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Huge solar flare heading toward Earth, may disrupt satellites, power grids, airplanes

Wed Mar 7, 12:40 p.m. EST: reports that a massive solar flare that erupted from the sun late yesterday is unleashing one of the most powerful solar storms in more than five years, a solar tempest that may potentially interfere with satellites in orbit and power grids when it reaches Earth.

Several +NASA spacecraft caught videos of the solar flare as it hurled a wave of solar plasma and charged particles, called a coronal mass ejection (CME), into space. The CME is not expected to hit Earth directly, but the cloud of charged particles could deliver a glancing blow to the planet.

Early predictions estimate that the CME will reach Earth tomorrow at 7 a.m. EST (1200 GMT), with the effects likely lasting for 24 hours, and possibly lingering into Friday.



Image: X5.4 Solar Flare, March 7, 2012 (+NASA)


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<<< Does not own any satellites, power grids or airplanes. Dodged the bullet this time.
Nope... not feeling anything so far, so I'm guessing it's not here yet ;-)

I hope we get a nice light show though
+Paresh Desai Sure you do, it's called cell phone service, internet, power in your home, cable/satellite tv and the bills we all pay to "make our lives better". Just saying.
Will make for a great Aurora Borealis!
big bang kamehameha X100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ha! I've been blaming everything on Solar Flares for years .... THANK YOU SCIENCE for proving me right --
ya know infowars warned people about this and its about to happen , get ready to be sent back to the dark ages with no electricity , scary thing
thats why our cell phones went goofy yesterday
I hope we get a very good display or Northern Lights.I'll be looking for them!
in such cases i just wonder whom to blame
i guess blame the consequences
+Justin Mahan Relax. This happens all the time, and this is only the largest in five or so years. The dark ages aren't coming yet.

You don't say "I saw a show on nuclear weapons once; prepare to be incinerated" every time you use your microwave, do you?
This isn't going to have an effect of my droid powered GPS powerpoint meeting I've going to have on my boss's private jet at 8am est is it?
+Richard Glover just sayin never can be to careful , scientist are predicting at the end of this year were suppose to have the biggest solar flare thats ever hit the Earth , it could kill people because of the radiation and wipe out alllll communication , electricity on Earth could literally send us back to the Dark Ages
Thought i had gone ( KOO KOO) why have i been seeing and finding gigantic universal storms and flare up activities ,,guy who does not have a tinniest superstitious bone or some thing close 2
cough cough waiting.....waiting.....waiting.....waiting.....waiting.....waiting..... :D
dude i don't know It might happen but prob. not... Just in case be ready ... or prepared!
This is yet more media scaremongering - using words like "massive solar flare", "erupting" and "unleashing". However when I read more carefully it states that it's "one of the most powerful storms in the last five years". Five years??? I mean everyone knows that we're all still struggling to cope with the devastating effect of the famous 2007 solar flare so how are we possibly going to cope with yet another (albeit slightly smaller) disaster. What a crock of shit lol!
ইউক্যালিপ্টাস সীমানা ...I Guess You Have Not Seen Armageddon..Rajnikant has no time to do small jobs..thats y Bruce..:P
This has gone too far this time.

