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Facebook tests system to charge $1 for some messages

Facebook said Thursday it has begun testing a system for users to send messages to people outside their circle of contacts for $1.

In a statement posted online, Facebook cited research showing that "imposing a financial cost on the sender may be the most effective way to discourage unwanted messages and facilitate delivery of messages that are relevant and useful."

More on the story from the Wall Street Journal here.
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405 comments up the option to stop it? Really? That's funny.
closed mine last month after 4 years, & not missing it
Yeah, i think G+ will be soon "the next best thing", is just a question of time.
I don't know - $1 is pretty expensive. Certainly isn't going to attract your regular spammers.

How many advertisers would pay this much?
Or give spammers the right to spam because they paid for it. Awesome!
+Pete Puebla Yes they add up but. But if you are paying -- it adds up and you have to reap benefit.

It's a pretty high price to pay for the advertiser.
J Fick
Facebook officially peaked, its the beginning of the end for them. 
What is the use case for this? Why would anyone want to message someone outside of their friends? Trying get a job hookup used Linkedin, try to get the other kind of hookup use OkCupid or something.
Cue the "bwah bwah bwah" sound effect :-)
How long will it take it to creep over to all Facebook messaging? 
In addition to the advertising and crap that's already plastered on the site....
But if Facebook is profiting from spam they are fine with it? very convenient.
Facebook will be the next myspace of the internet. Glad I realized the fad was coming to an end and switched to plus.
If the scum at facebook want to make money go make facebook bizzness go rob those rich corp.people if you make apps that work for connecting bizzness with bizzness apps people want and can use they will buy it.That instagram stupidty should have sent red flags to the management of facebook.if you keep screwing with people facebook those people you keep trying to screw will destroy you facebook.
Mik M
$1? Its not the end of the ;)
I think this makes some sense although if I'm trying to add someone as a friend and send a message to let them know who I am I don't want to be charged with it

G+ seems to be coming up and im slowly losing interest in fb anyways. Just wish this was easier to learn 
If you pay careful attention you will see that Google tries to do the exact opposite of what Facebook does with their user data. Google gives you the opportunity to control the ad placement in your YouTube videos (Stupid videos that I have made now pay most of the bills). Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram are also monetizing user content except they get all of the money. It will not be long before Google begins offering new ways to make money from your own content, drawing even more users away from FacePalm and InstaFail. It makes sense, but I am wrong all the time about things so we will have to wait and see. 
Pimpin it out for a buck a pop. Way to stay classy Facebook.
Talk about pimping. Guess they have to satisfy those investors someway
I think if Facebook were to stay private, we wouldn't be worrying about this crap but no they had to go public and now look, its going the way of MySpace as in extinct
+taw hondo There is a way to give Facebook the finger that does not even involve deleting your account. The idea is you feed them false information. You change your middle name, you change your location, give it proxified IP addresses, find a picture of someone who looks like you and upload and tag yourself in it, work at a fake company, post in a different language and finally change your favorite books and movies to famous works in yet another language. Your data then becomes useless if sold. If enough people do it, +Facebook will see their stock tank overnight. Pass it on. 
Man this sucks.  Oh well. Time to purge.
Eddie M just getting into google+ , & im liking it. I just might strongly recommended to all my contacts!!!! Lol. Thanks Facebook.
Things can get really intersting if FB shares a portion of the money with the recipient.
+Christopher B Yea he's real selfish, even though he JUST donated $500 million to charity... and before that donated $100 million to charity.  Real selfish.
This will kill facebook! does he really need more money?!?
+Tui Jameson there is only way that the users can kill the Facebook. I left a comment in here about how to do it. Millions need to do what I have already done to my account for it work. You do not delete your account. You feed it conflicting and false information that is worthless if sold. If you want to kill Facebook you need to know how and you need to tell everyone you know to tell everyone that they know. I am just one person. 
please send $1 before contacting me
Might as well go back to Snail-###king-Mail - it's cheaper. 
I just linked my checking and facebook I am worried. 
facebook shouldn't charge people to message others. all online messaging and communications should be FREE. if people get phony/fake/abusive messages, just block the sender immediately and report the messages as abuse.
Not all spam/phony messages are from spammer some are from hijacked accounts
Isn't paying someone to send messages to a stranger on your behalf considered spam?
thanks Facebook, you will next lose 100 million active users to G+ in 3 months.. after instagram crap.
Translation: "Facebook is attempting to come up with extra cash".
They will give up Facebook for a measly dollar. 
You think they w'll give away some extra profit ?
Maybe they will make the next fb movie and call it Social Disaster.
Wish more of my friends used google+ so I could migrate from Facebook 
Hooray that's why I have a google plus

