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Syria's Assad reportedly may be offered clemency by Britain and US if he joins peace talks

+The Guardian reports that Britain and America are willing to offer the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, safe passage – and even clemency – as part of a diplomatic push to convene a UN-sponsored conference in Geneva on political transition in Syria.

The initiative comes after David Cameron and Barack Obama received encouragement from Russia's President Vladimir Putin in separate bilateral talks at the G20 in Mexico.

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Photo: President Bashar al-Assad (+The Associated Press)
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He and his father before him are our agents, we used them and they used us, and the people of Syria are paying the price in their blood and life.
How do you think the Syrians are going to respond to this brilliant idea...  (smh) 
Maybe they found oil, or some rare earth metal...
They have close by off Azerbaijan.... OIL...Russia is making a play for it right now. Iran discovered it which just makes it more festive doesn't it...
It is our doing...and we are already involved!!!
Someday the Middle East and Africa is going to have to take responsibility for some of it's problems or this will be an endless cycle... The Arab Spring has so far proved to be a means to yet further chaos and not a solution. People want the West to intervene when it's convenient yet intervention once started then turns into "occupation". The absolute inability for the Middle East and Africa to handle their own affairs is what leads to these untenable situations. 
 Chegou A Hora de Árabe, Judeu, muçulmano, Cristão e Tribos Viver nd paz, ESSE povo briga DESDE Que O Mundo Mundo e, Coisa chata e triste; Acaba com ESSE Ódio logotipo tolo. E o ocidente DEVE ajudar não para Que Possível, precisamos pingos mAs resolvedor OS Aqui assassinatos do Nosso Lado, principalmente no Brasil.
The so called Arab Spring is way over due. We push for democracy in Eastern Europe when the Soviet Union was around. In South America went more democratic in spite of us. We installed our agent from Nasser in Egypt in 1952 until Gaddafi in 1969. Now we are try hard to control the so called Arab Spring by our agents all over again.
Is there democracy in Russia? Russians are finally seeing that Putin was merely using democracy to get to his goal of a return to the Soviet Union... democracy is being used in the same way in the Middle East, you are trading one despicable dictator for another. 
It is a new experience in Russia after almost a 1000 years of misery between the czars to the communist.
How about the dead he had ordered to kill? He can get out of this?
ohhh, how dear, he will be offered clemency, after all what he did? nothing, just he bombed his own country the BASTARD.
moreover, that's what all politics are, ACCOMPLICES. They don't care of justice, they care their own interest. Down with US and UK. Puah.
Then all they have to do is name a prison cell 'Clemency' and a firing-squad 'Safe Passage' and the problem will be solved.
Removing Al Saad from power should not be  forcious or struggle of the Arms , let Al Saad be removed by democratic means observed by the UN Nations through the ballots, not the bullets , let us give him the Ivory Coast caricature .
 If he fails then force will be expedient even in the eyes of his backers ,the spectators ,the world over and by Nature. 
A ruthless low man that will do whatever it takes to be in power... Looks like corrupt war criminals of the world all have each others backs.... 

This is nothing but a political trade off. So many people died and so many are dying; finally, peace steps in according to the agreement between the super powers and of course, the guilty ones get away leaving people to get involved in another fuck up, wake up Middle East, before you are fucked up beyond repair; use your fucking God given mind, instead of allowing some mother fuckers taking advantage of your religion just to fulfill thier own ego.
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