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Connecticut governor signs law repealing death penalty
Hartford, Conn., USA

Wed Apr 25, 2:23 p.m. EDT: +NBC Connecticut reports that the U.S. state of Connecticut no longer has a death penalty, effective today.

Gov. Dannel Malloy signed the bill that lawmakers recently passed. Malloy said one factor that led him to sign the bill was the "unworkability" of Connecticut’s death penalty law.

"In the last 52 years, only 2 people have been put to death in Connecticut – and both of them volunteered for it," Malloy said in a statement. "Instead, the people of this state pay for appeal after appeal, and then watch time and again as defendants are marched in front of the cameras, giving them a platform of public attention they don’t deserve. It is sordid attention that rips open never-quite-healed wounds. The 11 men currently on death row in Connecticut are far more likely to die of old age than they are to be put to death."

The bill affects only future sentences and not the 11 men currently on death row, including Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes, who were recently sentenced to death for killing a mother and two daughters in a gruesome home invasion in Cheshire.

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Image: On Wednesday night, the State House of Representatives debated repealing the death penalty for future convictions in Connecticut and voted in favor, 86-62. (Doug Greene, +NBC Connecticut)


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That's great news, :D now we need to get Texas to abolish the death penalty. Just kidding That's never going to happen with Rick Perry in office!!! );
+Jesus Hernandez Rick Perry will ask the other governors to send all their death penalty people to be send down here to TX to be executed.
Perhaps it would be more of an incentive to not commit a crime. If you're considering something bad enough to get the death penalty because you're looking to do something "on your way out", not having the escape and the glory at the end could make you deal with life instead of wrecking other people's.
brian m
Well done Connecticut
About time... the death penalty is the stupidest thing ever. Glad I don't need to worry about laws like the death penalty in Canada.
Well done and welcome to the modern world, glad to see you put your medieval ways behind you. There is no RIGHT to safety in the wild world, We created society and government to do the will of society (ideally, LOL), society wanted to be safe so we invented laws. Yes we can imprison people to make our society safe, but killing them is state endorsed murder. Housing them is the COST of keeping our society safe, nothing is without some cost, trying to avoid those costs by killing people is awful. Re-examine your morals if you think its better to kill people to save money.
Every country should sign up to the human rights laws, the right to life is one of those laws.
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