another reason that im not regret deleting my facebook acc...
This is the dumbest hoax I have heard. You can already send emails from your facebook account. Why would they charge for a "new" service that they already supply. 
great now you have to pay to get your info sold, real one way traffic with facebook.

Facebook would get billions if it allowed a "pay-to-see-private-pictures button" but it's starting small with messages
I don't know if this is just a prank...... maybe their trying to tell Facebook that they can only go so far.
What's the point there's no such thing as tomorrow"
Sooo..... No one will be sending messages. Therefore no revenue= fail. Good job FB. 
ryt road to your downfall fb....ask safaricom!
Facebook is no longer a company based in connection and innovation. It's a company based on exploring ways to make money, period.
Facebook needs to go away. It's worthless, they're scammers, and spies for the governments, it needs to be taken down! 
Facebook suxs anyways
Hopefully google plus will not follow Facebook. $1 is very expensive. :-[
Facebook tells you that it's not cool to brand people you don't know. And then you from friending people for up to 30 days and or evicting you from their site, Saying it about privacy. Yet there are plenty of Facebook features that will block anyone from seeing things they don't want you to say. Then violence issues with Facebook have to basis. They tell you what you're allowed to see you from another person rather than that person yet sell all of your privacy to secondary clients. Now we could buy this? Facebook is not social networking. It is socialist networking. The communist way.
Very good initiative to stop internet bully. I think it is very fair. In other words people who like internet bullying would have to pay for their message. 
I think this is a good idea. It will slow down the leghumpers.
I told everyone on Facebook I know that it was getting worse, I'd be gone soon. That was over a year ago. I closed my account last summer. And I don't miss a thing about it.
You'd think they'd learn from Netflix and Bank of America.
Sounds like a hoax, is it April 1st already?
So much for "It’s free and always will be." as stated on facebook's login screen.
stupid decision..
Hung Do
Say no to fb. 1$ for a message. This is waste of money and crazy. They just want the money.
I just checked my "Other" box, it had 81 messages that Facecbook already marked spam. But try to delete them? PITA.
Is the Zuckerberg firm thirsty for dollars or what?
+Brian Lawrence reference to 2 other companies who shot themselves in the foot by attempting to exploit their customers.
I think its smart won't bother u unless u wanna bully 
This has less to do with Facebook trying to make money and more to do with Facebook losing more users.
How do they still have users?
Glad that I am using G+. Best app and network structure, and it is getting better and better.
Because everyone else is on there. I keep trying to pull my FB buddies over here but they just won't come.
its good Atleast now people will see that there's more outside their Facebook,something much better or best,

Google plus will see a large growth in few days if this is true
they will realise what a shit they were using all these days and feel like WTF WHY DID I NOT COME HERE EARLY 
They are obviously struggling with a business model that works. FB users better watch out for massive selling of their information and profiles.
What happened to: "its free and always will be?"
oh no .... why mus pay to send messages is must always free?  the good is why facebook not make publisher program like adsense?? LOL
heck, the boy who owns Facebook needs to make money, he's losing some of his billions lately 
Facebook will not go down easily. They are not Myspace. Myspace was isolated. Facebook has stretched it's tentacles into the rest of the internet. You can like just about any page you're on, most comment threads use Facebook and its dead simple to just create an account for another site using your FB account. Those kind of deep roots won't whither easily.
+Jessica mullins
They will come here itself and not for that twitter or any other counterparts
Since this is the best right now 
EVERYONE outside of here believes this place is dead.
Sounds like Facebook took a page out of LinkedIn's playbook for charging, like their pro accounts.
Yes. I tell them all about how great this place is and all i get is "ghost town lol"
I never get spam messages on facebook...maybe I am just not that popular.
T Ma
I am on Facebook for games that is it. But.. with some of those companys allow you play games from there site so that will cut out the need for facebook
yes, charging people money to spam is absolutely about discouraging said activity and in no way about making money.
mike m
Good! Then all my friends would come to g+ and I could be done with fb all together.
That's retarded...soon they will be charging just to log on to fb!
Stinks of greed to me!!
Charging a dollar for a silly thing like that must be something fair to charge if you were a billionaire (I suppose).
+Taurell Saumalu Unfortunately, even if you close facebook down, they retain the rights to all of your information.  A closed account can still be reopened later on, because they retain documents and information, even if you don't want them to.  Facebook were doing this long before Instagram started ticking people off for doing it.

