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George Clooney arrested at protest outside Sudanese embassy in Washington
Washington, D.C., USA

+The Associated Press reports that actor George Clooney has been arrested at a protest at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington.

The protesters accuse Sudan's president, Omar al-Bashir, of provoking a humanitarian crisis and blocking food and aid from entering the Nuba Mountains in the county's border region with South Sudan.

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Photo: Pete Muller / +The Associated Press
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Oh George, why don't you and your ignorant follywood pseudo intellectuals go out and feed the homeless and starving in your own country!
+Corbett Cole I agree, without resorting to the name calling. It seems it is "fashionable" to take up causes for other countries (who may very well be in need), but overlook the needy within our own country. It would be nice for a change to see celebrities at a food bank or homeless shelter, or simply offering aid ($$) locally. Get our own house in order first.
According to "conservatives", there are already plenty of "safety nets" here in the US. There are more than enough churches in the US to take care of the poor and homeless, no? Are not the starving people in other countries human? Are they not worthy of help? What has +Corbett Cole and +Michael Geier done to help anyone but themselves, besides acting childish and ignorant on a public forum?
+Michael Geier , +Corbett Cole - who says he doesn't? Why can't we take up all the worthwhile causes? Who's to say that suddenly causes are mutually exclusive?

Clooney is a major charitable giver in the US as well as being interested in world events.

Then again, I suppose it's easier to tear someone down who's at least trying to do something than it is to get out there and do something positive yourself, amirite?
Clooney stands up for his beliefs.
Are we looking for this to be some big hype or media event? The man follows his conscience.
You got to respect a man that stand up and not just talk.
+C. E. Wyatt You couldn't have been more off the mark on your assessment. I am no conservative, nor am I against what he was symbolically arrested for. I also find it odd that caring more about your immediate neighbor than a global neighbor is deemed "childish and ignorant". Perhaps the issue is one of media attention on our own shores, but high unemployment and large percentages of the population below the poverty margin indicate there is more to be done here.
+Shannon Lane I wasn't tearing anyone down. Charitable works are a blessing and if anyone wants to help out at the St. Louis food bank, come on by. Perhaps you were taking my observation of the "apparent" lack of support a little too personally.
+Maryan Pelland - I don't think so (and I doubt he is), but, by the nature of his presence as a well-known entertainment figure, it will be.

Whether or not that, in itself, is a good thing? Who can say - but it will draw attention to what's going on, and I can't fault that, even if Mr. Clooney never intended to get arrested in the process.
We all act in the way we think best, pity we can't all agree on what that should be.
+Michael Geier - odd you should say that; I'm in St. Louis today, though my work with Alexian's about to take me back down to my own hometown again.

If you get a chance, drop me a private message? In all seriousness, I'm working with the Alexians on a food desert problem in Chattanooga, and I think what we're doing there may be applicable in more cities.

Strike that - /watch/ for a private message. I'll drop you my email. We should talk, if you're with the food bank.
Fight for what you believe George! 
There is nothing sacred anymore for the US Security Forces. Tomorrow we see the bald eagle in cuffs.
He can afford to sit there if HE chooses! My guess he won't be there long, unless again he chooses to be. The joys of being a millionaire! Yup sit in jail.

Our own country has a hunger crisis. America is becoming a third world country... Why don't celebs do something about that!?
I would argue that with a separation of church and state it's not realistic to demand that the church 'pick up the tab' to make sure that the needy are taken care of. Next, people are going to pick who they want to sponsor, and if everyone is equal, then who are we to state that someone isn't worthy of the attention compared to another? We as an individual must choose based on a lot of information- internal and external - where we wish to place our largest efforts.
They don't get my $! I'm too broke! LOL
so when they arranging protests for blocking humanitarian aid for Palestinian people in Gaza strip?
If it was true about Gaza then they would. Since its one big lie, only the fanatics who believe every single lie go and protest for that!
+Marcia m background checks dont state reasons it just says criminal history be careful
Smart guy.
George Clooney protesting somewhere? Meh - minor news.
George Clooney getting arrested while protesting? Major news!

Yes, Clooney and U.S. Rep. Jim Moran disobeyed the rules for protesting foreign embassies (and those rules are necessary), but he'll get a slap on the wrist (and properly so - the law breaking he did was extremely minor) and it brings lots of attention.

