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Encyclopedia Britannica to stop printing books after 244 years
New York, N.Y., USA

Tue Mar 13, 6:24 p.m. EST: CNNMoney reports that, after 244 years, Encyclopedia Britannica will cease production of its iconic multi-volume book sets.

Britannica usually prints a new set of the tomes every two years, but 2010's 32-volume set will be its last. Instead, the company will focus solely on its digital encyclopedia and education tools.

Image: Advertisement for the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, from the May 1913 issue of National Geographic Magazine (via Wikipedia).


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Amusing that the advertisement image is sourced from Wikipedia.
They should print limited copies as a collector thing. The libraries of scholars and lawyers are gonna look funny with 50 iPads on the bookcase. I mean, tabletcase.
just a market tactic。。。someday it'll be back ..then 2 breakingnews to draw public be honest ,wiki will beat brit some day as long as it choose paperless
Amy O
What's an encyclopedia?
what a horrible horrible shame ...what happens when all the computers crash or everyone is so poor they cannot afford computers anymore and there are no more books ...Hitler and his like will have finally won !
easy now lets not jump to conclusions, the Nazi's were against more then just freedom of information. Face it encyclopedia's were on their way out when the first chip was made, it was only a matter of time. Plus think of all the trees it will save...
I guess encyclopedias don't have the word "sarcasm" in them.
When I was a kid, we had two authorities in the house, Dad and the Encyclopedia Britanica. In other news, I learned to spell Encyclopedia from Jiminy Cricket on the Mickey Mouse Club show.
Amy O
I was joking! My parents bought a set when I was a kid. 
But, but, but... we'll need it when the internet dies. Don't stop printing Britannica!!
I remember, when I was a kid, there was a set of these "great" Encyclopedias in the house....but we kids were not allowed to touch them...EVER!! We had a set of New World - which I liked cause it had transparencies and overlays in different sections...but I was always intrigued by what greatness MUST be in those forbidden Britanicas.
darn i loved this encyclopedia... read every edition throughout several summers what an accomplishment not EVERY edition but a lot!
Que gran perdida ver desaparecer esta gran enciclopedia en su edición impresa. Esto me hará atesorar mas la que tengo, para que algún día pueda heredarla a mis hijos
I still prefer paper books but I never need an encyclopedia. I used to have the encyclopedia when I was younger. Sad but its a sign of our times.
Great!!!! Just think of all those trees saying .....Thank God!!!!!
Am I the only one that's amazed the encyclopedia was still being printed as late as 2010??
I have fond memories of pouring over the pages of Grandma's Britannica set when I was a kid. It's sad to see them go.
Wikipedia is great as long as you have electricity and internet access.
encyclopedias on the internet are not reliable. Why did they do this???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Erwin Ringor Don't be silly. The EB was not 100% reliable either and rather more difficult to correct than Wikipedia. What's best, a 'we know best' paternalistic system of 100 Britannica editors or the aggregated wisdom of the world?
Because just like snail mail - All of us abandoned them...
+Tim Luther Lewis Do you mean " what's best, a group of highly-educated experts who have devoted years to studying a subject, or a bunch of amateurs who don't know a damn thing except what they can find in secondary sources"

The aggregated wisdom of the world lives in the heads of those 100 paternalistic so and sos.
Wow, it was only a matter of time. Then again, it's 2012 so this might be the last printing anyways. So Get Rich or Die Mayan
We abandoned them because they were very expensive, took up too much space, had to wait for new issues and gave very limited information!!
sad news,.there is only one thing is authentic in the surrounding of where to search ........... if anyone have idea abt it share with us
+Erwin Ringor Britannica was not always accurate and through the 1920s and 1930s contained a lot of "anthropological" material that was both wrong and racists. Every encyclopaedia is as only good as its editors.
Would love to know if anyone here even owns the Encyclopedia Britannica!!
I had a 1976 (I think) set. I read it constantly when I was younger. End of an era, but these are new times.
I do, however they are being used for door stops ...
+Graeme Caldwell What makes you think that contributors to Wikipedia aren't experts in their field? The beauty of it is that if the world's foremost authority on quantum mechanics sees an error on a page regarding brane theory or some such thing, he can edit it or point out that there's an error or point of contention . It is unlikely that the Encyclopaedia Britannica could afford the time to either hire or consult an expert on every single nuanced facet of a subject, whereas Wikipedia can by virtue of being a non-profit, crowd sourced resource that is constantly improving. There are contentious entries but that's why the moderation and flagging system exists. I'd rather an encyclopaedia that informs me that a point might need citation or is contentious and works to improve than one that fustily insists on its own immutable superiority.

