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Missouri Walmart evacuated as police investigate 'active meth lab' inside store

+St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that a local +Walmart has been evacuated as police and firefighters investigate an "active meth lab" inside the store.

The store was open and full of customers when it was cleared after employees and then police discovered the possible hazardous situation involving the substances used to make methamphetamine, St. Louis County police Lt. Mark Cox said.

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I believe this isn't the first time they've found a meth lab in a Walmart, is it?
Are their prices better than on the street?
Seth Kahn
Given what they pay their employees, I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. 
Now I see why some of those Walmart workers could not wait to go to sure wasn't the wages :-)
LMAO seriously?

Attention Walmart Customers, on aisle 9 we are having a special on homecooked meth! Come get some of the fresh batch!!!
This is news? Not surprised at all. You've been to Walmart, right?
Move along, nothing to see here....

"Police say a "meth lab" was found in the purse of a woman spotted shoplifting."
Walmart will put all meth labs out of business :-)
Walmart could definitely by the ingredients waaaaay cheaper than anyone else
glad I moved to Texas last year....
I wonder if you could put it on your walmart credit card??
+Laftur Jeremy lady probably only had a small round bottom flask...  I needed to get sudafed yesterday and needed to show ID and they limit how much you can buy (starting material for meth) so she was probably cooking for herself.
well considering you can make ghetto meth in a soda bottle nowadays, wouldn't be surprising to find a shoplifter with a bottle of meth cooking away. like the reactions of substances, the users of meth ARE NOT the most stable.
I'm surprised they are using American made products. 
I think this is one of the more weird stories I've ever read.
This fucking article is so goddamn old! FFS!
This is too funny. I bet an employee got inspired after watching Breaking Bad. 
Roll back prices. No wonder there open 24 hours a day
With one register open out of twenty, I'd rather take my chances in the streets.
Roll back prices. No wonder there open 24 hours a day
i'm guessing we should start shopping at Target now
May explain why we are no longer considered the fattest state!
I'm almost surprised it wasn't a manager.
What a smart thing if u think about it. Walmart smells bad to begin with great cover up.
Wtf Walmart seriously lol
Wow that's just amazing I pray that this epidemic (meth)will one day be a memory like I don't know what ever has come and gone in this life time. I'm just saying
Did you actually read the article? The Walmart store was not involved in any way in the production of the meth!  It was only found - by chance - on a shoplifter.
And you thought your Wal-Mart was a "Super Wal-Mart"!  What will they think of next?
Dane M.
Lower prices on meth everyday!
Come on, just go with the 20 oz. sports drink like everyone else!
That $4 prescription thing is getting out o hand! 
That's how they keep their other prices so low. I always wondered
Attention Wal-Mart shoppers... Tonight only... two-for-one special on all Meth products - at isle 6
Dane M.
Great for the localvore meth addict on a tight budget.  I bet they have great deals on bath salts and face as well.
And no one saw this? "Hey kids go get some of that stuff, it looks good."
"Ok dad."
Truly Walmart has become your one stop shop. I mean it's not enough to kill small businesses off but attacking the drug dealers is a whole mother game. 
Blake B
This explains everything!
Cool! If you Block people's profiles you don't even see their annoying gibberish and very lengthy nonsensical posts! 
Ok, WM had to do something. People were complaining about not being able to buy from Local farmers😜
Dealers are boycotting walmart across the nation.  Buy local folks!
i just thought, i could use to go to walmart. what isle is that ?
You mean the pharmacy??? Lolololololololol
I don't know why this makes me laugh, but it does.  Maybe it's just too crazy for me to process.
Why do people have to do to such a destructive means just to get high??  I just don't get it?
ATTENTION Walmart shoppers just for tonight  all Meth products are NOT on sale!!! I repeat all  METH products ARE NOT ON SALE!! until tomorrow night... LMAO....I Know  is not HILARIOUS :)
Just one more thing to add to the list of stuff you can get away with doing in a Walmart...
even though it wasn't found in walmart it's still funny. dude guys calm down
Is it bad that I read that like it was normal? Like a, "huh don't know how that's news."
Was it near the Pharmacy or back in the Sporting Goods section?
Cas B.
HOLY SCHIZZLE! What the hay...?
Under this economy.. Why not?!
Six fresh eggs and six fresh meths, please!?
A mere stunt to promote the upcoming season of Breaking Bad, lol
Adam P
The drug war will be won any day now... way, amazing. yeh Adam, very soon it will be won
I thought they only had meth heads ? But a lab? Damn!!! Lol
Wow Walmart is putting meth dealers out of work. They're not playin around.
Don't always trust what they said., It's bath salts for sure. They were trying to start the #zombieapocolypse !!
i new there was something  wrong with Walmart!!!
Leo T
Hillbilly shenanigans...
Sounds like an episode of Breaking Bad.
We've all seen the "People of Walmart" pictures. So does this really come as a surprise to anyone?
i guess there were too many prices and values
shit wheres the manager
manager refuses so they make an active meth lab instead
now just as long as i can also get my bath salts there , it'd be some one stop shopping.
well a 7full moon s ago did they robot find ice n water on orbit landing lake bed crystal ,some mite say space lab, n who spaying thm clouds with an auctive s sulfites to forced rain maker expairment reason leavs a resdrew voice..O:-)
I cannot figure out why they dont ban the manufacture of Ephedrine. Then the whole meth problem would cease to exist.
Do they price match with street dealers?
Pretty soon, there will be a portable meth lab inside every dollar.
No, dollar bill. You know, the facilities that are so popular for storing cocaine.
Wonderful. Did they sell it in the same place? :))
Have you seen the youtube videos regarding Walmart customers?  Funny!
John P
Making money is a dirty buisness
You Yanks love the Meth, Fresno sez so
Stocks will be @ an all time highest for Wal-Mart!!! Now it is ur one stop store!! You prob can put on layaway... Lol!! But for real glad no1 got hurt.
Matt S
You stay classy St. Louis!!
Meth role back special at Walmart
you know what you people are very interesting
Someone has been watching too much Breaking Bad.