I would imagine this kind of deal is specifically for advertising purposes, mainly.   Plus Facebook is trying to recover after it's sales went down. 
What in the world is this? I can opt out of this right? This would render my inbox completely meaningless. Even if fans were able to fill my inbox only once a week, multiply that times a few 100 per day and I'm definitely going to miss that message from mom.
Pretty sure this is not a real story 
thats some bull shit for real. im on fb everyday all day and thats like a slap in the face. fb is already a multi billion doller company. fuck it i might just get a twitter
"Test" means to discover much revenue it will raise.
Want your Voice Heard? Might cost you an Almighty Dollar! Doesn't seem that bad.......
Like a grandpa that thing don't worry up
Crinn K
Time for Google+ and Twitter to take the wheel! But then again, theres a lot of hype about the new Myspace
You know, it might not be that crazy. I dropped fb a year ago and have no stake in supporting them but, this is actually an effective way to eliminate spam. There are some legit users that will get a bit screwed and they'll have to address that. But most users aren't sending outside their friends. Spammers aren't doing their thing to spend money. As short term solutions go it isn't terrible.
Right before the holidays. THANKS MARK ZUCKERBERG!
Everybody complaints about FBI but no one leaves!!!

LOL!  Guess everyone better talk to me soon so they can be sure to afford it :)
I read a Sci-Fi story a while ago that proposed a system where you could charge money to have unsolicited mail delivered to your inbox.  This is a baby step in that direction, and unfortunately, FB gets the cash.  When they offer a system where FB only gets a percentage, then we're getting somewhere.   
That's how you make money!!!!
facebook in desperate mood. a $ a msg, that's so greedy of you mr zuckerballshit!
facebook in desperate mood. a $ a msg, that's so greedy of you mr zuckerballshit!
i never message anyone outside my contacts and if I do I do it via hotmail or gmail, not facebook. wont affect me at all...probably cut down on spam and other unwanted junk. I doubt fb is hurting for money or they would probably start charging to subscribe..if they did, I would probably pay..not much , but some
Facebook is a turd - a slowly suffocating, desperate, dying turd.
I like this after reading the reasons behind it.
I actually think this is a good idea, itll keep spam from random people out of accounts...if your friends its still going to be free, so whats the issue.
Leo T
Who cares.  They don't have my credit card so I won't pay it.  What are they going to do, delete my account?  Go ahead FB, IDGAF.
Facebook listing on stock market will be the biggest fail ever imagined. They will be obsessed with make profits, and they will in turn lose users by the bucket load, because of it. This can only work to Google+ advantage.
No regrets switching to Google+. Watching more and more people do the same thing.
I don't care.
I didn't use that anymore..
The fucking stupidest thing Facebook has ever suggested doing! Thank God I started using G+
Oh that would do it! I'm on it for my family but damn,a dollar nope nope! 
Increase of Facebook account deactivation in 3...2....1...
you still use facebook and we all know it :P
It's my inbox and attention - not Facebook's. Now they can sell that to my "non-friends" - or the people I specifically have not wanted to connect with? 
What happened to the login screen  of "It's free and always will be"?
Hopefully G+ doesn't start rocking ideas like that.
Next they will offer a service to block these messages for $5.00 per month
A good move. What's missing is the ability for the receiver to cancel out the payment if the message is desired.