Perhaps it's the difference between those who feel knowledge is something to be poured in to the mind and then frozen in place and those that understand that the corpus of human knowledge is constantly in flux, refining, revising, arguing but usually converging on something closer to the truth. The likes of Wikipedia serve this purpose far better. IMHO. R.I.P. Encyclopaedia Britannica - it was my google as a child but I prefer today's way better.
Unbelievable, I was just talking about that today. I was mentioning that before you know it, they will stop printing the Encyclopedia Britannica. This is truly breaking news.
Oh how fucked up... Books gone the way of the dust... I loved the smell, the pictures, and finding out new things.. I would read them for fun..... Sad
I used to get excited to see the color pages or clear plastic pages .
I agree with Kirsten, the clear pages were the best! I would build forts and flip these pages as a child.
Who will never forget all homeworks accomplished with those
Using less of Earth's resources while maintaining our ability to enjoy this information sounds like a great idea to me.
Someone didn't read his email.
When things went bad a long time ago, my son sat and read the G encyclopedia -- it gave him comfort and eased his mind. Sorry to see the written/printed word dissolve away into the Internet!!
OMG, i feel so sad somehow.. i remember i have the whole set at home... i have so many memories of it...
The first 'job' I had was selling ... or more correctly ... TRYING to sell Encyclopaedia Britannica from door-to-door!
How sad! We grew up using them and the children today probably have no clue how to even use them with the internet and all. :(
I feel like this is a good move on Britannica's part. People want selective information fast and digital content is a step in the right direction.
Spent a lot of hours as a kid using those.
+Tim Luther Lewis , the good of Wikipedia is also it's bad thing!

It's open to everyone and anyone can change something in there, making the information incorrect!
I know that because sometime ago I went to see some information about +Yamaha Motor Europe (when I was writing an article for +Motos&Destinos) and someone had changed the name of Yamaha's founder to one cartoon name... can't remember the name they used and I corrected it.

Wikipédia is awesome but we need to do more than a double check, cause if you search something around there, probably it is based on Wikipedia and if it's wrong in one place, it could be wrong in all of them. ;)
We couldn't afford Brittanica, and my mom collected a full set of Funk and Wagnell's from the grocery store.
+Julie Fraulin I sure hope my children will learn how to read an index, even if they don't have a reason to experience things (like payphones) that technology is phasing out. I think that since we have a couple encyclopedia sets, they might still get a little more use, even if it isn't for school. There will be things that never go to the wayside, like teaching our children how to grow vegetable gardens...some people don't do that, but I think it's a family thing.
I believe that Britanica should print on demand. That is print only whrn an individual orders a set. I did not know it was still in print. I would have ordered a set long ago.
Good for them for adapting to technology rather than fighting it every inch of the way. The funny thing is, I remember using their very early digital version but I don't really remember using their print versions, even though I'm in the print nostalgia generation.
Bookworm is the term and that is what I am. I prefer the written word but in this day and time I can not trust the news to deliver the truth so I tely on the internet for that.
i remember how i burned my book case to the ground because of it
From age 10-12, I read though the entire encyclopaedia, then as an adult I worked for them, in their direct-mail phase, selling subscribers other 'stuff.' Not a pleasant place to work, but my job was fun, writing. Most of the EB people were stuffy bores, but I loved the EB as a kid.
+Fábio Pereira I'm aware there's vandalism, that's the unfortunate side effect of being open and democratic. Given that vandalism is usually quickly spotted and the vandals blocked, it works pretty well.
we will get their compendium set in a few sci-fi movies we have all likely seen
A tinge of regret for the loss of a cultural icon in libraries is infinitely compensated for by the progressive move. People still haven't figured out that cost of paper over 2 years is easily higher than giving everyone a iPad/Tablet every 2 years.
"44,000,000 words of text."

