +Barb Beatie​ for bringing it to my attention.
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