With this in place, the price should become $10. :)
That's how you discourage the creation of new friendships online. Complete crap, fb.
Instagram, Twitter and Google+ forever!!
like johnny said look 4 another social neywork
is it true??zuckerberg is rich already...why he want to charge a dollar for a message....WTF
Oh so the Mayans didn't mean the end of the world.... Just the end of Facebook..... They saved us all.
What'll be next? A fartmeter embedded into the software that measures and records one's flatulence and then charge you for the privilege. :))
FB has been charging for a while now and the Real Love IS Here, in the "G" zone.  Om tat sat.
kenny m
Google plus is about a whole lot more users thanks fb
Not an awful idea, really. Perhaps I could opt-in as an "cost" recipient, where doing so would require such a transaction if strangers wanted to message me. That said, I've never received spam in a Facebook message.
HAHA!!! I don't Facebook. Never have. Never will. 
That why +google is better(take the red pill, not the blue pill)
Ahahah. Facebook is trying to earn... no matter what....
I will say bye bye to facebook :)
they don't make enough money do they
There's a lesson here. Start your company only if it has a clear business model. Potential alone is nothing without profit.
facebook is over populated...
Don't be so quick to judge, when failbook dies and google+ takes its place, they will do it too.
I think Google just wants more followers. Facebook is better.
People are not even gonna know that facebook is charging dollars unless everyone here spreads the word.
+jb burbach no they don't, to put it simply, their stock values the company at over 20B, but, they make just millions in profits.

If you supported this stock now by buying it, it won't pay you back for 20 years!
tel me , wat makes g+ very interstng?:-D
I dunno I think it is probably the communities that changed everything for me.
Just complained to my wife that facebook's friend system makes it hard to make business connections, unlike Twitter and Google+ (which needs to add a people and company search) then out of the blue, like a bad dream- a Fee! Facebook reconsider, use a point system not real money.
+Mohammad Ali Me too, I will farewell facebook and That's why i opened G+ yesterday #Lol
can we say "desperate for a revenue source so our over-inflated stocks don't tank before we can cash in"-much?
i just want somethng new, newbee here

just got my free access fr, a gud mobile network'...

thanks' globe
that is a good idea if you want to push people away from using facebook
Facebook apocalypse in 48:00 mins
facebook will be more famous.
I can't imagine too many facebook posts being "relevant and useful."  
I'm going to head to friend face. I hear its awesome.
This is why I quit facebook 4 months ago
G+ is the first thing i check, check fb maybe once a day. 
A Google core value is "do no evil". The Facebook core value is "do no good". 
What! That's crazy! What if you are trying to contact someone that you don't normally talk to, so you don't have then in your contacts! Facebook is turning into MySpace! The fall is near! Haha, I LOVE google plus now. I wonder if this will finally get all of my friends on google plus?
For sure a lot of people would complain about it. Tssj
Nav Gi
I'm going to do it right now after this post. FB did not learn from instagram 
For sure a lot of people would complain about it. Tssj
I joined facebook forlike 1 week, got spammed to death, left it right there and then never looked back...guess Zucker needs to get soem revenue as he isn;t going to cash on shares :)
just making up reason to charge some money from users. sucker!
i like it, so long as you can email the person to get the friend request across for free.. but then you'd have to have their e-mail..... good move
Who is the bozo who thought that up, a billion isn't enough? I hope the 2% will step up to giving their fair share!!!
Just like how everyone predicted the stock market of Facebook . Waste of there time but gained from it

Im deleting my Facebook acct , lol
I fully support this, and have been asking about it for a while. It would stop the annoying spam, and really, why would you message someone you don't know? Send an email if you must.
I've been getting things n my newsfeed I don't want and hearing from people who aren't supposed to be there. Getting tired of FB suggesting what I like and now this. Really, Zuck?
Tom C.
LOL.  I knew the day was coming. Well, the next thing Facebook users should expect is that they'll be REQUIRED to supply a credit card to open an account, or access their existing one.
Most of my message here in Google+ are outside of my circle,please don't do this like Facebook charging $1 outside their circle.
Is the downfall beginning of a social media empire. But this empire have Instagram 
Instagram got huge backslash due to their recent copyright policy and made them change their mind, it would not surprise me if Facebook feels the heat of angry users too over this foolishness...
As a capitalist, nothing makes me feel warm and fuzzy like companies monetizing relationships.
A dollar will stop spammers? Lol might as well use an ID verification like certsy to see if they are who they say they are. Not charge them 1$ every time. 