Occupy The Sun 2012.
+Scott Hair I didnt feel alarmed when i read the article. Its kinda up to the interpreter as to how one reacts. Honestly it seems your kinda over reacting. Has the media and conspiracies got your panties in a bind?
Search "stop kony" on internet
repent and believe in the Gospel
+Justin Mahan Sort of. Sunspot activity, which is linked to solar flares, is cyclical (with a period of about 11 years). We are in/approaching a solar maximum. This isn't a guarantee nor even a stern warning of debilitating flares.
Don't be fooled. It's actually Galactus' burp. Excelsior!
We've seen this coming for a while. There are at least some protective measures that have been taken, but this could be interesting.
Good thing I got my quarterly haircut just in time for this show! ☺
Can the last person off earth remember to turn off the lights? Ta.
really +Faith Canada ? cuz theres some pretty messed up stuff in the ol book of yours. i.e. rape, slavery, slave trading and murder. real wholesome stuff.
The zombie apocalypse is coming...
Solar Flare heading towards earth. No cell phone service, no Internet. Time to order some doves to communicate and read a book for entertainment.
See the problem with solar nature is volatile 
I believe that this is the single most downplayed threat of our time. Although we cannot predict the exact effects the current storm will have on the planet we must acknowledge that the threat is real and there will be more intense storms in the future. It is rumored that government is taking action but the public needs to wake up. Imagined no heat, water, communications, no way to get gasoline, or access to any of our modern conveniences ( which have become necessities) in the dead of winter or the heat of summer. We must Get Prepared. Be Prepared and Stay Prepared.
Don't know about Zombies, but if the grid was to go down, pfff might as well be zombies after a while
I don't need to repent. I believe in Chuck Norris!
+Abdul Muqtadir Mohajir then tell your Bruce to cut a bullet with a knife and make it right through two hearts. FYI im not a rajni fan. But i think u r. Did i hit the soft corners then sorry mate.
TROLOLOLOL, like we care NASA...Who wants to play COD?
Well this ruins my weekend plans. jk
It's the end of the world as we know it. and i feel fine
So that's why it stopped raining...
+Ricky Sanchez is right isn't he, surely we would have felt the effects already, or does solar radiation travel slowly?
well aint that just a bitch :/ we getting fucked up tomorrow, and before noon!
and it's not even my birthday yet
solar flares happen because Chuck Norris needs to shine a light on his enemy's fate.
Perfect, I can close the office and go long as my son's preschool does not close for a "solar day"...
why is it nation wide news when whittney housten dies (im not a hater) but i dont even hear about it when there is something important to the solar system happening??
Just started building my secret underground bunker, I'll be ok, only I've just given the game away, damn!
of course they wont tell you when it should arrive here!!
"biggest solar storm in over five year." Not biggest ever. We obviously didn't fall back into the dark ages during the 2000s, or even the late ninties (despite our best efforts). We will be fine.
You know how I know it is not the end of the world? Because it is already tomorrow in Australia.
Good study nothing can be done about other things
Hopefully i'll get rest from this call centre shit :-)
Light takes 8 min to get here. Flares are ejected mass which doesn't travel at the speed of light.
Crap - Amazon is out of tin-foil caps again!
i'm taking bets on nothing happening.
Where and how can I learn more about solar flares? I have always felt that, uf a solar flare hit earth directly it could be very bad almost life ending. Is this true?
the lord Jesus christ wil put his holy hand in this issue.
Solar radiation travels FAR more slowly than light. It'll be a few days before the radiation and solar particles from this coronal mass ejection get to Earth.

