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Mitt Romney: 'I believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman'
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JESUS CHRIST what IS this world coming to?
And "I believe, Mr. Romney, you and your opinions are completely irrelevant."
How is Romney confirming that he has retrograde views on civil rights breaking news? Breaking News would be a Republican candidate that actually publicly acknowledges that the legislation of marriage constitutes an undue intervention of Government in the private lives of citizens, and that the republican party is against such an intervention. This ain't news, this is something we should all be ashamed of.
I believe it's none of my business.
+Jonathan Schultz AMEN !
Mitt Romney: 'I believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman'........... And His Bishop, and His Ward, and HIS "Stake" and whoever else above HIM in the Mormon hierarchy decides to tell HIM what to do. The woman, of course, is chattel.
+Jonathan Schultz actually, Ron Paul has said exactly that, but the media shuns him so they won't talk about it.
Marriage is not a relationship between people. It is a relationship between people and the state. If the state doesn't recognize a marriage, no matter how married the couple thought they were, the state is not going to send people with guns to take half your stuff away when you break up.
Typical ignorance spouting off about which they do not understand.
Breaking news.... Mitt Romney believes marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman, and a woman, and a woman.....Oh you get the point
In some states they believe it's between a man and his cousin...

How is this breaking news? I thought we already knew this.
it says nowhere in the constitution that the persons have to be of the opposite sex.
+Anthony Kelly First Cousins can only legally marry in.... AK, AL, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, MD, MA, NJ, NM, NY, NC, RI, SC, TN,, VT, VA and Washington DC. An uncle can marry his niece in Brazil, Argentina and Austria.

That marriage is pretty sacred stuff.
+Tom Sparks I am voting for someone that doesn't care even if I have to write that person in.
Yes, but does he believe that marriage is only a relationship between a man and a woman? For that matter, does he believe that marriage is the only relationship between a man and a woman? And what will he believe next week?
If you want to vote for someone who takes all their beliefs from works of mythology, then yes, Republican is by far your best bet. They are almost guaranteed not to let reality affect their unswerving belief in whatever they happen to think their scripture says.
+Steve Sauls With all due respect, we need a leader that can guide is into a better future, not one who can perpetuate the problematic past that has gotten us into the mess of our present. How about we base our voting on someone who believes in civil discourse and compromise?
If marriage is the only relationship between a man and a woman I'm going to have to find a different barber.
Mitt believes in whatever gives him the best chance to win. Luckily I don't think he has much of a chance to win the presidency.
What myth? Faith is a way of knowing fact. Just because a person does not have the ability or desire to understand how faith works and put it to the test, does not mean it does not work and is not valid. Casting aspersions agains faith is as blind sided and narrow minded as many accuse people of faith to be. 4000+ years of faith must have something more than hocus pocus to it's substance. I feel sorry for those who are blind to the understanding that faith gives to life.
Mitt's going to have a hard time defending faith based relationships. It was not too long ago when Mormons were run out of just about every state for the marriages they practiced. That's almost as ironic as Mitt the Mexican wanting to seal the border.
+Tom Sparks Faith: belief that is not based on proof
Fact: something that actually exists; reality; truth

Your assertion is syntactically incorrect, and therefore lacks veracity on face.

