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George Zimmerman to be charged in Trayvon Martin shooting, official says
Sanford, Fla., USA

Wed Apr 11, 1:56 p.m. EST: The +Washington Post reports that Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey plans to announce as early as this afternoon that she is charging neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, according to a law enforcement official close to the investigation. It was not immediately clear what charge Zimmerman will face.

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Zimmerman is probably outside of the country already.
Justice!? Yes, finally something is being done ... But this whole damn case has been tragic. Tragic for the youth and his family and friends. Also, was a hard hit for all African Americans. Yes, justice seems to be coming, but the damage, in my opinion, has already been done.
He should be charged for something, but I'm pretty sure he's not going to get murder if he was jumped as it seems. He didn't act correctly but if he was really being beat up he'll probably be able to say self-defense.
Took 'em long enough. Now they have to find him, as it has been reported that not only do his former attorneys no longer have contact with him, it is rumored that he has left Florida.
Maybe someone shot him ..... Or perhaps this mystery person decided to act out a scene from "Dexter".
I hope they have all the evidence they need at this point, because it's absolutely vital that this case is laid out properly. There won't be a do-over.
I hope they nail that son of a bitch. Please, prosecutors take your time and do it properly.
Sounds like the witch-hunt is on. He has no chance at a fair trial. The media has literally doctored 9/11 calls. He has been forced into hiding, lost his job and everything else. This would be fine if he was guilty.. but are we 100% sure that he is? Even then, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? I guess the only outcome now to hope for, is that this smooths over the racial tensions that the media has been playing up.
He's only being charged to keep riots from breaking out across the country, if this didn't at least go to trial. This only delays it of course if he is found not guilty, those that are waiting for an excuse to cause mayhem....won't be satisfied. This only moved the proverbial line in the sand back a couple of steps.
+xaime aguiar I was wondering the same thing. No doubt the cops not doing their job at the scene delayed the arrest.
I don't think anyone's waiting to riot Steve. I think that's just you projecting onto a group of people.
Charging is one thing, lets see if there will be a conviction.
To all the people saying this is a witch-hunt and the only reason he's being charged is to prevent a riot, I say BULLSHIT. If I shoot someone I'm pretty sure I'll be in jail as fast as they can get me there. Then maybe somebody will try to figure out if I had reason for self defense or if it was justified. Otherwise, I'm sitting in jail until my trial or I can make bail.
+Raoul Simon After what happened with the Casey Anthony case, I'm not so sure this will be a slam dunk conviction.
there's no grand jury, which means it definitely wont be a murder charge.
+Brittney Shields I agree. To the public this many have already passed their judgement on him, however if this goes to a jury or judge, i'm sure it will be up to the prosecutor to present hard fact filled case to obtain a conviction. I wouldn't be surprised because of the notary of the case, it'll be moved to where he can have a jury pool to be "impartial"
+Natalie Woo Ah yes...I must be a racist for thinking that what's happened before after similar circumstances has the possibility of happening again. Or that there are people in the world whose sole purpose is to wreak destruction when the opportunity arises. Sorry Natalie I don't live in your fantasy world.
It's about time. The Florida justice system has been dragging their feet for far too long all because a wacko used a bad law, STAND YOUR GROUND, to justify the execution of an unarmed teen for being black. It appears to me that the Florida AG is now willing to file charges because the people has spoken in defence of Trayvon.
@ Chuck williams, the can't charge him with murder because that's not what it was. Murder is premeditated. There's nothing to indicate that he plotted to kill Martin prior to approaching him. They do, however, have a solid voluntary manslaughter case.
+Raoul Simon Even if they do a change of venue, would he still get a fair trial? This is an internationally covered case. I am not sure public opinion won't play at least a small part in jury deliberation. I just want justice for Trayvon. With laws like Stand Your Ground in the state of Florida, I am not very confident in their legal system there.
+Brittney Shields Indeed I would like to see justice served for Trayvon, however and despite the coverage of the case, there are a lot of people who do side with him Zimmerman. It it goes to a jury, jury picking will be key. If judge, then it may come down to race, and age of the judge. Man are often reserved about such issues in regards to race.
Zimmerman should of been charged a long time ago. But, since his daddy was a Judge and Trayvon wasn't white... Need I say more.
I'm really curious as to what will be the charge?
He is guilty! He took "his" own law into his own hands, period. Guilty
I highly doubt they will charge him with murder. They might just play it safe this time around.
Here in America, we are innocent until proven guilty. All you clowns rushing to judgement are accomplishing nothing. Maybe we should wait until we have done such trivial things as "gather evidence" before you start witch hunting and acting like misguided idiots. If there is evidence against him as a murderer, then he will be convicted. If not, then he will be set free.
I was unaware that enough of the evidence in the case had been made public to secure a conviction, but looking around here you'd think it had...
+John Gordon wow...seems to me John that you're rushing to judgement on someone just as fast as Zimmerman did. Think about it.
and +John Gordon, nothing about taking the law into your own hands makes you guilty of anything. Idiot.
ok, but look wut happened w/ the casey anthony case..SH*T! she got away w/ murdering her own flesh n blood! even if gathered evidence is done, wuts 2 say he'll get away w/ it! and besides which, nothing will EVER bring this 17yr old back!
wats this does not give any sence
Flame me if you want for this but I dont think Zimmerman is a murderer in the legal sense and I doubt he would be charged with that. I think he's someone who got caught up in his own Dirty Harry ego trip and let it go too far. I think he's going to have a hard time justifying that he is covered under "Stand Your Ground" because he intitiated the contact in the first place rather than waiting for the police to respond. He shot a gun in the heat of the moment and killed someone. No matter what, he needs to be culpable for that somehow.
Why are a huge majority of liberals vehemently claiming George is guilty while a huge majority of conservatives are calling for a normal trial like everyone else gets? Does the phrase "innocent until proven guilty" mean anything anymore? These liberal idiots are just regurgitating the lies that their idols are spewing. What's the point of a justice system?
I don't think this has anything to do with Liberalism or Conservatism. No one disagrees that he should get a fair trial
Why is it that when a black person dies at the hand of another race it is always categorized as racism?! That asked, how is it that you answer when black people kill black people everyday on the streets in neighborhoods of cities all over the country? No one can truly say what the immediate motivation was that night, only two people can answer that, one is dead and the other confined within the walls of himself
I think we should give him a fair trial before we execute him. (said facetiously)
+Brittney Shields , that's how it should be. But still, there are plenty of people in this post that have already condemned him and will continue to do so even if he is found not-guilty. It makes no sense why this is a politically decided issue, but many liberals insist on doing their best to bypass the justice system. The most outspoken ones (even elected ones) are calling him a murderer (wtf?), tweeting his address (wrongly, idiot), and even the president got involved. Seriously? Hundreds of people are murdered per day and the president of the united states decides to tell everyone that someone who may have been murdered looks like his son....