Back then, this was a selling point
Encyclopedia should have digitalized to survive modern days!!!
Sad. I remember my parents having a set for us. Well, sign of the times. Save a few thousand trees and all that, blah blah. I wish that I could get the set.
Yes, if the collapse of civilization were to occur, all this digital content is going to simply evaporate. I'd like a few of our better works preserved physically.
Now if the Yellow Pages would just stop printing...
Good riddance. Waste of precious natural resources.
how is this "BREAKING NEWS"
breaking news is a war, or a terrorist attack or a nuclear meltdown
not this....
who cares about a encyclopedia when you can just look it up online
I agree. And I guess that means I go to a different brand. I am a book person, my children will learn to look up things in books and on-line! So, I guess they won't be getting their info from them off or ON-LINE!
:( At my reference desk, I see patrons daily (young and old) walking past the computers to get to the sets of Encyclopedia Britannica and World Book. I think print encyclopedias still have a place in the world.
Grandparents won't be buying hardbound reference books as gifts for their grandchildren - now it will be delivered instantly on demand to their iPads and Kindles and Android tablets via "the cloud". On the good side (unless you're in the first aid business), that's a few thousand fewer paper cuts each year. :)
Well Remy... go to a second hand store... Salvation Army, etc. and find one... they all have them... and a lot cheaper than buying new.
I'm surprised that they're ending production now instead of five or six years earlier...
Between the Kindle and death of print Encyclopedias, the trophy bookshelf is a thing of the past.
It's because the information they fed you is false. It's time we all wake up and stop looking at the world through rose colored glasses. Peace & Love to all.
Wow, does this mean the end of those irritating salesmen too? Now that would be worth celebrating!
Really? Has encyclopedia salesmen been a real problem?
The first set of books I ever bought at an auction was a set of these. The first regular customer I ever had bought them. They will always be special to me.
Killed by the Internet
Yep. I'm sure they'll go out of business if they don't find something to write about soon.
It's so unfortunate that our paper is now becoming extinct... no more newspapers or books. Evolution is good but....
They are evolving- they're focusing on the digital side of things, not going bankrupt!
the joke is on the world, if we ever have a world shattering event and have no power then what.....all knowledge lost, its very unlikely to happen, but still we live in a world that power failure means your sitting in a room full of stuff that needs power, better have solar.........
This is all an ad blitz to try and get people to buy the final printing of their encyclopedias. How many schmucks will buy them thinking they will be a collector's item?
I can't believe it took them this long to stop!!
Yes, of course, everyone uses digital content now. HOWEVER, unlike traditional content, it must have an electrical powered computation device to read it. This is a serious thing. Would you store precious documents, such as an encyclopedia of the accumulated knowledge of mankind, on ONLY digital content? The changes of it being lost in a civilization threatening moment (which DO occur, naturally) are much greater when stored digitally. I would prefer the encyclopedia be printed millions of times over.
Just like all technology paper had it's time, just like records, floppy disks and other media the next form is here
One wonders, if when this civilization collapses, what will be left for future archeologists to study. A lot of what makes up modern life is very ephemeral.
Hummm yo tenia una para la ayuda en la escuela..humm recuerdos.
When I was young, more years ago than I care to remember, buying a set of encyclopedias was fairly common, and the Britannica was the gold standard. Now it's obsolete, to be replaced by a download from the cloud or maybe a DVD. That seems a bit weird to me. Sometimes I think progress is progressing too fast.
"look it up" has a completely different meaning now, doesn't it?
wait until a solar flare, EMP, or environmentalists take away coal, natural gas, hydro-electric, and nuclear power and we will go back to these books. Unfortunately kids these days all think Wikipedia is a real encyclopedia source.
this is sad :( i still dig books... you can experience paradise and universe with books than digital stuff.
I have such great childhood memories of leafing through physical encyclopedia volumes. This makes me kind of sad :(
One begins to wonder about the security of our amassed knowledge for the future generations. One decent EMP event and all the digital information is essentially useless to us. I for one hope that these companies/organizations are taking measures to preserve some of it in printed format "just in case" - just my 2c 
WOW!! They were the place we went to research when I was in elementary school - it is the end of an era.
Great, lot of trees will save, even if they print what is use, present and future generation habit is only computer dependents. I have 50 book volume. My both sons never touch. They google for any thing. Good dissision. Narender
paper collections henceforth becomes a heritage. Than GOD..
+David Greene I feel the same way. I strongly oppose this.

