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Westboro Church to picket Powell boys' funeral as anti-gay protest; Occupy Seattle planning counter-protest
Tacoma, Wash., USA

Thu Feb 9, 7:06 a.m. PST: The News Tribune reports that a notoriously anti-gay church plans to picket Saturday’s funeral for Charlie and Braden Powell. The group's protest will be counter-protested by +Occupy Seattle.

Margie Phelps, daughter of the Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist Church’s founder, tweeted Wednesday night that the church will attend the boys’ memorial service. The protest is to “remind” Gov. Chris Gregoire “they died because of her rebellion,” a reference to her support of same-sex marriages.

Charlie Powell, 7, and Braden Powell, 5, were killed Sunday after their father, Josh Powell, blew up his house in a gasoline-fueled inferno when they were dropped off for a supervised visit.

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Photo: Karen Livolsi , upper left, walks with her daughter Katie, 16, center, and friend Alex Ramirez, 17, right, as they view a growing memorial to Charlie and Braden Powell. (+The Associated Press via +KOMO News)
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Anonymous should make them the next target after BlackBloc
I hate that we give them even this much publicity.
If I recall correctly there used to be a time when they locked up the insane. Now they are allowed to walk the streets and protest using religious beliefs as their reason.
We need to stop giving them attention like this.
There is a rule on the internet "Don't feed the trolls". I'm with +Matt Soave, that's what these people are.
Here's the thing ... the dual protest might be a good thing. The people holding the protest can now ask for expanded police protection and the designation of "protest areas" that keeps them away from the immediate entrances and exits thus greatly mitigating the circus during a time when people should be allowed to grieve for a loved one
+Cisop Sixpence "Now they are allowed to walk the streets and protest using religious beliefs as their reason."

Yeah it's called freedom of speech, and unfortunately I have to say that I'd rather have a society where these guys are allowed to say this than a society where speech is censored or restricted. This is an unfortunate side effect, but the solution isn't to restrict freedom.
I guess I'm a little slow. How did they die because she supports same-sex marriage? Josh wasn't gay. Their Mom wasn't gay. WTH?
what's wrong about being gay? i think every person came to the world to love and to be loved! that's it! my mom never told me that i should like boys, because taht's my nature, and the ones who like people of their same sex, that's their nature too!
It's Westboro.

As a Church Going Christian, These people make me sick.

I still love what the Foo Fighters did. IF you are unaware of their actions you tube search "Foo Fighters Westboro".
Why don't the cops brutalize these idiots like they do the Occupy protestors? I would watch that.
+Tamra Hamblin , they use the publicity at funerals like this and of soldiers who give the ultimate sacrifice to protest and get publicity from defiling the sanctity of burials. It isn't about the victims, free speech is one thing, but these people have no morality.
it's wrong being gay... but it's okay when a reverend rapes a little kid?! i mean come on! i totally hate church's ideas! seriously!
+Ann McPherson you can go and counter protest. Like I said, if the news caught wind of enough counter protesting it could actually force the Westboro idiots off to the side somewhere.
Religious cults, training Humans to Curse Creation is the CAUSE of Many Crimes.
Okay, Almighty. Here's your chance with a two'fer:
1) Prove your existence and 2) demonstrate your compassionate, vengeful nature by striking down Fred Phelps & Co with bolts of lightening one hour before the funerals of these innocent, apolitical and already victimized children.
If You throw in a rainbow with shafts of sunlight cast upon each of the boys' headstones after You ship Phelps off to be brimstone-bunkmates with Hitler, I would consider it a personal 'solid'.
Thx, Jonathan
What an abomination. This may be disguised as free speech but it's really hate speech and psychological terror. The hypocrisy this group exhibits is utterly comical. Wasn't Jesus' message to be a person of love and forgiveness universally? Have the decency to let this family grieve in peace, keep the crazy in Westboro.

Disclaimer - I'm not a religious person, more a Richard Dawkins reader.
it's absurd that this tiny family cult of freaks is continually referred to as a baptist church
You know, I feel for the family the most in this situation. They're attempting to grieve over a horrific loss in their family, and along comes the WBC to spout hate at their gathering. Then along comes the "Occupy" movement to try and out-protest the protesters.