Smart guy.
wtf is wrong with everyone? Yes you have problems in the states with people starving but last time I checked it wasn't in the midst of a genecide. How do you have the face to sit there cosily and bitch about someone who's actually getting out there and doing something for people who are unable to help themselves. There are starving people the world over and a million charities already set up to address that issue. There is nothing at all to say that anyone involved in todays action have an exclusive interest in one situation. Before you bitch and whine about what George Clooney and others for any particular cause maybe you should be telling us about what you are doing that makes your moral high ground so much higher than everyone elses!
+Michael Geier Get off your high horse. Maybe Clooney and others feel there are already enough people working to help here in the US and that places like the Sudan are being under served? Maybe he already donates to US charities, you don't know. He is out helping people who he thinks best need his support. If you want to bitch about someone, how about bitching to people like Mitt Romney, who gave less than 2% of his earnings to charity (Hell, I'm living on disability income and I donated a bigger percentage than Romney!). Your whine here just makes you look pathetic.
i love George Clooney..I just cant believe that he got arrested!! I really dont think they had a really good reason to arrest him!!
Yes we have plenty of people in need in the U.S., but we are not killing them off - there is no ethnic cleansing going on where 1000s of people are getting killed, we're not forcing little children into the army or raping the women and girls. This is a very scary situation going on in the Sudan. I don't agree with Clooney's politics, but I applaud him for trying to make a difference in a country where no one else in the world seems to care what's going on with those people.
Slamming anyone for standing up for their beliefs and in this case raising awareness by adding a well branded name is ignorance in its simplest form. Regardless, I would guess Clooney is less concerned with what you and I say and more concerned with putting the stops to the liks of al-Bashir.
Mitt Romney gave and still gives FAR more than 2%. He consistently gives over 10%. If you give over 10% then you can talk. Check your facts B4 you "mouth off".
did he not get the kony2012 message?
I've personally been to Somalia, Kuwaite, Iraq,and Panama during some very rough times, I would not want to be in the Sudan right now. My hats off to MR Clooney, that is one brave BASTAARD!!!!!!!! The Sudan is about OIL, and Religion, if we stop the slaughter of lives over there, get it under controll, then the price of oil drops as well. If for any reason, stop the slaughter of the innocent for monetary reasons, this will help the 'poor' in America. One more thing, the poorest of the poor, here in the USA is far better off than the average Sudanese citizen.
He is way too pretty to go to jail. It could be a disaster of epic proportions. .... Wait. ... There's another movie in the making - I hereby copyright this idea.
Idiot child...we have enough problems at home that need to be solved..No troops sent to be killed pleeeeze
This has made me respect him a whole lot more
Be Careful of Freedom to Choose whom you want to support and does it mean your preference, your country or people, is changed...
+Jason Johnson Thanks for kind your words. Remember one thing,
We are all human beings and it doesn't matter where you live or how you live, we all "bleed red" and we all need a little help. Good for you Mr Clooney I applaud everything you and whom ever else helps their fellow man, woman and child.
you go George, they don't know the power of pride and fortitude of an American:O)
Mm - a brave guy - another Spartacus DG
What are the odds that the police beat and teargassed him unnecessarily?
Please Support Kony 2012 Watch and Share the Film On My Page xx
His government handler will have him out of prison quick enough. They found oil in Africa, they need to get it in the public's eye.
No, we should definitely get our own house in order first. Sudanese people shouldn't picket outside their embassy in a foreign country, they need to get their asses home, and be the difference that they want. It's like this whole Kony fad. Let's make a scene in the internet about how much we detest Kony, and we can delude ourselves into thinking that we've made a difference. We can hold up a sign in America, and feel like we are making a difference in Sudan. What a joke.
I agree with you Terry Dieringer .. I think if any of these comments did any traveling they would see what was really going on with the big picture. We are so completely disillusioned living the good life here in the USA.. Just go a few miles south to Mexico and you will get an eye opener. 6 year olds selling bubble gum in the street to survive? WTF That would never fly in this country. If I had money to burn like an a-list actor you better believe I would want to make a difference and do something.
Bravo George. Well done, We all must scream one voice to put the killer al Bashir on trial for committing a genocide, 1 million people killed and the fake hypocrite UN is silent.
Thanks George for standing up for human rights!
+1 to anytime a person stands up to tyranny! Remember people, we are all human, no matter our nationality. We all deserve to have a life free of oppression.
Thats how us Kentucky Boys ROLL!!! Gett'm george
Angelyn Davis, I disagree. We deserve what we earn. We have a right to that which we secure. We don't deserve the rewards of triumph, without first having triumphed. We don't deserve rights, freedoms, liberty, or strong leadership unless we have secured those things.
Respect to Mr. George Clooney!!!!
+Brent Jungclaus you are certainly entitled to your opinion! I don't think that people who are born into suffering should have to suffer alone simply because of their nationality. When we see an injustice in the world, it is up to us as fellow human beings to lend our strength to those in need if they ask for it, so that the world can be a more just place not just for those born into entitlement, but to those born.
Mil respetos a george clooney por creer y peliar por los derechos de la humanidad. Liberen a clooney liberalon.
When "so called" normal people are looking at the news that reflects "reality" they often forget that just that piece of news (like ALL news) has been edited!! - there will ALWAYS be a subjective angle to the news story. It generally means that as a reader or follower of news you only get some parts of what is going on and not the "full" truth.If you as a spectator wants to know more of what is going on "in the real" world I suggest you do as Mr. Clooney - YOU GO THERE and you INVESTIGATE what is going on behind the lenses of the cameras ..... GOOD LUCK!
I am sure that Mr. Clooney knows that people will judge him and telling him - stick to you job as being an actor. However - he is in a position where he can seek the "truth" without having it ruined by politics. Although I agree that his act itself act as a politic in it self....
Dittos. I also refuse to watch anymore movies from Hanks and the like. If Hollywood wants to walk down the slippery slope in hopes that Obama will make himself the self ruler of America and then let Hollywood do whatever they want, only more of it.