At any rate, these things happen a lot. The cycle for solar activity is every 11 or 12 years, so we've seen these things before with more and less intensity than this one.
How do you post this to facebook? If possible
Prepare ye! Prepare ye! Seriously? The more science gets 'exact' the more people over react. A glancing blow might take out cellphone coverage. But really, won't the break be nice? People might talk face to face with each other or, horror of horrors, read a book.
I wonder what Sheldon Cooper would do to prepare. And why didn't Rashesh Kuthripali warn us about this??
jw dont you guys say this every year like the world was supposed 2 end in 1999 2000 2002 2006 2012 hmmm.....
I am gonna go outside right now and stare at the sun to see if I can tell when it gets brighter. Then I can warn people that the sky is falling.
wow that is scary what if it is biger than they think
It probably be nothing and then we can all laugh at NASA.
If I know the US, the next step will be using these as an excuse to bomb the sun
Me and my friend are looking at astronomy and we were talking about solar flares. maybe this could be put in our descussions, thanks NASA!
r we gonna die????????????? cus i dont want 2
There is no danger at all, only maybe cold in these few weeks coming in northern regions & elevated wind, some disturbing electromagnetic charges in electronic devices, I ve been getting since last night. :-)
guess I'm going to eat lasagna & cheesecake tonight LOL
Thee Great OZ has spoken
epic apart from maybe dying x
although they could be wrong and the people that came up with this thing ran out of ink for the calendar apparently no ned to worry yet x
I hope we'll be able to see the northern lights down south again
But still nowhere as strong as the Carrington Event of 1859.
my daughter is going to be so mad if cell phones are goin to go out :O
Can we blow it out,come on everyone huff&huff&huff&blow!
At least I know why some servers might have problems tomorrow :)
that would be pretty awesome🌟✨
I heard you can see the flares off the sun if you fashion a pair of binoculars out of empty toilet paper rolls and magnifying glasses. Enjoy folks! flare. That's exactly what the aliens want us to think!
Far is amazing.
well... it could be worse - it could have been a massive Gamma Ray Burst heading towards us... that would have been ...NOT GOOD!!
Well at least it managed to knock Facebook out for a bit.
Guess I'd better go out and purchase the new Bruce Springsteen CD now.... at least I can listen to my ipod if power grids mess up...
thats a nice thought! NOT!
I'm going to catch some in jars and sell on Ebay. Easy money
dec 21... remember.. the world ends.. solar flare is the ticket
In related news, one o'clock today Superman was reported as, "...feeling a little randy and not knowing why." - By 1:05 the feeling had passed.
This page is so far one of the best discussions talks about the flares, very exciting and humoursly fertiles. For all of you in the north enjoy the view of the sky.
Fuckit who wants to play cod?? Xbox!!!???
Would be nice to see a light show out of this ;-)
For those on the west cost of US (PST), should be hitting us around 9PM, I would recommend shutting down any computers for at least an half hour before until half hour after, not likely it will cause much disturbance, but a small chance.
it could be or not which ever the only thing to do is repent and believe the gospe NoWl!!********time! Time! Tme! Dont be left out! Goooose bumps
wow gooose bumps really? Just repent n have peace
What part of Earth is this gonna hit?
I don't really care unless there is possible cause of death in this situation?
They always seem to say this and very little seems to happen.
If Im understanding it correctly, its the macgnetic shield of the earth that is effected. If this is as strong as I think it may be, the magnetisphier (forgive my spelling) will be compressed on the colliding side and than will snap back on the oppiset side thus effecting the whole world... Id turn off all electronic devices, just to be on the safe side.
Do I need my foil cap this time? Or it works only against government flares?
That's what happens in the movie 2012 !!!!!
chances are everything will be down, or at lease glitchy all day tomarrow.
You is a lier dummy.when God come the world will end not what u siad dummy 
The only man in the small town of Mose that was affected by the solar storm was Jacob Bullit. For he and he alone maintained a horse barn full of machines as pets. Children would come from all over town to pet what they had heard were horses in the barn stalls only to find cleverly hand pained lawn mowers and rototillers comfortably sitting in their place. Menacinglly enough when the solar flares finally did reach earth every mechanical animal in the barn came to life. It wouldn't have been so bad if Jacob hadn't been riding ol Geddysburg, the swamp cooler. He was quickly bucked off and stomped by Indiglo, the gas pump ostrich.
just when I'll be having lunch, burst water pipe, knackered car and now this and we are only half way through the week oh I forgot and my football club has just been charged with threatening to beat the other team half to death suppose I'll eat lunch under the table (big sigh)
Ted Mac
Just put some cooking oil on, your going to get fried
the magnetic shield is indeed at risk..and earths' surface aswell..especially with the big hole we have in the ozone..
it reminds me of the storm in fantastic 4 just sayin
Oh, how fun! And here I thought that March 8 and 9 might be boring... <hmm...what would Buckaroo Bonzai do?>
i bet all those doomsday preppers are going over board now
Scary!!!! 😨😰😥😱😢😪
J Bach
fantastic 4 anyone? ;)
Hmmm... Beautiful image, but the impact could be disastrous!
This thread is amusing. How many people asking 'when is it going to hit?' when the info is right there in the article... and all the panic people are getting into is a hoot! This stuff happens all the time, guys! LOLz
Shawn B
They can't even predict the weather on Planet Earth, yet they profess to know the effects of solar energy that hasn't even arrived to Earth yet. :-/
Motherf#@ker nature Bring it on!!!
I was going to respond to particular people, but there have been several "isn't light fast? radiation must not be light" comments, so +Everyone (+John S. +Marshall Meier +Ashley Taylor +Ricky Sanchez et al.): radiation is a process of emitting energy (or, sometimes, radiation refers to the energy itself). That energy can be particles or waves, could be light or objects with mass. Light radiation from the sun travels at the speed of light and gets to the Earth in a matter of minutes. Particles with mass travel much slower. Telescopes and satellites "saw" the light from the flare, which is why we're talking about it. The charged particles from the flare will be here soon enough.
My birthday is tomorrow... (not kidding)
Mental note: Don't use GPS tomorrow....
worst thing can happen is that our electricity will be out for a few days.
But the world will not end by solar flares, We know that for fact. Don't believe rubbish ideas of the mayans. Mathematics is simply the best way of prooving events. There will be maybe some natural events, volcanos that can be easily triggered so violently with solar flares, their resonances can reach to whole planet, if my calculation are correct and those flares keep on coming it might become the worst case senario but "when" is the hardest question of all. The most dangerous of all is the one in north west sea side of africa, basically it is long mounts with internal & very complex volcano, those triggers can trim the whole column to fall in the sea by causing a super sunami. More than half billion living in the coast can be in danger. There is no way on earth that any warning will suffice to prevent the disasters, it is impossible to evacuate 370 millions in 10mins and most of those countries are aware about that particular treat.
OW! It just hit me! Damn, that was a big solar flare!
For Richard Glover: That's a wonderful explanation of light travel compared to particle or wave travel. Easy to understand. Well done.
Let's just scare the crap out of everybody! Why does the media do this? There are going to be people thinking that the world is coming to an end.
I just want you all to know that it was nice knowing you and... (joking :) )
Mar g
Omg! The end of the world is commiiingg! Haha
Sweet I really need to work on my tan!
Absolutely nothing is going to happen regarding pending solar flares. The earth is protected by the Van Allen Belt that radiates out from the poles (north and south). The earth is constantly bombarded by radiation from the Sun and the Van Allen Belt protects us. That is one of the reason life developed on earth in the first place.
^Then let's not know about this and let people think the world is coming to an end, because of magic!
Aaah! Run 4 ur lifffe! Cal 911! Help run run run!
So long, and thanks for all the fish!
Chuck Norris will round kick that flare storm's ass back to the sun.
Well, that will kill my social life through my iPhone for a few hours.
One of the four units in my high school lost all power today, but the rest of the school didn't. The weather is beautiful today so I think there's definitely a tie to this.
arggg not again!! last time we had a solar flare my back KILLED! :(
I well bring marshmallows and hotdogs you will have to get your own sticks.
That's good! I hope they damage those Chinese Spy Satellites