Sad, sad, sad. Really terrible decision, and one that I think they'll end up regretting.
Encyclopedias SOLD!!!!! (wife knows everything....) :))
That depends on your age, many of us old foggies can't use the electronics of the digital era. Memory is a problem all be it at differing ages
This is a big mistake, What our we suppose to do however many years from now when we don't have electricity and society is going only know what happened from 2010 and earlier. <I know it's a stretch but you get what I'm saying.
i remember having tons of this at home it really helps me with my study, there is a positive effect of upgrading encyclopedia to digital, can't wait.
Sad to hear about this o remember writing my reports with them, and now everything wants to go digital or a app for your phone #smdh
Lol you know the world is ending when this shit happens! Lol...
It make me think about my childhood so sad
Wow that's the way of technology, when ever I needed to know something my parents would always say look it up in the Encyclopaedia I guess you could say that i grew up in those books along National Geographic "u know what I mean Guy's". Good nite all ;>)
Books are dying. E-reading is the only path.
is that a air condishonor,i spelled condiconor
you need not worry coz your childhood is somewhere else you need to find and then care...with lots of energy and excitements and encouragements in a right path. :) you can share with problem at all.. good luck friend :)
this is the britannica's way of boycotting SOPA right?
It is funny to read some of the comments here concerning we can't access the encyclopedia when there is no Internet or no power. I think you'll find no reason to own all the volumes. As you can power up your tablet with the sun in these days.
Geoff S
Having so much information at our fingertips has made it disposable. Ecologically & economically, I understand their motivations - but I can't help but feel that something important is about to end. It's rather sad that instead of reading entire books dedicated to a subject, we flock to Google for abbreviated answers.
Oh how many here would want to make room for that old set of encyclopaedia from 1989?
well being from the modern generation, i understand the economic values BUT come on! WTF is this?! it's ok for a lot of things to not get printed on paper but somethings should just remain tradfition cuz i'm gonna miss many books in the near future DESPITE the fact i'm a technophile. and in about a 100 years i'm gonna miss taking in my own breath as i'm covered in symbiotic armor which does everything for me.
Crap..and I only had another 134 payments left..
me even if I'm only 13 but i wont to know how many words are in there
I agree Geoff. That and in my childhood my set of Encyclopedia Britannica were almost like magical tomes, taking me to far away places to learn about people long dead and forgotten.
To all those who think paper for print still has a place in the world :
I have nothing against paper print per se. But I'm sorry, we put too much carbon dioxide out there and too many natural systems got screwed up and now it's time to take these kinds of decisions to balance the scale.
And not that digital devices don't have a footprint, but experience tells us that number of digital devices are on the rise irrespective of paper use. We can't have our cake and eat it too. Might as well use the resources we have more efficiently.
Geoff S
+Toby Holcomb I'm in the process if digging up my 1985 set now! As sad as this news is, it's a great excuse to get reacquainted with some old friends. :)
Philip Pelky - libraries do an admirable job at keeping archives of our books, however if all goes digital then even libraries may go by the wayside soon too. So long as some hard copies are produced for these archives merely as a form of protecting/backing up our tomes of knowledge. I personally love the freedom of access in the digital arena, all I ask is that someone looks out for our future generations as none of us know what lies in wait in the future. At least we will have a fallback position to books if it all turns to cr*p and some smart sod pushes a big red button or mother nature throws us a curve ball :))
i don't doubt this because now you have Wikipedia which is the encyclopedia of the internet
Ahmed R
So sad to hear! But i guess be technology must replace time in time out! So now paper is replaced by the digital version! All in all as a kid i really enjoyed the encyclopaedia! And i really <3 it!
Sad, These were an institution in our house! These and Mee's Childrens Encycolopaedia.
Bout time. In the light of open information via the Internet, it turns out much of the info in those encyclopedias was flawed or flat-out wrong.
End of an era, for sure. Grew up using those books!
Funny. All the people who who are so opposed, when was the last time you purchased a set of encyclopedias? Your parents or grandparents don't count. If they're going to print them, someone has to buy the things for them to stay in business. Ever price a set of those bad boys?
Catfish have whiskers , if u look closely this one doesn't
This day was long in coming but wow I can't believe its here so quickly.
I love technology,however, we need a back up plan.
I'm sad about this. I have the digital version on my laptop, but I grew up reading & doing reports with the help of these encyclopedias.
Wikipedia should buy them out and port all the info to the web
i still like real books; I bet one day my kids will ask me why google books makes the page look bendy when they flip pages
It'll be back after world governments fully get their hands on the internet and censor everything, including Wikipedia articles that are too truthful for their taste.
Are you saying libraries are next?

Wait, what’s a library?
Damn I remember back then when all my research papers where done with these encyclopedias. Sad to see these go :(
Back in the day before the internet, my friends and I would head to the library and look up our topics for book reports on the encyclopedia, the end of an era.
no paperless! it helps a lot-so sad
Overtaken by Wikipedia. Nothing lasts forever.
But at least we got to experience these encyclopedias when we were younger.
:'( good time... Thank you... I wrote awesome reports and essays. Thank you
Why is this sad? They haven't gone out of business- they just stopped killing trees.
And for all those people who are worried about the end of electricity and the Internet...the only way that's happening without a progression to a new medium is cataclysm, and that will likely result in the paper going too. Or are you worried about a couple of hours/days?
If you're really worried, go online and print it yourself.