I guess more reading is in the book.
Mik M
Why doesn't this guy stand up for the millions of americans who are having to live in the ricjest country in the world? This action is to get the "celeb" followers to support US military action in Africa - trust me....its the usual M.O. of the Empire of USA
Alan, I'm sure he'll recover!!! It's for the Sudanese and how their president is treating them that he's protesting!
The two of you do realize that what you are talking about has nothing to do with the good that George is doing right? I respect you having your own opinion , but I simply do not understand your comments in this thread.
I agree. We need to solve our own problems first!
Hey guys! Guess what? If you ever achieve celebrity status you are no longer allowed to speak your mind or act on your conscience without consulting the Internet celebrity police first!
Publicity for his new movie, The Defendants.
Way to go george, walking into an unstable nation and join a protest!
+Brent Jungclaus So, by your logic, someone that is unable to fight for themselves, for any reason, doesn't deserve rights, freedom or liberty. So, a small child doesn't deserve freedom, because they cannot physically stand up for themselves. A disabled person, because he cannot get out of his wheelchair, doesn't deserve liberty.

In other words, if I can force my will upon another, they deserve what they get. Might makes right.

Wrong. Certain freedoms and rights are inherent to an individual, even if they are personally unable to defend their rights. That's when men and women of good conscience (and ability) stand with those people and defend their inherent rights from those that would take them away.

I think you should reexamine your position and your reasoning.
First off, I don't like of dislike Clooney. But no where in the article does it state this was a political move.
Second, I just ran a google search and he was voted one of the most charitable celebrities in the US and donates plenty of money and time here at home. I don't mind people hating for a reason, but hating to hate is just ignorant and it looks selfish. Do a little digging and get the full scoop before posting your opinions as facts. And one more thing...
Grow up.
Charity begins at home. George doesn't need all that money he has. "From each according to his ability." He can pass a lot more around to homeless and starving right here in the US. He can pass a lot of it to the Sudanese cause, too - instead of putting on a show by getting arrested. Put his money where his mouth is, as it were.
Did someone feel bad because he didn't come up with a great video concept, like Kony? Awww.;( How the heck do you get to a White House dinner then get arrested 2 days later for breaking the law? There is either a flaw in the selection list process or we should break the law more often to "test the system".
Good Job George . . . Keep up the Good Work!
It should also be noted that many of our day to day activities here, while legal, might be illegal in a number of other countries. Here in the states we have the right to a peaceful protest and freedom of speech. In several other countries, this means jail time or worse. We've got it easy, here.
+Michael Edwards explain what these inherent rights are specifically, and from where are they derived. I know you cannot, of course, but feel free to try. If you bothered to read my post, you would have noticed that my argument has a community-oriented message. A community should look after itself, to ensure and guarantee their rights. Might does make right most of the time, but across communities, not in an individualistic free-for-all. Some reading comprehension, and critical thinking would do wonders for you. As would the realization that natural rights do not exist.
I think what George did was a good thing.. you are right this would never have gotten the publicity it has if he hadn't gotten arrested. Pastor Rod Parsley, of World Harvest Church and the TV broadcast Breakthorugh, has been fighting for Sudan for years, made several trips to congress and key persons around Washington. It is a very hard place to be at the moment, and I hope that the spotlight from this event has opened more eyes. Now that being said, to all those people here talking about him going there.. unless there is something I dont know about. (entirely possible) this happened on US soil outside of the Sudan embassy. Just wanted to point that out.
If someone can get a message to Mr. Clooney ~ I have a Secure system of delivery, Point of reception tool~ He could use for disaster relief purposes . Please contact me ~ Thanks
+Michael Edwards Maybe so. I thought it went something like this:

_WASHINGTON (AP) - Actor George Clooney and his father have been arrested at a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington.