What a bunch of clowns.
And do conservatives not also regurgitate what their idols spew? That's a two way street and it's also a pretty broad brush you're painting with there. We do know many of the facts of the case. We don't know everything but there is enough to know that something is amiss. Just because you are innocent until proven guilty doesn't mean you can't be charged with a crime and held. That is part of the process too. The justice system is there to determine what happened in a situation and if it has legal ramifications. Charging someone with a crime so that it can be investigated by the legal system IS the justice system working as it should. Would you prefer the case be completely ignored and swept under the rug all together?
+Robert Scheffel Just because one of the people involved isn't white doesn't mean it had nothing to do with race.

"Get over it"? Really? Tell that to the parents who had their son followed and shot down.
@Robert Scheffel...or it could be that they want to take him to trial because he shot and killed someone? Just a thought there.
there is the possibility that Zimmerman was attacked and did actually act in self defense, innocent until proven guilty and all..
+Steve Ragusin I wasn't calling you racist/ I said you were projecting negative behaviour onto a group of people without due cause - there are no indications that anyone would riot anywhere over this case. None whatsoever. I'm certainly not intending to. What people want is a case where someone suspected of a crime (as Zimmerman is) is tried fairly. Not presumed to be guilty, but for a presumption of innocence and evidence laid out in an appropriate manner. It's not too much to ask for, and it certainly shouldn't be packaged with name calling or dramatic proclamations.

