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Breastfeeding advice, solutions, remedies, resources and how to's from breastfeeding mom.
Breastfeeding advice, solutions, remedies, resources and how to's from breastfeeding mom.

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Check out this article about benefits for the company of providing breast pumps to their employees.

Quest's Nutri-Fact of the Week: There are only 3 nutrients that human body consumes that yield energy (calories): carbohydrates, fats and proteins:
* 1g of proteins and 1g of carbohydrates provide 4 cal of energy
* 1g of fat provides 9 cal (more than twice as much)
Vitamins and minerals DO NOT provide energy, contrary to popular beliefs and marketing hoaxes. Therefore, people who severely restrict their caloric intake to lose weight and take supplements thinking that they provide all the nutrients their body needs are usually very low on energy. Other than these 3 nutrients, there is one non-nutrient that provides our body with calories and energy - that is alcohol. Alcohol is a non-nutrient, because its use severely interferes with growth, maintenance, and repair of body tissues.

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Pretty amazing, don't you think?

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Another fact in favor of breast milk that formula companies will never be able to replicate.

Quest's Nutri-Fact of the Week: Taking supplements? In fact, nutrients derived from foods are superior to supplements. Here's why. We require energy to go through our day and be active. The energy that we thrive on comes from the sun by way of plants. Plants capture sun's energy, process it and store it in their tissues. As we eat plant-derived foods, like fruits, vegetables and grains, the energy from the plants is transferred into our bodies. This energy may also come from animal-based foods, if those animals were fed plants (grass). Supplements deliver nutrients (minerals and vitamins), but fail to deliver the same quality phytochemicals and energy that we get from plant-based foods!
Don't forget your fruits and veggies this weekend!

Quest's Nutri-Fact of the Week: Our choice of diet directly and profoundly affects our health. Two leading causes of death in the US – heart diseases (24.6%) and cancer (23.3%) – are directly related to nutrition. One may not see the immediate effect that a malnutrition has on our bodies, but it will take its toll on his/her health in the future. Supplements do not correct and prevent health issues the same way that eating right foods does. Research shows that in order to achieve his/her optimal health, one should do 3 things:
- eat a healthy diet
- not smoke
- stay away from excess alcohol use
Be your healthiest self!

Quest's Nutri-Fact of the Week: Can you imagine that by the time you turn 65, you will have consumed around 70,000 meals and your body will have disposed of 50 tons of food?!

For once in life I am studying and learning something I love! This Nutrition class in particular is the best! It is amazing how many simple little things we can do to improve our eating habits.They seem so obvious, but hard to stay consistent about.
So I just had an idea: once a week I will post a nutrition fact that my breastfeeding mamas will enjoy- short and to the point, some are going to be informative, others simply interesting to know. Stay tuned for the next post!

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Never doubt yourself: you are the best mom for your child, always have been, always will be :-) I dare them judge you!
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