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Obama to issue order targeting use of new technologies in human rights abuse cases abroad
Washington, D.C., USA

Sun Apr 22, 10:49 p.m. EDT: The +Washington Post reports that President +Barack Obama will issue an executive order Monday that will allow U.S. officials for the first time to impose sanctions against foreign nationals found to have used new technologies, from cellphone tracking to Internet monitoring, to help carry out grave human rights abuses.

Authoritarian governments, particularly in Syria and Iran, have shown that their security services can harness technology to help crack down on dissents — by conducting surveillance, blocking access to the Internet or tracking the movements of opposition figures.

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Order will allow sanctions against those who use cellphone tracking, Internet monitoring to carry out atrocities.
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That's ironic considering how many of these things the US government does to its own citizens., but then again, we are one of the most hypocritical nations around.
Jon Dye
I was gonna say inb4douchebag but I see that I've already been beaten.

Well played.
So, we're cool with humans rights abuses as long as they use old technologies, like rocks and machetes and hot pokers, but they'd better watch out if they use cellphones and email.
Jon Dye
What's "ironic" is a privileged American white kid complaining about hypocrisy.
+John Hansen It is a good thing yes, but it would be nice if we held ourselves to the same standards that we set for the rest of the world.
Wow. All the stuff the US Government does every day is not OK if it's abroad but it's A OK here.

I don't trust my government. I don't trust any part of it. I don not trust those who are elected and I do not trust those running for elective office, It's a rigged game with distractions like this to keep you from focusing on what is going on right here and now. Any where you turn and any way you vote you lose.
Funny how it doesn't apply to the US domestically. Hypocritical!
It actually gives the u.s. an upper hand. It keeps those commercialized spying technology from being used for intel gathering by those countries.
It is obvious Steven that you do not pay attention to politics, if you watch those elected officials just look (if possible) at how many lobby rats visit them and who they work for. You see Steven all those bills you see passed or proposed? they are all started with money, one company who hears the people (US) complaining because we see where it is going. So to thwart that they invent some what is called a bogeyman scene, and say well you have to do this or else this will happen here is some money go convince your buddies on the committee to enact a bill to stop this. That is the beginning of the snowball. If you want to stop a bill, write you elected officials no one but many of you, remind them that their job is in your hands, this is the greatest weapons we have. Oh and by the way Steven, while your looking at the list of the lobby rats, check out their names, you will find that they are former members of congress and senate or their former senior staff members.
Actually +John Hansen I feel pretty oppressed.and powerless to stop this stupidity in the name of protecting us from 'terrorism" and keeping the fat cats and corporations that build all the hardware supporting this stuff rolling in borrowed cash. Until they put a muzzle on me or kill me too I'll continue to speak out against them and the police state we are becoming.

+milton bonet I am quite aware to the corrupt nature of the current system but my one vote can't counteract those that keep sending these people and the others that only want a chance at the public trough there. No one decent will even run for office anymore.
Nice...Obama and the US government (all the way down to city level) get to use all those things and yet condemn other nations for doing so.....Yep, sounds about right. The hypocrisy and propaganda of America still running strong as ever I see.
Jon Dye
yall just pissed that occupy didn't solve sheeeeit