I seriously question why anyone bothers commenting on stories like this. Do any of you think that you come across as intelligent human beings when you say things like "Guilty!" or "liberal idiots"? Do you really think that adds to a discussion with other adults about a situation where a 17 year old kid died and a potentially unstable/socially outcast man has access to a gun? A little bit of a higher standard of thinking would go a long way to making sure something like this never happens again.
I am painting with the narrowest brush I can find. I am simply saying the liberals are eating up what their idols tell them about GZ and TM. And, sadly, it's true. Whether or not conservatives do the same on issues we aren't talking about is irrelevant.

The evidence that the police were presented with at the crime scene was not enough to hold him or charge him. So, like most every case in the history of the United States, they let him go until they could gather evidence. The justice system in Florida is functioning flawlessly, so far, and people are screaming for justice for Treyvon.

HOW ABOUT JUST REGULAR JUSTICE. The objective here is Justice, not justice for treyvon. If the case turns out that Treyvon was murdered, then we can all be glad he got justice. If he was not murdered, then we can all be glad for justice for GZ. Simply saying you want "Justice for Treyvon" automatically implies he was innocent in every way. Let's wait on the facts before making comments like that.
The 911 Call speaks for itself. There's no doubt that Zimmerman should have done what the 911 dispatcher said, and not pursued Martin when he was leaving, well, running away. It's not like he's a cop, he's a neighborhood watch volunteer. I always knew some people could get job titles confused but come on. Law enforcement and volunteer, you have to know the difference between the two. Think for a second, you're running away and someone is chasing on the phone. After the guy who was chasing you, shoots you, they get to cry out self-defense. Race difference or not, that's just stupid.
Please don't put words in my mouth. I never once said the police should ignore testimonies. However, as long as there are conflicting stories there is a reason to go to trial. And for the record, I heard about the 42 shootings in Chicago, including that of the 6 year old girl, way out in DC so the media did cover it and there actually was a lot of outrage about it. No it wasn't on this scale but it wasn't non existent.
Oh, you know what happened that night? Go tell Florida, because apparently the eye witnesses got it wrong and you got it right. I am so glad you know how it happened.
Who are you talking to? Because I'm definitely not replying to you. Or anyone. This my feed, I'm replying to the story from Breaking News in general, not someone or I would have put @your name.
I'm sorry but do YOU know what happened that night? Were you there? Did you witness it? You were far away just like I was so you have no basis to try to say you know more than I do because you know the same amount of information that everyone else does. There are conflicting eye witness stories supporting both sides. Which side is wrong then? Do you have some psychic knowledge about which group is right that the rest of us aren't privy to?The only people who truly know what happened that night are Martin and Zimmerman. Investigating the case is what should done. Whether he is found guilty or not should be left up to the evidence.
+Robert Scheffel I don't care. He's a neighborhood watch volunteer. They have no job description that says police the neighborhood. Report yes, but police, no. You heard it different from the entire world and you didn't even give your source. I don't have to, that 911 call is all over the internet. Neighborhood watch people don't get to shoot people that are standing in the neighborhood, walking, crawling, sleeping in the neighborhood, none of that. I'm sorry man, we have to report it, then let the police handle it.
The facts may have escaped faux news, so lets have a recap, shall we?

UNARMED 17 year old guy, 6'3" wearing a hoodie.
Man chasing UNARMED teen with a gun.
On the day of the incident, police video show Zimmerman with no visible evidence of injuries.
17 year old is dead of a gunshot.

Seriously, if you want to argue "stand your ground law" Zimmerman was the aggressor in this case and Trayvon had a right to defend himself and there is no evidence that he, in fact, did.

You can all the bad stuff you want about Trayvon, the facts remain unchanged, unarmed teen killed by armed man who was chasing him because he though he looked suspicious.
If someone is beating you up and you fear for your life, you can defend yourself with lethal force. This is a fundamental human right. Try to remember that killing people is not illegal. Murder is illegal. There is a difference.
Killing people is not illegal? Um you might want to check into voluntary and involuntary manslaughter charges. Turns out killing people is actually illegal.
killing people is only SOMETIMES illegal. That's why there is no law against killing people. There are laws against manslaughter (voluntary and involuntary), murder, attempted murder....There are plenty of people who kill others that have not broken the law. Simply making the blanket statement that "killing people is illegal" is flat out wrong.