Somewhere along the line, those poor kids get relegated to nothing more than ammunition for someone's political agenda. That is truly tragic.
Jesus' message changes depending on who's trying to interpret it. Just one of many problems with calling the bible "the word of god." And there are a lot of tiny cults under the baptist umbrella- just none that get this kind of publicity. There is no baptist ruling body that decides who gets to be baptist or not, unlike the catholic structure.
I support +Matt Soave in what he commented 100%, albeit with teeth gritted and anger at Westboro for again testing the boundaries of my beloved liberal outlook and my firm commitment to protecting everyone's civil liberties.
For those who are unaware, the general consensus on the internet is that this family intentionally provokes people in order to be attacked and then gain financial restitution in court. The family consists almost exclusively of lawyers, and their strategy works exceptionally.

There's a shocking video that shows one of the main WBC figures speaking amicably with a gay radio host. It seems to be that these people do not even actually hate gays, reinforcing the idea that it's all done for financial gain. Here's the video: Lady GAGA is JESUS...westboro baptist protests.shirley loves gays!
Well... if Westb is not the Church... THE OFFICIAL CHURCH... Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists and Mormons are against gays. Think for yourselves folks... drop out and give not one nickel to any church that disagrees with your personal beliefs... about contraception, abortion, human equality, slavery, child abuse.... if more of us did this... the churches would have no money. That would be a good start. Then we should look into where they have invested... don't buy anything from them... you get the idea... starve them. A few genuine christian churches might be left after this... you know... doing actual forgiveness and charity. This would be a very good day.
Favorite phrase of the day, possibly the week:

"the general consensus on the internet is..."
I totally did- it just made me laugh!
The occupy movement has proven to have violent tendencies so perhaps they will unleash Gods fury upon those who hate just to hate
+Michael Neidlinger I hadn't seen that Foo Fighters performance...thanks so much for bringing it to my attention! :-)

As for the Westboro hate-bringers, the only the positive thing they bring into this world is the fact that their hatred and bigotry, under the pretence of religious belief, unites so many other people of otherwise disparate and separate lives into standing up against them.
+Tamra Hamblin It says in the article that WBC homobigots are staging their "protest" as anti-gay because the boys died in Washington state, where its governor supports gay marriage. They shouldn't be allowed to have rights for terrorizing the funeral attendees.
brian m
I think Fred and his daughter need to be taken in for psychiatric assessment. It takes a warped mind to picket a funeral.

It takes serious mental health problems to picket the funeral of children.

They should also probably be reported for child abuse, corrupting the minds of generations of their own children.
+Sabeena LoBello Okay: let's play "Extrapolate That Twisted Logic!" Innocent children get victimized in death by Westboro scumbag Phelps & Co because Washington State Gov. supports gay marriage, which is a sin...
So: Fred Phelps should quit Christianity AND Westboro Church should dissolve because founder of Christianity Jesus Christ co-mingled with prostitutes and was a socialist for kicking money-changers out of temples, both of which are sins... by extrapolation of their twisted logic.

Socialism just recently added to the rolls of evil/sins by conservative Republican 'values' Christians
ROFL: that's not the reason Christ turned the money changer's tables over in the temple - but I do enjoy the comedic effect of the efforts at blatant distortion... WOOOOSH
+Jonathan Bates Adultery is a sin. Why isn't WBC picketing in front of the residences of the ilk of Newt Gingrich and Rudy Guiliani? It's not a sin when neoclowns do it?

Someone should also find out Fred's daughter how many times he touched her no-no area.
I had to re-read this several times because I couldn't believe what I was reading! Picket a funeral?! If it wasn't so disturbing, infuriating and retarded it would be completely laughable.
brian m
+Jonathan Bates You are correct Jonathan. It doesn't take an avid reader of the bible to see that Jesus had socialist/communist beliefs 2000 years before those -isms existed.