I still have the set we bought in 1993 .. they are taking up space :( but I just don't have the heart to give/throw them away
These weren't mass produced like your trashy NY Times bestsellers...
Unfortunately even its digital encyclopedia will not survive when you have something like wikipedia that's widely available and free.
Reading a digital copy does not provide the same experience
I picked the expanded set in 2000, haven't unsealed most volumes...used the library version for years, which one can get at sales for a hundred bucks, sometimes. Beautifully bound, solid collection worth endless hours of research on every imaginable intellectual construction, theory, science, history (add Durants' histories) or criticism. Mine was almost a grand with shipping...wonder how much the 2010 is going for....?
This saddens me immensely! It's not just the end of an era, so to speak, but also shines a light on the future of virtually all printed/bound books & documents. I recognize the value of digital/electronic data, etc, and rely upon it daily; however, I already miss the whole experience of picking up & reading a good book. Books will ultimately go the way of the LP, and those that remain will be on collectors shelves or will languish in dusty flea market booths. I will miss the look of books lined up neatly on case upon case in the library, I'll miss the feel of turning a page, the smell of the paper, I'll miss being immersed in the whole experience of reading from a book that readers & tablets just can't replicate. **Sigh**
In fact...I should use my tax rebate this year, maybe, and get the last year's edition...I don't think they expanded it since the 2000 edition when modern social science n fiction were added...which I liked over the former, stodgy press one can get in single volumes or small topical collections for reasonable acquaintance...easier to give away or trade such gems.
I don't understand peoples opposition to no more printed versions of Encyclopedia Britannica. I applaud EB's foresight to embrace the digital age, which more companies should do. The nostalgia of taking a book off the shelf and smelling the pages like you did when you were at school is not a sound reason to keep printing the books. And to those that say we'll be sorry when a solar flare bends Earth's magnetic field and knocks out all electronics and power, I don't believe reading EB will be high on your priority list.
Even before the interwebs, the EB found little use beyond improvised booster seats for the vertically challenged among our family - mostly the younger of my siblings and cousins. Coming from a family of alphabet soup types, my siblings and I were encouraged to only use EB a starting point for our research into whatever topic we wished to explore, or were required to report upon for school. It was considered more acceptable to interview one or more professors from the university, a curator or two from the museum, or even to watch an artist at work than to use any information directly obtained from a reading of the EB.

My grandmother, a former school teacher, once said,"You'll learn more from standing upon a stack of encyclopedias in front of a card catalog, than you will ever learn from reading them." Before her death she saw the writing on the wall regarding print media and computers. She didn't know about the internet, networking was still on the drawing boards within DARPA, but she understood the American drive to use and dominate the latest and greatest in technology.

EB, your bound pages will be sorely missed...well not so sorely, but then I still find myself vertically challenged sometimes....
My grandmother used to sell World Book encyclopedia's when I was a kid.
I love my encyclopedias- I like turning pages of a book, highlighting, and well, just holding them. I've made my kids use the encyclopedia for projects. 
That sucks. At least theyre not going under, just changing format.
this is not good just when reading books was getting cool again
There is always a safety in books as digital sometimes fails
So many are so nostalgic about the loss is such an archaic method of obtaining out of date information. How long has it been since you've actually read an encyclopedia? Not exactly the picture of reliable information. At least Wikipedia gives sources if gleaned info. 
It's too slow to keep up with mass communication, if you want a laugh look at the very first edition, what we thought we knew is quite interesting
This truly is a sign of changing times, that's for sure.
It can't happen soon enough, I'll be the one of the first people to purchase the electronic versions
waste of paper get on line and update. people us there smart phones to find out what they need to know. trees produce air the thing we breath!
Sad but I can understand, although there is something about having a tangible book in hand.
It is sad indeed. It's a different feeling holding a copy of Encyclopaedia Britannica in your own hand and turning over its pages.
i'll say it once: collector's items in personal libraries. ready go... extreme prices on ebay, grown-up hipsters,...
well, while i still enjoy the feel of a well bound book, im glad. they were usually outdated before you ever got the set paid off,"back in the day" lol, you got them in installments, by the time i got mine paid off as a kid we had landed on the moon, and the "new" set had the info.
So much trees saved! Although I did love looking through our multi-volume encyclopedia as a kid.
This is terrible. How am i supposed to impress my friends now.?
Wish they would do that with Yellow Pages instead. So annoying! 
Sad but I guess this is a sign of the times. The internet has made stuff like this obsolete.
Sad news but inevitable... We had a set when I was growing up.. Used them all the time.
Oh no . This is really bad for short people- i used to stand on mine to reach biscuits on shelf. Or have used them to replace leg on my bed
Uhh. Shucks! I used to depend on it a lot for research when the internet was not available yet.
Now would be the time 4 me to invest in the last edition cause it will be worth some serious cash. I'm probably too old, but my sons could take advantage of it.
Seriously people if civilization ended tomorrow and we no longer had access to electricity, we would still be screwed with paper books. Most people don't know how to forge metal, make paper, create ink, build houses etc... without electric power either. How many people know how to make a candle from scratch and gather the materials to do so?

