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Yahoo names Fred Amoroso chairman and appoints Ross Levinsohn interim CEO as former CEO Scott Thompson leaves company

+Yahoo! Inc. has announced that the company's Board of Directors has named Fred Amoroso as Chairman of the Board of Directors and +ross levinsohn as interim Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Levinsohn replaces Scott Thompson, former Yahoo! CEO. Thompson leaves the company amid controversy over mentions on his resume and in regulatory filings of a computer science degree he never received.

Statement from +Yahoo!:


Photo: +Reuters / Kimberly White


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This CEO with a fake degree and that Egyptian politician with an American Mom. What is wrong with people. 
+Khalid Al Marri Those were just excuses. Both of them. Especially here where the complainers had such a clear agenda.
no...Yahoo just can't afford a gardener to remove the dead tree!
Yahoo is losing a great CEO. Too bad for Yahoo, a totally messed up company.
I cant believe Yahoo AND Google had a building.....they are just a search engine!!
Yahoo maybe, but should I remind you that Google does more than search? Android, Google Apps for Business, AdWords/AdSense... and more.
Christina and Laxi, you are right they don't have buildings they all work in Jungle and in cloud, holding an engine in their
zzzzzzzz.......wait wuh??
+Lexi Zubler Google, JUST a search engine?? LOL.. Google has many many buildings around the world
they should have sold out when they thought they were worth something! good bye yahoo.
how could a college degree help Scott Thompson to save Yahoo ?

Yahoo's fate is inevitable.
Okay this is the first time I've heard about this very interesting.
my yahoo mail is full of spam, I usually using gmail right now.. :)
unfortunately in my town there is no yahoo logo is ....... hhmmmmmm
Actually easy fix....Whatever is working well for others just start/buy your own and do it better....Been doing this in the auto biz forever.
Where is your problem i can,t opening my yahoo@mail after nxt 5days i sent by email thank you
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