Try to speak accurately in the face of so much bullshit in todays world.
We know enough to accept that we know something is amiss?? No one here is part of the prosecution or its investigating team, what we think we know is what filters from various sources. I would never assume a source is reliable, especially when politics, regardless of what party you subscribe to, has dipped its hand in what should be a judicial issue
Thank goodness. Every sane person was just asking for a trial. Let the legal system take care of this because SPD surely can't. 
@ Michael Allan Fanoni...uh you're the one who said "Try to remember that killing people is not illegal. Murder is illegal. There is a difference." Why are you correcting me and saying that making the blanket statement that killing people is illegal is flat out wrong? Or were you just correcting yourself?
+Miranda Young what? I haven't changed my story. Killing people is still not illegal and murder still is. What are you talking about?
+Robert Scheffel Again, you're putting words in my mouth. Anytime someone is killed under questionable circumstances then there should be an investigation. Zimmerman was specifically told NOT to get out of his car, not to approach, not to engage. Obviously he did. He told the 911 dispatcher that he was going to follow him so there is evidence to show that he had considered instigating contact. As far as I know, no one edited that part of the conversation. Therefore, the situation is questionable.
+Michael Allan Fanoni if killing people was not illegal then manslaughter charges wouldn't exist. Murder is premeditated killing. Manslaughter is still killing just without the premeditation. Therefore, killing someone IS illegal
+Robert Scheffel You don't read well. The point I made with, (sleeping, crawling, etc...) was that Trayvon Martin could have been doing anything in that neighborhood that day, night, or afternoon, Zimmerman had no right, on that day or any day, to police him. Meaning, the police officer title is not Zimmerman's title. Zimmerman is not a police officer, therefore he can't do a police officer's job. Okay, hope you got it. I don't know if he will be prosecuted or not. From the sound of how things are going in this day and age with violence, we should all mind our own damn business and keep our hands and words to ourselves. Let me demonstrate. Please......don't reply.
+Miranda Young How do you keep track of the 9/11 dispatches? Half of them are modified by news orgs. Which one is real?! --> Other than that, I tend to agree. It should be investigated. Fairly. Without people threatening the lives of others. Without the black panther losers talking about killing all the white ppl. Without the KKK scumbags running around with their stupid leather vests threatening to kill all the blk ppl. Without the accused loosing everything before a trial (which he has). Without the media hyping everything up as if they wanted a race war. With respect to the families involved esp. the victims (loosing ones son can't be easy, irregardless of what actually happened). The whole thing has been turned into a circus. People are looking at this as if its a football game, which side are you on and without regard to the facts. I don't know what happened, I wasn't there.
+Miranda Young Are you serious? If killing people was illegal then how do you explain cops who kill people in the line of duty? How do you explain people who kill their attacker in self defense?

Like I said, please at least attempt to speak accurately. Killing people is not illegal. Murder is illegal. Manslaughter is illegal. Do you get it? You can't make blanket statements like "killing people is illegal". Do you think saying the word "bomb" is illegal? No, it's only illegal if you do it for the sole purpose of causing panic. Damn you're thick.
I completely agree with you +Bradley Clifford. I don't agree with how it's been turned into a circus. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be investigated.

+Michael Allan Fanoni OK first of all, cops are not ordinary citizens. Their entire purpose for existing is to defend the public and sometimes that includes lethal force. There are laws that cover that. That doesn't mean they get to use it willy nilly. They can be charged for killing someone as well. Any time a suspect is killed using lethal force, it's investigated to make sure it was warranted. You can't always defend yourself with lethal force either. It depends on what state you're in. Martin had no weapon to speak of while Zimmerman did. Zimmerman also stated he was planning to get out of his car to investigate. If he instigated the interaction then his ability to claim self defense loses some ground.
Unless you have been a victim.of racism u don't what it feels like looks like or sounds like this is not the first time a young black kid big or small has been killed for reasons unknown and the killer be pigmented of a Caucasian complexity and got away with it
Cops, or anyone else, cannot EVER be charged with killing someone, there is literally no such thing. They can be charged with murder though, or manslaughter. There is ABSOLUTELY no such charge as "killing someone". Your lack of understanding is absolutely mind boggling.
+Michael Allan Fanoni Are you for real? I mean, really. Did you really think all this time I was trying to say there was a charge called "killing someone?" Your attempts at making yourself look superior are absolutely mind boggling.
Robert scheffel. So as a free man their are still places I can't be. Why due to my age or height or my hoddie.......
+Miranda Young yes actually. This is the quote that tipped me off.