As for compromise, the current president has had to greatly diminish his plans in order to accomodate his opponents. Since the Republican Congress essentially rests on the single issue of not raising taxes, it has been an entire term of compromise just to get anything accomplished.
+Jonathan Schultz Faith is a spiritual learning. If you don't know how to learn spiritually, you'll never understand it. And this isn't fluffy warm fuzzies that I'm talking about. It's unlocking power in your life.
+David Dzado That may very well be the case, but when you try to qualify faith as a way of knowing facts, well you express a grave misunderstanding of the meaning of those words. Further, faith is a personal matter, necessarily subjective and shielded from others' knowledge by a fundamental epistemic barrier; politics, particularly a politics meant to serve the greatest possible interests of a nation of citizens must be objective and verifiable.
Tulsa County Democrat= Internet troll 
And I am saying that Satan and God are both products of human imagination meant to embody, respectively, the more atavistic and noble sides of ourselves. Literal belief in their external and autonomous existence misses the point and necessarily indicates a misunderstanding of their role in larger society. Now, how do we resolve this impasse?
David, I have made it, and I stand by it. Steve, there most assuredly is an impasse regardless of your roundabout way of perception.
+Tim Harshman I apologize but i can't change the fact that Mitt is Mexican yet wants to fence out his own kin. I apologize but can't change that Mitt invented Obamacare yet claims to not support it. And i apologize but can't change the tenants of Mormonism of which Mitt is a devout member. I am not a troll I am simply pointing out the shear hypocrisy to the GOP. In their hatred of Obama they choose to stand behind the biggest hypocrite of them all Mitt Romney. Which means GOP doesn't stand for anything anymore.
Hey no need to offend the Mexican's by calling Mitt a Mexican.I think he's probably French or something.
+Steve Sauls I have indeed. I have spent personal eternities in contemplation of the essence of being, and have made peace with the unknowable that surrounds us always. So peaceful am I with it, in fact, that I need not personify it, need not demand that others agree with my assessment and affirm my knowledge with companionship.
I am not fussing, I am merely pointing out that when one bases a political opinion upon matters of faith in a public forum, one should rightly expect to be corrected for having brought a knife to a gun fight, as it were. Jesus Christ cannot be the truth in any worldly sense as his existence is not verifiable. Now, his existence may be truth for you, and his perceived presence provides you with spiritual succor and that is a good thing; but don't forget that for me and many others in this nation - others that are contractually equal to you by the compact that binds us as countrymen - are a bit more hard nosed about verifiable reality in matters of public policy. It is disingenuous for you to claim a matter of faith to be the case, but pre-empt others from being able to come to their own conclusions with equally good and intense faith.
"that Mitt is Mexican"
Sure he is Troll.
+Steve Sauls "what evidence do you have that hell is real?" -- none whatsoever. It's a myth too -- essentially Biblical fanfic.
+Santino Corleone I think Loving v. Virginia is a good foundation, but the decision is very firmly couched in the racial discrimination of that miscegenation law. Racial discrimination under the fourteenth amendment is treated differently than other forms (for example, gender discrimination or sexual orientation discrimination). So, I think Loving is going to be the first precedent cited in the supreme court briefs, but no court is going to say Loving itself held that gay marriage is protected.
+Steve Sauls "As I said I know the truth. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the light. Nobody comes to the Father except by Him." -- what does this even mean? Why would anyone want to do this, and have you ever seen it happen?
So tired of the Homosexual it's not it's not a natural thing..If this is what Obama meant by Yes we can..I hope this is his last term in Office..Bye,Bye
Obama Bye,Bye
+RICO GARCIA : I too am tired of all the propaganda that there is somehow something wrong with homosexuality. It's nothing but religion and superstition -- no rational basis whatsoever.
+RICO GARCIA You think that homosexuals wanting to get married is propaganda? And, incidentally, what is natural about marriage? Is it not a human construct? Seriously, do people not even bother to consider the meanings of words any longer? We aren't lost because we have lost faith, we are lost because we have become proud of our ignorance.
+Steve Sauls and thus we should have fertility tests before marriage, and ban contraception, because otherwise the union is unnatural?
does that mean he's against same sex marriage?
Michele Bachmann thinks its legal to marry a gay man...
Also, Steve Sauls, most gay couples I know have children. Maybe you can figure out how that happened, if you use your imagination. (Hint: there are at least two different ways.)
This will be an interesting election... archetypal indeed. Go Barack!
+Woozle Hypertwin , +Jonathan Schultz ,No there is nothing normal about gay marriage that is a fact not fiction no amount of Will and Grace ,Ellen, Rosey ,modern family can change that.. it's science same sex relationships are not normal no matter what the Gay and Lesbian Propaganda Tell's you
+Steve Sauls I would like to see an impotent man and infertile woman have a child. should they also be denied their right to wed
To Steve Sauls: God says it is a sin?Who cares!!!Why don't you think with your head?Make your own decision by yourself man, god says a lot of shits!
I absolutely love that in America you have the right to believe that gay marriage is wrong. However, you have no business infringing on other's rights to marry another consenting adult. 
+RICO GARCIA "No there is nothing normal about gay marriage that is a fact not fiction..." -- I guess you haven't studied much biology. Homosexuality is fairly common in nature.

That said, are you arguing that if something isn't "natural" -- that is, if animals don't do it too -- then we shouldn't do it? Or that if animals do do it, then it's okay?

Think about this for a minute.
+Steve Sauls

"God says it is a sin and we were created by Him." -- whoa, that's a lot of assertions packed into a short sentence.

Why do you care if some fictional character doesn't like something?
Why are you claiming that we were created by a fictional character? (If you believe God to be something that actually exists in the universe, I asked about this earlier but you haven't explained why.)

"Remember Adam and Eve. They chose." -- yes, and Eve did exactly what I would have done: seek knowledge. Is there a problem with that?
Is everything in nature just normalilty for humans? Rediculous.
Well, I think political positions should only be held by the competent, so there.
Or in Mitts religeon "a man and many women"
The beliefs of any one candidate are not important. What is important is that all of them seek power over others by commanding a system of violence and theft. There is no winner possible in that sort of race. How about voting for yourself and stay home for any and all political elections? You cannot win their game and you will only corrupt yourself by trying. All politicians need your faith to sustain their hollow lives. Withdraw your support of their con game and these cretins will either have to get actual jobs, or wither away into history.
How can you piss off all of the minorities in our culture and still win any vote. Not sure why he's isolating himself on
Romney island.
BTW, add all the minorities together and it's the majority!
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