If we lose power tomorrow, we are screwed anyway.

Moving to ebooks is a good thing. It makes updating content cheap and easy. It increases the amount of information we have access too at the touch of a finger, and allows for many easy to duplicate copies. If everyone has little tablets that have 1,000 of e books on it, just ONE surviving ereader could have more books on it than an entire library of paper books.

Paper books are bad for the environment and EXPENSIVE. The printed encyclopedia is $1,395.00! The DVD of it is $40. A tablet computer is about $500. So an iPad version + a $500 iPad, and it is still less than 1/2 the cost of the paper one.

BTW wikipedia used to be available as an ebook device...
Breaking news: Encyclopedia Brittanica realises it overslept and became irrelevant... the rest of the world yawns.
I was surprised hard copies lasted this long, but heard from a couple different people concern historical events descriptions could be altered if there aren't hard copies in circulation.
In need of an iPhone app perhaps?
Worst idea ever. They shall release a printed version for each library around the world. We are relying too much on digital contents.
oh, i don't know...shouldn't they print just a few copies ... for the sake of later... like when we redo evolution?
I think this is a sad fact of our new way of life. Now people are really going to think that everything on the internet is truth or fact.
+Jim Borino Jr What?! You mean everything I read on the internet isn't true?!? OMG! I've got to rethink my life, lol.
OMFG! Such a mistake! People in the future won't be able to access our history like we access the history of people before us!
We actually do have limited access to the history of our forefathers, mostly preserved in stone. That's a good point actually -- paper is hardly better in the long term ;o. Though if there was a sudden cataclysm, maybe paper would survive a lot longer, and have the possibility to be transferred to more stable media. I personally like those Georgia Guidestones some strange guy built, lol.
Will certainly miss the smell of these wonderful books for sure!
Dude I used to hate it when 5th grade teachers won't let us use the encyclopedia as a resource. I was 10, do you expect me to understand primary scientific literature at that age? I love encyclopedias.
and it only took Wikipedia 11 years to take over.
It is a shame that our future children won't know what an encyclopaedia is :(
Good-bye paper books... you made it so much more expensive and time consuming to re-write history or fudging published scientific test results than clicking an edit button... we will miss thee but not thy weight and volume!
Technology is replacing paper, yet in some ways that is a very good thing!
In other news, Wikipedia will be availble in print. ;-) I wonber if there are enough trees left to do that.

Long live the OED.
Sad news. Lucky to own one of these sets..
It's about time. I wonder how many trees were sacrificed to print Britannica for all these years.
Good move. saves a lot of trees. But they should continue printing a few copies for collectors.
In other news the local blacksmiths and daguerreotypists, are celebrating the new penny-arcade on main street. One respected plutocrat was heard to pronounce, "bully!"
I have heard of books (wow they look OLD)
Ever since those Kindles and Tablets came out I knew something like this would happen.
+VINCERE VEL MORI - McClain you're comment about computers costing so much that people can't afford them simply doesn't make sense. My son bought his first laptop, with his own money, this week for US$500 that's roughly US$900 less than the final print edition,which is out of date before it goes to the presses. I think your comparison falls flat, especially since that edition is the 2010 edition. I would like to see Britannica continue in other media editions, say DVD or bluray, but time will tell.
Ah, for all you people longing for a full set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica... they are yours for anything from under $20.00 up to one that is dreadfully overpriced at $2,000.00... Just go to ABEbooks and put in the name and 'full set'... you may have to add in extra for the postage, but they are there for you to buy if you miss them so much. And all the yearly ones are there also. Yoou might even find a set sitting in your hometown Salvation Army or other second hand store... go look.
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