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Obama responds to Supreme Court ruling

Earlier today, the Supreme Court upheld the 2010 health care law, preserving President Obama’s landmark legislative achievement. The majority opinion was written by Chief Justice John Roberts, who held that the law was a valid exercise of Congress’s power to tax.

The decision came as a sharp rebuff and disappointment to congressional Republicans, many of whom had expected the court to strike down at least some parts of the law.

Live video of +Barack Obama responding to today's ruling is available here:


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Or having 1/2 your population receive government subsidies and either overcharging them or fining them heavily for medical care.  We are Greece with a better road system.
+Bill Moran hey Moran, how does creating state exchanges with private insurance plans limit choice? Stop drinking the Fox News koolaid and thank Mitt Romney for making it all possible ;)
J Krah
+Moeiz Widatalla poor guy. The biggest tax in the history of this country. LOL See you in November. 
Aren't Canadians on a system like the one we just had ratified by congress? And don't they cross the border to get medical care in the United States because universal health care doesn't work there, or any where?
+Jason Krah a tax that the irs is specified not to enforce within the same law. +justin chavez Canada, like all universal healthcare countries, makes you wait in line for your guaranteed medical service, while America has the best medicine in the world as long as you can afford it. So what people with money do come through the states, there is still gonna be enough medicine for us real Americans ;)
Healthcare reform will never be accomplished by requiring the individual American to buy a product. The real scary thing about this law is that it has set a precedent for congress now being able to regulate behavior of the individual or they will suffer a tax penalty. We have now stepped onto the slippery slope that may lead to fewer freedoms for the individual American. This is not OK and not the America I was told I would inherit as a child.
If your children are allowed to stay on your policy till there 26,  How come this does not apply to the VA?  So basically  if you risk your life for your  country,  your kids only get coverage until there 18.  This is bullshit
+Sherry Scheiner You mean the ACA does not extend VA coverage until 26 yet? If this is true - it should be the immediate next step.

Rome did not get built in a day or through one Bill by the Rome Senate. Don't let the Perfect be the enemy of the Good. Lets move forward and make it better.
+Bill Moran Think about it -> who pays for all the visits to the ER today? - We The People. And the current accounting shows it as a deficit to the States. The ACA exposes this and pays for it as a transparent tax, shared across Industry and The People.
...can I just add, when the bread winner of the family becomes jobless due to illness, or the elderly become so frail they can't afford the insurance or care they deserve, this is when National Health Care has no price. I've used both systems, and please let me tell you, when a loved one is dying, the LAST thing you want to worry about is 'how am I going to pay to keep them alive!'
+Bill Moran  - not emotional guilt, its reality. As an American I hold our values to a high standard. With a country so great, how can we be the last of the "great" nations to not realise that Healthcare should be for all. Idealist sure....but if there is a way, we should aspire to great things... The arguments will go on and on as to whether we can afford it or not.  But seriously, America is a great nation, health should be a  given right as a citizen and as a human. (as for law suits - omg that needs a reform, but for another stream)
+justin chavez Some Canadians do come across - the very rich ones. But some years ago, when the US debate was raging, a poll asked the Canadians whether they would give up their healthcare and get vouchers or some remuneration instead. No prizes for guesses on the poll result.

Read through the propaganda - my friend. Opposition to this reform is from the Rich and Super-Rich, who don't need this reform anyway. Unfortunately, by definition, they also have very deep pockets and are relying on propaganda to make this look bad "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it"
+Bill Moran The first rule of any meaningful debate is to define the issue, limit the scope and agree to address it. If you agree there should be a change to the system, I suggest looking at whether this reform is a step in the right direction. Not the last step, just the first. For example, the next step could be a single payer system or holistic healthcare. But lets travel, not stay at the same spot. My friend - Rome was not built in a day.

That being said, a separate debate should begin on Tort Reform and I for one, agree that there needs to be changes to limit frivolous lawsuits. The Coffee lawsuit, riles me too.
+Naresh Aggarwal I beg to differ that opposition is only from rich or super rich, I am not rich or super rich. I read the supreme court decision on the matter. It took me 2 hours as it was several hundred pages long. What I read astounded me. Congress will not reform healthcare with this law it simply has a more powerful reach to tax the middle class even more. It also now has the ability to tax behavior which will be enforced by the IRS. How any one could look at this as a positive move is beyond comprehension. Are you saying it is OK for the government to decide what the individual American should do with their paycheck or the behavior they should have regarding anything? The bleeding heart motives of this congress and president have jeopardized the principles that America was founded on. We are a free country and this law takes freedoms away from the individual. If this is the direction we are going then you don't understand the constitution my friend. This is a move that pushes the United States one step closer to being a socialist country! This needs to stop. 
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