People need to understand that TV is not REALITY
Just to get high.....? Fools gonna be doing some time in the Bing for that 1.
For those unfamiliar with that area, the location is a good neighborhood.  But still, it's WalMart, so no surprise.
I wonder if they offered Low Prices...Everyday?
A woman detained for shoplifting was found to have a bottle of meth brewing in her purse, she was not employed there and did not start cooking the meth in the store. Bashing the store for something a customer did while there is like judging you for something someone might have done while at your garage sale.
It's Wal-Mart. Why am I not surprised?
Way to not risk flagging yourself by buying those ingredients, I guess. #dumbass
Wow, even where you buy groceries isn't safe now!
Can you say stereotyping? It's not Wal-Mart we are talking about, it's someone who was 'at' walmart. It's seems some folks want to make it like this was an employee doing this on a regular basis, it was a random customer who was in the store, I am sure they made other stops that day but it was the workers at walmart who paid attention because they are not the redneck dummies some people make them out to be. 
Chris S
Only a matter of time...
Wow I guess you really can't get anything at a walmart
So will they match another competitors advertised price for meth? 
The jury will disregard any opinions they may form about Missouri based on this information.
Well it's Walmart. They got real cheap stuff. Lol
They just refuse to be undersold in ANY market!
Wal-Mart undercuts all the small merchants because they can buy the biggest lots of everything-putting thousands of small businesses out of business. Then,to increase the profit margin even more they pay people who have no other options as little as the law allows.....meanwhile selling the public merchandise so poorly made that most items(including clothing & appliances) have to be thrown out within a few months of purchase. I don't do drugs-and once was enough re Wal-Mart !
So someone mixed right under their nose in the chemical department? Bunsen and all?...sure...
Probably having a "Blue Light Special" on Chemistry Sets & "The World of Science" Kits in the Toy Department, but the Walmart Folks forgot to put up a sign near the displays saying "NOT FOR USE ON PREMISES" so now the changing rooms, the rest rooms & the employee's break & lunch rooms are all "COOKIN"!!
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