The protesters accuse Sudan's president, Omar al-Bashir, of provoking a humanitarian crisis and blocking food and aid from entering the Nuba Mountains in the county's border region with South Sudan.

Clooney, his father, Nick and others, including Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia and NAACP President Ben Jealous, were arrested after being warned three times not to cross a police line outside the embassy. They were handcuffed and placed into a U.S. Secret Service van.

Clooney said earlier that he hopes to draw more attention to the issue and that if action is not taken in the next three to four months "we're going to have a real humanitarian disaster."_, but I may be wrong.

Warned three times not to cross a police line. Ignored it. Get arrested. It was a show. Instead of protesting and putting on said show, he could easily pump money into efforts that would make a real difference. Had he been more of a showboat and gotten onto Embassy/Sudanese soil, he'd be at their mercy.

As for drawing attention, nobody needs to be arrested to draw attention to anything any more. We have the internet. Things go viral overnight.
GOOD...hope they lock him up and throw away the key George takin weed now?.he's a pussy aint he.cocksucker!
+Brent Jungclaus
You've asked a deep philosophical question, but that doesn't mean there aren't answers. Humans have intelligence. Any intelligent creature has the ability of self-determination.

In essence, inherent rights are those that an individual claims for himself and that are universally recognized. To counter your argument, I only need to find one inherent right. Therefore, unless you can show that the majority of humans do not believe that they have the right to live and breathe, then that is an example of an 'inherent right'.

The existence of laws that clarify and protect rights is crucial. For example, the U.S. Constitution does not 'grant' rights to anyone. It 'recognizes and agrees to protect' the rights that already existed.

Additionally, the ability of an individual to act in an oppressive manner to another person doesn't mean there are no inherent rights. It just means those rights are being ignored. For example, I have the inherent right to free thought. Others can attempt to take that away from me, but my mind is still my own.

Finally, stop being such a pompous ass. I addressed a single aspect of your comment in order to engage in discussion. The fact that I demonstrated a flaw in your commentary indicates critical thinking. If you want to have a discussion, fine. Keep the personal attacks out of it. Show me at what point in my comment to you that I insulted you. All I did was challenge your position. The fact that you felt the need to reply with insults is laughable.
This just going too get him laid motrin cuz now women think he's a bad assist lol
this guy gets more tail than pin the donkey, times 10
Thanks Clooney for bringing attention to a much deserved cause that's been going on for years!!! For those in his own country that need help, they know where to find it and they aren't being threatened with losing their lives!! Those people are and their choice isn't even theirs anymore!!
+Terry Dieringer i served 21 yrs in marines corp and i know what it like there and it so ain't place to be in. Hoo-rah
By the way Sudan is fucked. 
+greg forte Okay, not that I'm disputing this claim, but it seems odd that a retired Marine that is at least in his late 30s, possibly even older, would not only have such atrocious spelling, but also misspell the words Marine Corps.
If you're telling the truth, thanks for your service, leatherneck.
If not (and forgive me, I've seen far too many 'poseurs' online claiming the title that I earned), then you need to stop. It's an insult to everyone that's ever worn the uniform.
I just recently read a news story about Prince Harry & Prince William. They said that they just wanted to be normal, but they realized that they were stupidly-insanely lucky to be in their position, but that ALSO meant they were required to use their power for good. Call it Spider-Man syndrome. With great power, comes a great responsibility. I don't care if it's "fashionable" or not - the point is, George Clooney's doing some worth fighting for.
I am sure he just went to the station to sign autographs.Nobody can harm a heir on George Clooney's devastatingly handsome head.
My mom has been the director for the country of South Sudan for the IRC for the past two years. She lives close by in the capital of Juba. I know that she appreciates his efforts to bring publicity to the plight of the people in this region. They have suffered through 20 years of civil war. They have very limted infrastructure. It is a brand new country with only a 5% literacy rate. Kudos, George!
I think it's good that he got arrested. It means more media coverage for the cause. Good man!
I agree with Michael Geier.We do need to get our own where we are okay before helping others.It takes away from people here that need it that are homeless.
Who is George Clooney and what does he do?
George, you seem to be thinking. I understand wanting to open the eyes of our leaders.
Yeah that's hot alright! : )
Fight the power Mr. Clooney! I salute you ; )
No.1 in the whats hot list until the Jason Russell wanking story really goes viral, outstripping Kony 2012. Get ready for the parodies...
+Michael Edwards you still failed to demonstrate exactly what those rights are, or how we have them. You inaccurately addressed an issue in my post, And never demonstrated how I was wrong except by stating a contrary opinion.