"They can be charged for killing someone as well."

Crazy that I would assume that you thought someone could be charged for killing someone. My bad.
Basketball is as serious as a job or a loan for a house. The FBI wanted to dismantle the black community look up what Edgar j Hoover and how he felt ablout blacks. I don't let race play a role in my life nor do I use it as a excuse for any reason
Only dumb black people rob white people. We always get convicted. Except oj I mean u don't even have rights in Egypt nor do I I am American we would be tourist. So yea back to topic in the USA. And why would u want to Harlem. And. I don't vote so. That's not my problem. But I am.not trying right I was just saying how I felt.
+joshua moore really? white people minding their own business aren't killed daily by blacks? Are you really saying that?

Here's a novel idea...get mad at the black people that reinforce the negative stereotype of their race every day. If you see someone in your neighborhood selling drugs or doing something the police, make a report....DO SOMETHING to stop it. When the amount of crimes committed by young black males drops...maybe they won't be watched so closely.
Guess Tray wouldn't be dead if Zimmerman didn't have a firearm, please correct me if I'm wrong.
+Steve Ragusin lol ok what just happend on Tulsa Oklahoma. And yea we sell drugs. Just as well as white people cook up meth and shit.
+Michael Delaney how so? Are all killing victims killed by a firearm? Was killing invented shortly after the invention of the musket?

Please enlighten me.
+Michael Allan Fanoni no but I think he is leaning to the fact its a lot harder to beat a man to death than pull a trigger and kill him. I mean is he has a sword or something its a way beyond self defense if some knocked out to beat them to death.
+joshua moore Did I say that white people don't commit crimes? Assholes of every color commit crimes every day, however the bigger percentage of crimes committed daily...are by young black males. Stop selling drugs....stop trying to find ways to cheat the system...stop living beyond the laws set in the country, and you'll see a decrease in the amount of blacks incarcerated. The stereotype will cease to hold meaning.

How about what happened in Kansas City? If you want to site examples we will both be here for a long time.
+Michael Allan Fanoni You and I both know you are simply trying to pick out something semantic to argue about in an effort to make yourself look smarter than me. You know very well what I was talking about. Perhaps that tactic worked on 5th grade debate team but it won't work here.
Only evidence that zimmerman did anything wrong was doctored by the media. Not guilty.
I think that if things don't change soon we are going to have a race war on our hands! Bodies will pile up on the streets like trash in garbage dump! So you better run not walk to your local gun store and stock up on guns & ammo, if you haven't already! Lock & load!
Who could possibly care about the wishes or supposed rights of someone who was part of a racial lynch mob the day before? This lynch mob mentality toward Zimmerman that's been displayed for all the public to see is probably going to come back to haunt people.
Judicial review is an important part of our legal system--the definition of "self-defense" needs to change!
Self defence should stay exactly that! Ones right to defend themself! Against most of the modern day thugs out there who has no regard for human life! Just makes me wish I could just blow up the planet earth and end all the bull#**# once and for all!
+brian prince Are you saying that what Zimmerman did was correct? Because when a minor is calling "Help!", shooting him with a gun is not warranted, especially since Trayvon Martin was unarmed.
+Ajay Nathan It is not 100% accurate to say Trayvon was shouting "Help!"...that's a horrible jump to conclusions that most people are making. There are conflicting reports on exactly who was shouting for Help. If you know all the facts....that's facts, not opinions...or things repeated by talking heads...then please enlighten ALL of us as to what really happened.