-Android ICS for the win
I hope it doesn't mess with gas because I just had tacos....heaven help those around me...
Everybody panic! We are all going to die! Ahhhhh!

Wait, will that include that whore Fluck?

Well...OK then. Totally worth it!
What are all of your thoughts on the new USFL (United States Football League) in 2013?
None! Who cares? One more try that will disappear in a couple years. Semi-pro football - yawn. There is plenty of great college football, which is the farm system now.
I'm astounded by the amount of overreaction going on here. I mean, where in this entire post did anyone pick out that this is going to be dangerous? I mean we have brains, but most people obviously don't know how to use them.
Can we see any of this from earth? This looks awesome!
So cool! Do you guys think it will mess with visible things, like how pollution make pretty sunsets?
We r going to die!!!!!!!!
It's raining charged particles
ow my flesh
The weather is ok here as far as i'm concerned. it was beautiful when i was in school.
Chuck Norris doesn't wear flares. 
If the electricity goes out then all the people in Las Vegas will be able to see the stars again. They may have to be reminded that the stars are in the sky and not on a Casino stage.
This is the result of Chuck Norris punching the sun. He did so as a warning.

Chuck Norris is now immune to sun burns.
Anthony i think you are over reacting. It wont be dangerous and it will pass without anyone really any the wiser. Solar flares have the potential to be catastrophic, but so do active volcanos. I think it is better the comments remain upbeat.
36 inch flares did more damage to humankind than this solar one will do.
I was in the phone with my aunt and the communication was interrupted and I try to call her back and can't realize the call
Heh, just in time to fry all those new iPad 3's.
It's the end time. nothin takes me by surprise. so, bring it on. Bt let GOD help us not to forget HIM.
It looks like a Star Trek movie scene.
If we all do die can someone please drop me a line? I hate being out of the loop.
And so it starts. The beginning of the end. 
+Elj Egga wooooo! don't forget that before that we are gonna have a hot summer season in Ibiza this year! 3 cheers for solar maximum... and stop trolling lol
Great, guess i'll need to break out my zombie apox home-remedy kit.
And then they say that the end of the world won't be 2012. :) watch the movie and learn you all.
Since when did a small amount of radiation kill us all?
X-ray is part of the Electro-magnetic wave spectrum.
All waves of this spectrum travel with the same speed of
3 x10^8 or 300,000,000 m/s, including X-rays.

A solar flare on January 20, 2005 released the highest concentration of protons ever directly measured, taking only 15 minutes after observation to reach Earth, indicating a velocity of approximately one-third light speed, giving astronauts as little as 15 minutes to reach shelter
"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay it's not the End" - from someone else
Anyone else feel like they're going blind 
that is so weird i think this has happened before
LIES! LIES!! Everytime you keep trying to bend the rules...the calamities going on around the world is keeping people too concentrated to know if the world is about to end.
Ya think this will top Y2K? The Mayan Apocalypse?