Simply because we can make up rights, and give them out, that does not all mean that they are natural rights - it means we are being given those rights from an outside source, in this case, the government.
i cant understand y he involve in other nations issus !!!
He's in actor! Who cares! Let's get someone who really means something in society fighting for a cause.
Im pretty sure George Clooney is helping here in the U.S. too but you wont hear about it because he didnt get arrested here so is not really important. He was helping people in another country and im pretty sure nobody knew about it, but what happened? he got arrested so now everybody knows about it. So quit your whining and if you dont like him helping out other countries and not the U.S. than you all should step up and help here in the U.S. because whining/complaining/judging is not going to get you nor the people in need anywhere it just makes you a dick/ass/idiot/jerk so congratulation people you made it. :)
If this doesn't show that some entertainers do care about the world we all share, I don't know what will. For all I know this could be a publicity stunt but it is for a good cause. Free George...
+Craig Verebély You said "Meanwhile your President is the leader of the most humanitarian movement.. The United Nations." However, our President is not the leader of the United Nations. In 2011, Nassir Al-Nasser of Qatar was elected to the position. The President of the United States has never held the position, and apparently will never hold it. "The presidency rotates annually between the five geographic groups: African, Asian, Eastern European, Latin American and Caribbean, and Western European and other States." The United States is not mentioned in the list. To use your own words, "Haha you can't even get that right, we're doomed as a country."
I respect him more for doing more than just talking. George has consistently shown that this cause is more than than publicity to him. It's something that he is truly passionate about and to be arrested for the sake of such a cause is the thing that separates the truly passionate from those who just want to feel special about themselves for doing a "good deed". Good on you George.
I hope he has money to bail out. I don't think they take Visa.
I watched his interview so brave & such a good cause keep up the good work.
Now THAT's using your celebrity for a cause. I don't know that much about it but that's a passion I can respect...and Now I'm going to go read about it.
+J Yaeger nicely said, bud. Most of what I'm reading here is too many opinions with too little fact. People see the world the way the media or politicians sell it to them, but if they act got off their high horse they'd realise that the rest of the world is not balloons & fairy floss. There are plenty of evil men with the power to do unspeakable things to their own people for the sake of greed and power. We need to recognise this truth a do something about it rather than just insulting those who speak up, and covering our eyes and pretending it's not true.
Really?!?! He got arrested for crossing the police line?!? Government these days???!!!! He was there for his beliefs!
Anybody can get arrested. Clooney did nothing remarkable or noteworthy.
I thought he hated the paparazzi, but yet he seeks their attention? Rot in there george looney!
The fact that he was protesting for a worthy cause is admirable. More people should be following his example. Change will only happen when there is a public outcry for change.
Must be between pictures.
Too much time on his hands.
Good way to keep the name in the news. 
+Dario Pernalete he was in America, actually. And he went out of his way to get arrested to make a big scene out of. Nothing more than doucgebaggerous showboating on his part.
+Brandy Sharp more people should go out of their way to get arrested for the publicity while attending a protest that while well-meaning, is still useless? I'd rather people try to make a difference by making a difference than pretending to care, and making publicity stunts.
it is refreshing to see a man with a purpose ! Keep standing up George.
Maybe he should adopt s bunch of kids from third world countries.
Oops ! That's been done already.
How about going to Appalachia and helping them?
Yup, pseudo intellectual actors can't be bothered with them even though there would be the same amount of news cameras on hand to see them " roughed up by the man".
I hope a new script for a movie comes along soon cause those cuffs must hurt for the whole 10 minutes he had them on.

hoorah now pay for mexican smugglers to smuggkle food to them simple
Good job George.. Maybe now they will they will comply.. All of the critics should understand we live in an entire world, not just a country, city, state or town. If you don't care about the world you don't care about whats in it, and that includes you. Thank you George, there should be many more like you and your team, We here at VesIntel are with you all the way
GO CLOONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Martin Sheen has also been arrested in a similar way. He was barred from the W. white house.
Damn. I thought it was tax evasion.
Sick people talk bad to healthy people what's wrong that George C has done, beside helping  people in needs. To me he's doing what has told  in the good-book etc... To me George is a good man and God will be with him everywhere he go and through everything he do. stay bless all God love ya!
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