You can't...and that's why everyone is rushing to judgement. He is in custody...he is being charged...and other than that we really don't know what happened. When the trial begins...hopefully the truth comes out. If Zimmerman is found be it. If he's not be it. But you are making a huge assumption based not entirely upon FACT.
+Ajay Nathan No obviously you didn't read my prior comments all I said was that they should not try to change our right to defend ourselfs from monsters who have no regard for human life! Dam I hate having to repeat myself over and over for people who obviously aren't following the thread properly!
+omar holder Your two cents are valid, I've spent several days arguing that he" was in the wrong to stalk and attack Trayvon" with people and they all kept saying the evidence will show it if they decide to prosecute. Well.... there you have it.
+Steve Ragusin Let's say that it wasn't Trayvon shouting help. However, he was walking to his home and was unarmed. Zimmerman had a loaded weapon. Also, the police told Zimmerman to back off, but he continued to pursue. The murder was unwarranted. The fact that Trayvon is a young black male should not be factored into anything. All human beings should be held to the same standards, and we should not profile based on race. Stereotypes should hold no place when dealing with the law, or else we are cheating ourselves of true justice. YOUNG BLACK MALES SHOULD NOT BE BLAMED AND PUNISHED FOR THINGS THAT OTHERS OF THE SAME RACE DID. All decisions should have been made by a judge and jury from the beginning. The police have no right to validate Zimmerman's claims of self-defense, especially if a killing is involved.
+brian prince I read the previous posts, and I only recall you saying something about a race war. And if you were trying to say something, be more clear. It sounds like you are calling Trayvon Martin a monster with no regard for human life.

All I think is that "self-defense" needs to be more clearly defined, and all claims of self-defense need to be made in court. Zimmerman's claim of self-defense is invalid, because no jury got to judge its validity. Furthermore, an armed pursuer should not have the right to claim self-defense on an unarmed passerby.
I just hope that this will be a step in the right direction in healing hispanic/black race relations.
+David Stone I am operating under the facts that Trayvon Martin was unarmed, Martin was walking home from a store, Zimmerman was unarmed, and Zimmerman pursued Trayvon even after the police told him not to. These facts have been released to the public and have been broadcasted by most major news stations. My conclusions are warranted.
Yeah, lets all care way too much about this story. Instead of all the other far more terrible things going on around the world.
Mike B
+Angelica Dzana Why is it that when a black person dies at the hand of another race it is always categorized as racism?!

Because, in this case, we have a 9-1-1 call where Zimmerman called this young black boy a "coon" (which is a very racist term, in case you aren't familiar).
ahhh yes. Reading through the comments. Funniest thing ever.
Actually, it's debatable whether Zimmerman actually said that, +Mike Barron. Regardless of whether he did or not, though, racial terms do not denote racism by the speaker. Zimmerman could have racial prejudices and used such terms, but that doesn't mean he's actually a racist. I just thought you'd like to know that.
Mike, I actually don't take issue with the possibility of Zimmerman's words on audio, he may or may have not denoted an epithet, however, as David mentioned, it does not establish as to whether he is a racist, it denotes he is vulgar, and the reality is that a lot of people that are outspoken about being referred to in undesirable and demeaning words speak to each other in this manner all the time and glorify these epithets in music. Only Zimmerman truly knows if he carries prejudices or not, therefore racism has not been established by any means but by those that cannot step outside a systematic persecutory bias
Dan B.
I find it annoying that people are focusing on the issue of if he is a really is a moot point whether he is or not...the issue is that one human being killed another human being, and how that came about, if it was self defense, so be it, if it wasn't he needs to go to jail. Race and racial prejudice or not really shouldn't be the focus, murder should. We need to stop this racial and social class war in this country that the politicians and media try to push on us to keep us divided.
I read the transcript here and dont see any evidence of racism

Lets be honest here the final part of that transcript sounds like he is returning to his car, shortly after he puts the phone down to wait for a cop he says he was attacked by the victim,

lets think about this one logically, as the victim if you think you are been followed do you:

A: Call the police and or family
B: Run
C:Confront the person following you

Now it sounded like he ran in the first place, then came back... if you thought someone was a threat why would you come back and confront them? surely you would have to think that you could defend yourself against them to even consider the option?
Dan B.
That depends on which edited version of the tape you heard...
Took way to long for this to actually happen!!!
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