I Switched to G+ a while back and like it. My facebook accounts will soon dispear.
great no one can get i touch people they dont know 
That's Goldman Sach's trying to skin the cat again
Should be careful! Mass Exodus! It can happen! 
The Mayans were right. December 21st: The End of Facebook.
well they have a point but the solution seems rather strange. However I'd prefer such a solution over gmails auto-delete which had cost me dearly in the past.
Facebook is getting greedy ! Just like apple 
I'm taking my talent to myspace....... haha
Glad I don't use Facebook. Wouldn't now for sure.Great idea dumba**.
Cool! Now stalking only costs me a buck!
I know a free electronic messaging system, it's called email. 
I call bullshit, although facebook is wretched, and horrible, one thing about it that is true, is that it will always be free.
That will be theft with a capital T.i dont support that
Really WSJ? You don't know BS when you hear it?
Yes, WSJ is known for making up stuff like this... I think not. I completely believe FB is this dumb.
And next, a charge for breathing air!?
O how the mighty has fallen, pathetic 
I think Google posted this through a third party to create conspiracies to inspire Google+ but then again that's my idea of a double conspiracy. Google no hard feelings if your reading this lol.
Everyone is trying very hard to steal our money these days..!!
Especially those whom have enough of it themselves.
My first post on Facebook about 4 years ago or so was 'Facebook is shit' I was right then and I'm right now. Closed my account about 2 weeks ago after never using it anyway. 
Im now glad the world is ending. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Well I think this is the end of Facebook. They are becoming more ridiculous by the day. 
This is one of the reason why I like G+ better. 
I just switched from facebook. Lucky me.
Pretty F'd up I almost never use FB so on the rare times when I send someone a message they're always going to be outside my "circle".
the site is already covered in ads. do they really need to start charging users for something so insignificant? I don't see peopel leaving facebook over this, as it's not often that people need to send a message to someone outside their circles, and the message showing up in "other" is no big deal so long as the recipient is aware they have an "other" folder. 
What !!!!!!!!!!!! Why charge a $1:00 for some messages 
hmm... charges for that. Well g+ will be getting popular.(A little bit.)
Never used fb. Never wanted to. Now never will. Thnx fb for the heads up.
Yeah and it will make their head
spin how fast I close that acct. It is getting old anyway and I' m tired of them changing. format constantly
U want me to shut my page down and go twitter dont you. Keep playing mark Zuckercrap. 
This is just the beginning of a Google + uproar.
John Ef
Boo; be 'the end of facebook and myself, most will 'not think' that a buck is much of concern. These I mention always up to task  of , I say 'always'; always taking/tasting little bit of shit so  that particular concerns can classify people as to 'just how much shit they will take later'!!!
The antithesis of the internet. 
The dumbest thing FB did was go public. The only way for them to benefit their share holders is to make money. So they started selling Starbucks cards online so you can eGift them to friends on birthdays. I guess that didn't work. So now they bring back the Internet of the early 90's when people had to pay for email.

I have a feeling this wont work either. Glad I never open an account with them crazies. 
I think it will hurt Facebook. I am sure alot of people use to make initial contact with old friends
Besides an apocalypse, maybe the Mayans were guessing the demise of Facebook. Good call Mayans.
this is the down fall of Facebook
John Ef
What else did you think would've come out of that 'cluster f$ck',i.e. Fakebook........
Well, at least I can message the people who didn't friend me wih evil threats >:)
Facebook is morphing into phonebook ! And hopefully will end up as just another digital doorstop! I always thought the extrovert types you find on it were just future shitheads in the making! I'd pay a few bucks to unjoin faceboök any day!
John Ef
I predict that Facebook is going down 'the tubes', if you get gravity of issue! Anyhow like "Zima", Facebook Zucks.  
When you look with loving eyes. All the world looks lovely
Useless tactic !! that is blasphemous,
this is truly facebooks downfall
سلام کسی هست واسه دوستی زنگ بزنه09395158537
Hallo K
So if you happen to find a friend or family member you'll get charged a dollar if you send a message to them?  That seems counterproductive.
A good example of attempted corporate suicide ('cause they're people too!)
+Felix Remennik
 It does not matter "why". If I want to message someone, and it has always been free to do so, then "why" should I now pay?  This is greed and profit pure and simple. I need that dollar far more than a multi-million (-billion?) dollar public corporation.
I'll pay .99¢ not a penny more..... LOL 
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