like i said it wouldn't*
+John Dye , Only thing that will solve "sheeeeit" is to have politicians strung from light poles down Penn Ave like rotting pinatas. They can "occupy" the maggots for awhile. "Burn them all to the ground!"
Jon Dye
Or you could vote them out of office. No appropriate candidate to vote for? Then maybe you should run.
It will eventually give more ammunition to the critics of US government doing the same, so that is a good thing.
And what about that bastard crushing Humans in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya??? Are they not humans? What else will you be doing for Oil??? Why would this Bastard always define what is right and wrong? while they do whatever floats their boats?
I love people complaining about the lack of free speech, using their rights to free speech. Maybe they should cast their vote in a free and fair election. XD
Lucky - If it was not the Monkey's army then why would he be keep on telling that we did it for the people, he could have just shut his mouth. Again coming to the point, it was all for Oil. And calling him Monkey is not racist as calling Usama a terrorist does not make the whole Muslims, terrorist. Be positive and please sometimes give way to freedom of speech (the so called) even if you could not absorb it.
Lucky - I completely understand and apologize for what I have said but still I could not live without saying this after reading the news. Like is this not discrimination when going to US, you have to be scanned naked and your shoes in your hands etc. While they come here regardless of our national integrity and killing people and then not even putting a word of apology. Where the hell goes the Humanity and Ritualism they keep on saying while in front of camera. Again, something was bugging me inside while writing him SUCH but could not live without saying.
Yes, it is racist. No other interpretation is possible. You can delete your racist comment if you want, but keeping it and then screaming that it's not racist will not fool anybody.
replaced it with Bastard :) I could not live without saying something. Lucky - I know the feeling as he was like an angel while running for the election and would keep on saying I'll be this and I'll be that. No matter how good a person is, he has to flow with the flow. All this is a long term plan to get hold of the world and no matter who is leading does not make and difference and the Idea of being Rulers is driving them. We are out of that cold war when the leftist and rightist would do anything to turn themselves victorious but the Idea of weakening one another is still on, its just that the ways has changed to do it.
Just a couple of acronyms, DHS and DOD. Enough said.
I think we should just deport everyone who loves seeing the government abuse its power, restrict or outright denies liberty and freedom.. you know, the brainwashed ones that say the same thing about people who "complain". I mean, they don't complain so hell, suspend habeas corpus and send them off to an internment camp in Cuba. They won't complain.
I am wondering as what kind of Liberty and Freedom are these people talking about? If people are happy with decisions made, fine, if not, throw them out to a jail in Cuba??? Helloooo!!!! Do you even know what FREEDOM OF SPEECH means??? One thing is with the Asian and Middle east rulers never stick their feet in any country's sovereignty. Do you know what would Qaddafi do in Libya? My uncle has been there for 24 years and he has not seen a single injustice Qaddafi has made. He would assist the marriages of those who could not afford, there was monthly stipend for who ever was unemployed (which were only few), education was FREE, medical was free and accessible by same amount both by rich and poor, there was no inflation except that my uncle defines it in its own way that when he went there the LPG cylinder they would use would cost you 2 Dinars and when he was coming back after 24 years it costed 2.5 Dinars. All of you are literate and could understand how much inflation would have been there.

Media is controlled by a few hands who make a person what-so-ever they want. Like look at the so called terrorists these days. They were Mujahideen at some time when US was using it for its own motto and are now terrorists when they have achieved what was required and now crashing them by calling them terrorists. If you train people to just shoot people, they cannot do anything else without any resources. If US would have given those people jobs or stipend or would have recruited them in forces in Pakistan or Afghanistan, things would not have been like now.

And for Mr. Marine, it is your duty to go where deployed by the state as an army man, don't try to take credit that you have been here and there and done this and that. You know what you people have been doing to innocent people. In which court can you justify to kill 100 people and deprive many of their homes while targeting only one person by firing missiles and drones. Will those people not be ready to attack you guys careless of their lives? I know an incident where US army shot a drone on a religious school killed 200 innocent people and a father who had three sons (all died). Will that father care to kick your asses no matter what happens as his life may not mean to him more than their children. By showing your tears on media and bull-shitting about what happened to you in war zones, you can deceit people in US or UK but not us, the sufferers.

Just think of that person who allegedly came out of his camp and opened firing on innocent people in Afghanistan or the one who disgraced their religious book. You people are nuts, the one who is crazy is deployed in war zone so that no one should care about the sentiments of people and ones who does, are charged with charges they never know of. I have hundreds of things to prove you wrong, but I think I should just stop writing any further as it's better to struck my head against a wall than make them (crazy marines) realize their wrongdoings.
+hernandez henderson Your point is hardly relevant. You display exactly what is wrong with this country: indifference, moreover our standard of living has been in decline for years. More are on government assistance/welfare each month. We, as Americans don't even have the absolute right over what goes into our own bodies. God forbid you buy a simple thing like raw milk. Our speech is limited to an extent too. Say the wrong things and your privacy is gone as all your "information" is sent to a DHS fusion center. But yet, its all good to people like you that probably can't tell the difference between liberty and freedom.

+Tahir Ali Yousafzai I was being sarcastic lol. I'm not a Bushite/Obamanite. Though, I'd be fine with both Bush and Obama sitting in Cuba (not really, but in a little way.. true). At least the Cubans can eat and drink what they want. Probably less corrupt too.
+hernandez henderson I would be MORE than happy to move out of the US and renounce my citizenship if I had the money for an immigration lawyer and the move itself. However, I couldn't even save up for it because I'm too busy trying to making a survival (no, it's not really a "living") in this country as it steadily goes tits up!! Unlike the millions who willing give money to the government ran tax of people who can't do math (The Lottery), I don't have much faith in it providing with a way out.