The Old Testament should be put into the fiction section of libraries. The Gospels should be put into the politics section as a parable for Socialism/Communism.
+Marla Hughes I'm sorry; not my intent at all: my point was that the rationale Phelps is using to desecrate and re-victimize these children is so ridiculous that nobody would be surprised by the further madness of the extrapolation I offered.
In retrospect, 'socialism' is a hot-button word better left unused in this context.
You know, I SO want a small sonic crowd weapon. One of those directional types? And then get a loudspeaker permit..... Then just blast the "brown note" at them from a distance far enough away where I didn't have to smell them. :)
+Chris Norman But in this one case, my liberal-ness would get the day off: Buy a millitary-grade Active Denial System (Heat Microwave version), and hack the safety override. Just this once. Not blood lust, but because two little dead boys have NOTHING to do with religion, politics, homosexuality, abortion... NOTHING.
Frankly - I'd love to get permits and follow them around all the time. It'd be so much fun but I think they'd quickly become violent. They give believers a bad name.. hell, they give humanity a bad name.. :)
Westboro Church is a horrible horrible cult (not a church, but a cult). Let the boys rest in peace. They do not deserve this protest.
I'm all for free speech, but this is absurd. Those little boys had nothing to do with homosexuality or gay marriage or anything. They should really be protesting in Sacramento or wherever in California their supreme court resides.
On a side note, they (WBC) stated they would be protesting the funeral of one of our fallen soldiers. Well, the police just waited for them to break one traffic law and took them into custody until the services were over.
God will take care of them in his own way.
They are pure evil is right.
Westboro 'church' (and I use the term church VERY loosely with them) is a joke. I'm pretty sure they already lost their 501(c)(3) status. They should NOT even be called a church.
Yet another reason why I find it difficult to view Christians as anything but fucking retarded hatemongers.
You're as ignorant and closed minded as they are to lump 'Christians' with Westboro Baptist. BTW...your comment is hatemongering to Christians! :-o
These awful people live in my town. Unfortunately the attention by the media and posts like this helps them. I work at a office that for some reason, has one of Margie Phelps old office phone line. I get about 10-15 calls a day with people yelling/cursing obscenities at me because they think I am part of their clan. What makes things worse is that the callers are not smart people with reason. They don't listen to us answer the call with our business name and greeting. They don't understand that they've got an old number and they just cussed me out and threatened my life. These are people who also call themselves Christians. The people that want to do stuff like this or hope they get beaten up are just as bad as the Phelps'. That's why I am spiritual and not religious.
Has anyone seen the NatGeo special where the one guy lived with the Phelps family for a week? Sickening. They could be the only reason why theres so much hate against christians. I hope someone teaches them to love, because God loves EVERYONE, not just their family like they think.
Just look at the comments here. You can see why Christians get a bad rap. Wishing harm to anyone is not "love thy neighbor". 
brian m
Occupy get pepper sprayed and man-handled for peacefully protesting against society's inequalities and big business.

These "people" are allowed to abuse people at the funerals of their loved ones, in this case, children.

So, it's ok to offend the families of the dead but not bankers.

Something wrong?
It's very wrong Occupy can't protest but WBC can. For some reason we allow it to happen and vote for people that only care about corporations and not people. 
If media stopped reporting about the WBC nuts they maybe shouldn't stop but other nuts wouldn't get interested and join them.
Apologies if my comment sounded like hatemongering, I was a tad distressed at the thought of a group identifying themselves as Christians choosing to protest at the funeral of two children.
Of course I don't consider all Christians to be hateful idiots, though as I said thanks to the actions of this group and other similar groups, I am finding it increasingly difficult not to.
One of the things I find interesting, is all the "Christians" that find this group disgusting, then show up in their church on Sunday to hear their preacher say the very same hate speech by putting forth condemnation of gays, birth control, same sex marriage, etc, but somehow think it is acceptable because it is said in a church and not out somewhere in public, then have the nerve to not think of themselves as hypocrites.
+Mats Blom I was not referencing anyone in this thread specifically, and I want to stress that so it is clear. I was pointing thew finger at the "Christians" that show up in church to hear the same kind of speech from their Pasteur each Sunday, then go out and condemn this group for saying the same thing, but in a more hateful manner. On any given Sunday, you can show up at a Christan church, and hear how "wrong" and "sinful" being gay is, or how anti-christain birth-control is, etc, which is every bit in the same vein as these protesters, just worded in sheep's clothing and said from the pulpit. If you dont think I am correct, look at the backlash from the "religious right" over Obama wanting to include birth control in heath care for women, and it suddenly becomes very clear, perhaps it is worded a little kinder, but it is the same message.
WBC idiots are just publicity seeking wonks. Every time they get in a headline they win a little. Perhaps the best way to deal with them is to ignore them and not give them the attention that they crave so much.
+Noel Beale Blah, blah, blah. You refear to a lot of "christians" who you say is critical to the WBC nuts but listen to hateful speeches in their congregations and you can´t give me one single name?!

Return when you have a actual name and not just a hateful speech about christians in general without a single example.
Our local news did a piece about the memorial service and they didn't even mention WBC or protests. It was solely focused on the little boys, the grandparents, and the community. I was glad to see they kept focus and didn't go the sensational route and give WBC power. Kudos. 
+Jim Clark The thread stated with a link to the Protesters. The protesters are there because their message says that anything that is bad that happens (in this case, the children's deaths), is God's revenge for support of homosexuality/etc. So they gather at any death, and say, see, this is what happens when you support gays/lesbians/etc. They dont care one wit about the deceased except how they can use them to spread their message of hate.
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