Since like d world is comin 2 an end, like d religious people said.
Man that's terrible, thanks a lot Obama.
Pfft! Are you serious!? "2012" isn't going to happen, people!!!
* is slapping on the factor 60.
this is what they mean by the end of the world (maybe....)
Last time I checked if a cme or flare of this magnitude happened within the last few years then necessarily, we will not all die and the world will not end. Btw, to say it (or any scientific claim for that matter) is a hoax or a scam is admitting that you are not willing to actually put in the effort to make your own observations or at least examine the data- which in this case involves simply looking at the sun with a telescope and solar filter. 
Its sorta scary how this stuff happens when you don't even kno it and then you dont find out it happens untill the next day. (at least thats when i saw this...)
Good thing I took my satellite down recently
i am so scared. (for real)
People should not fly. Because there no tellin how much damage thia solar will bring
wht to do frm tht 
Where is chuck norries when we need him?? Help!!
r we gonna be alright???
So many things for which to prepare, so much time...because they won't happen!
This is it,2012 is really looking really bad,all the natures wrath is already becoming or starting to show it's anger,I can't imagine what the world will be this coming generation.
You better hide yo kids, hide yo wife.
Noooooo! I better still have Words with Friends!
I hope the effect of this solar flare is not that terrible
Apple is suing... apparently they hold the patent for solar flares. Just saying...
Time to get read to invest in the satalite stock market, before it recovers.
I've heard these types of events are only going to get worst, lets hope our planet is up for the upcoming fight.
Omg the solar sun thing is not gonna hit our place.:[
hey if it happens it happens, just live life to the fullest because you didn't think we were gonna live foreva! so don't be scared, be courageous.
Neutron detectors will be going off everywhere :)
am sla
I have been saying this would happen for about a year....everyone just laughed....
whoa.does anything more need 2 b said?
Why does "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles keep playing in my head now....?
now's not a good time to die,I just got a new game
Will I lose my internet?
I need to be able to post on G+ D:
excellent diversion bombing bombs away syria iran
I dont think its going to be as bad as they say. Thats just my opinion.
Thanks :) I just hope I get enough time to visit Disneyland :)
This will just give AT&T another excuse to dismiss the problem with "throttling", dropped calls, and disappearing service. 
Fuck it!!! Or someone before we die!!!!!
I might not be able use my fone booo:S
+Breaking News Thanks for sharing, I just love being scared shitlessly! I really really do. Anymore doom and gloom you will like to unleash upon Google + users. I am the biggest henny penny around. "Oh the sky is falling!!!." What to do?
Have a drink Brenda! :) thats what i do....
The world is not going to end in 2012. Just because theMayans stopped the calendar doesn't means that the world is going to the end, maybe they didn't have enough room?? Also since in the amount of times people say the work is going to end, it doesn't soo, I don't believe it, at all. 
The world is not going to end in 2012. Just because theMayans stopped the calendar doesn't means that the world is going to the end, maybe they didn't have enough room?? Also since in the amount of times people say the work is going to end, it doesn't soo, I don't believe it, at all. 
Hey even if the mayans did stop the calender for a resonan they didn't have leap years so if my math is right it should have ended like 6 months ago
The Mayans were right! Next up walkers!!!
Holy shit we re all gonna die

But I got a helmet 
im learning bout the myans in geo...mind=blown.
Jeff H
gasp! I may finally get superpowers!
+Jeff H of all the things said., I hope for that the most of all :)
Blackberry outage coming.
Yea,a little worried about it.
hope it's not much dangerious.
But we can realize how much we are helpless to nature though we are the best creation!!!
This is crap.does some one belive in 2012.I no for shure not me
This is just simply scary.
Hope that it doesn't affect me!
Note: last poster!
no future! The end is near! Headcrabs everywhere! Holy crab!
dont worry . be happy.nothing going to happen
is the world going to destroy?
yes it will however we are the fuss that set it off
I want to know what this is going to look like- will we see something in our sky?
The solar strome wil reach earth by end of this year... no electricty wil availabe for indefinate period so no electricity means no water no lift no communication no mobile so no f.b or G+ ... hehe that may happen this year..
too this means that there will be no more internet and that  I might not able to use my cp? waaahh :((
It's already October now, where is the satellites, power grids, airplanes disruption? I'm so disappointed?!?!?!?!
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