And BTW, I am one who DOES agree with what Assange did with WikiLeaks. Your argument is invalid.....war IS coming to this country. Everyone on this planet is sick of the US being bully to the world to get what it wants and all of that WILL be coming back to bite it in the ass in a biog way. This is what your government has done for you and like a good little drone, you still stand behind it, spewing the same ignorance out that it shoved in you.
+hernandez henderson All my work is about change. Everything I do, from managing public discussions about our 2nd Amendment to using my spare time to talk on here is all about the desire for changing the course our country is on.

Julian Assange is no hero in my eyes. The idea of getting out information held from the public that effect us is a noble one when/if such information does not directly threaten our national interests (such as the lives of our Armed forces). I am not naive to the fact that he [Assange] appears to be working to destroy the American (and Western) culture and influence around the world. We only need to look to Russia to see that. However, he is not breaking any laws that I know of and freedom of the press is very important. The press in this country has already bent to threats that are normally reserved for media in the developing world.

Perhaps you might consider checking out Oath Keepers, an organization of Military and Law Enforcement who are willing to make a stand against tyranny if (some say its already here but it could be MUCH worse) it rears its head here.

Worrying about yourself and family isn't selfish. In fact, it might be the best thing that you could be doing right now considering the economic outlook. Looking out for ones family usually includes knowing what threats exist and it appears that, even if you don't see much of a threat, you are already doing more than many people by keeping quasi-informed (reading msm news and the like).

Bashing people who complain is faulty logic if the cause for bashing is due to view that complaining does nothing/solves nothing. What do you think Congress does all day when they aren't working the lobbyists? Also, a simple complaint can open a whole box of worms when other people notice the complaints. This is how many subjects that effect freedom/liberty come to light and allows for others who wish to see a better future work to correct what is wrong.

Good point on how spoiled we are though. Our poor has big screen TVs and some with multiple cars whereas the same people.. if they were in say, India, would be living like our homeless here, save in larger communities of shanties, eating scraps from the local dump. This is no reason to yield liberty and waive ones natural rights as further we go down that path, the closer we are to a real situation of starvation and the shanty towns (some are already springing up.. "tent cities", cleaner but the point remains).

So, I'll continue to "complain" in my spare time. When I'm working, I guess we'll just call those complaints doing something.
+hernandez henderson
I wrote a long reply and clicked off the area I was typing and it disappeared. Would be my luck today.

I did not know Assange was also in the military. Are you sure you do not have him mixed up with Bradley Manning? He leaked intel, which is treason as far as I'm concerned (especially considering his reasoning). He belongs in military prison and it irritates me that people complain he isn't getting a civilian trial or he doesn't have "free speech". I'm not one of those people.

Public Service: CEDO (Community Economic Development Office) & AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America). So yes, I've done some civic duties apart from (almost 10 yrs now) starting a movement to effect change and defend our rights and liberties. The movement was a partial success until many of the members began infighting over the most trivial things. I said hell with it and moved on. (it still exists, mostly as a means to network like minded militia groups and people who are looking for them). I revamped and that serves to network like minded individuals.

In that span of time, I also worked at a brokerage. I left just prior to the housing bubble's burst (we all knew it was coming). I moved on from there to private contract work.

Currently, I have a contracted project that involves PHP/MySQL database work, research at times and whatever else is required. The work, btw, deals directly with privacy issues relating to DHS and fusion centers. At the same time, I'm working on a side project that will enhance my contracted work and will be for public consumption rather than private.

I'm done typing, irregardless of any other points I made before. This is wasting too much of my time as it is at the moment LOL. I needed the break anyway.
Another excuse for the so called Middle East rulers are corrupt or cruel.

Mr. Marine or who-so-ever is talking about justice, freedom of speech and liberty, Have you done anything to ask Bush, Powell or the Iraqi impostor, whose lies kept you killing innocents in Iraq where as per your statement, every inch and every second was not less than death? You should be hanging them first and foremost, and you have fought a war, did you ever ask the govt or authorities that where the hell are WoMD? If not then you and your fellow army men, the then and now rulers are Killers and you have filled the lives of Iraqi 300k families with terrors all these years, and YOU ARE THE REAL AND BIGGER TERRORISTS. BTW the death toll is written 100k but you know and I know that it was more than 300k.
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