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Davy Jones, lead singer for the Monkees, has died of a heart attack at age 66
Stuart, Fla., USA

Wed Feb 29, 12:47 p.m. EST: +TMZ and +Houston Press report that Davy Jones, lead singer of '60s pop sensations and television band The Monkees has died at the age of 66 in his home state of Florida, according to the Martin County medical examiner's office. He suffered a heart attack.

The list of the Monkees hits includes "I'm A Believer," "Last Train to Clarksville," and "Daydream Believer."

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That is so sad,he and the band had a good show .Back in the day.
rest in peace....hey hey wer tha monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man, this is really saddening. Hate to think of my world without one of its daydream believers. "We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams." RIP, Davy.
one of my first teenage heart throbs! my friend had beatles wallpaper, and begged her mother to change it to the monkees - she would'nt. so sad.
: / thanks for the music. May you forever rest in peace
So young. May he indeed rest in peace. thanks for the memories.
Oh sorry to hear this.......when I was a lil girl I loved watching that show. And of course, Davey was the heartthrob to all the girls. R I P Davey Jones
I loved that group as a kid. Especially their tv show. RIP... 
He was my heartthrob when i was young i loved him i feel so sad too hear of his death. R.I.P Davey Jones
Way to young................... Thanks for the good memories you gave me in my youth.
i'm sad. my mom always listened to them with me and we watched the show in reruns. RIP Davy
The good ones always die young!
how very sad... he will be missed
Awww. Wow. That's too bad. I have very fond memories of the Monkees. RIP, Davy.
Those Monkees sure had some wonderful tunes. RIP DJ
RIP Davey.
I also was not raised in your era, rather the mid 70's to early 80's, but still, God Bless ya my friend. Your music with the Monkees will live on forever.
Oh man, now I do feel old, one of my favorite groups back in the day, sad,sad,sad
Maybe? But I did buy the KI$$ ones so...

I had such a crush on him when I was a kid. :(
Awwww.. so sad. He had such a great voice.
brian m
I FAR prefer The Monkee's music over the Beatles and for the fact that he was in the greatest "pop" (ie not Rock) band of that era (maybe ever) he deserves a place in music folklore.

That and because he caused another Davy Jones change his name, to David Bowie.

RIP Davy.
May his soul rest in peace in heaven.
If there was a place called heaven for human souls, God would vacate asap
Very sad to hear. Daydream Believer, Last Train to Clarksville, and I'm a Believer have always been regulars on my play list. Rest in peace Davey - thanks for the great music that will last forever.
Very sorry to hear this. I remember watching the Monkees when I was growing up. They were great fun. RIP
We will miss him but his music will live in us forever
Today there is no black or white, only shades of gray.
Happy Memories of singing along Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory Davy.
R.I.P Davy Jones ......thank you for the memories
Ditto, I loved you growing up....I had all your records and watch the show.
That really, really stinks! Be at peace Davy. You brought me many, many daydreams!
Who will forget... Hey hey hey we are the Monkeys and HR Puffandstuff
R.I.P Davy Jones we will miss you. but you leave some good memories behind.will be thinking off you & your family. sweet dreams Davy Jones.
So sad. I do remember all the girls having such a crush on him! He wa so darned cute!
Very sad. A sign of the times, I learn breaking news from either G+ or Fb.
RIP Davy...thank you for all the music and the memories
What an absolute bummer...
I had the biggest crush on him. ;(
As a kid growing up in the '60's, we were all daydream believers in our own way. Godspeed Davy.
My very first celebrity crush. Rest peacefully, David.
The first single I ever bought with my own hard earned babysitting money was Day Dream Believer, I loved the Monkeys and had my first proper crush on Davy Jones, sad, sad news.
Is that Justin Bieber's Father????
I am so bummed! never met tha guy ..but the Monkeys sure entertained me in thier own unique fashion back in the days of no internet rok davey ..peace be with you!
His passing brings back so many memories of childhood days and growing up. Weekday afternoon television just before dinner was served. Those 2 classic songs: "Daydream Believer" and "I'm a Believer" will last forever.
I'm so saddened by the news of his passing, such a sweet guy. I had a major crush on him back in the 70's. RIP Davy.
Used the song " I'm a believer" to base the Shreck stories on, RIP Davy!
Its truly ashame my mom grew up listining to them. R.I.P
Noooo even though im not from that generation the monkees are amanzing!!!!
I loved their music. So long Davy.
RIP Davy.
You were my favorite of the group.
so sad I enjoyed them growing up ..... hey hey its the monkees davey,mikey, ringo,paul.....
looks like he's from the beetles
It's so sad my parents and I both loved the bad and they grew up with it
not sure if it was ringo that was beetles ringo .... def davey,mikey, peter, no paul or ringo duh
How sad, and how well I remember singing along with my daughters when "I'm a Believer" came on the TV.
to paraphrase the pixies "this monkee's gone to heaven".
A part of a fun new movement in musical history, who will be remembered with great fondness x
So sad!! I loved the Monkees growing up. RIP Davy
i dont really know who that was, i never actually heard of him, but i still feel bad!
Abbey H
Awwwww:( now I'm sad and I just baked a cake all by my self too:( 
Abbey H
I love their music!!
omg i so loved Davy may u rest with angels
This is so sad... I always come home and watch their show's re-runs... it is so weird to think that he's dead. Much love. RIP Davy
Rip Davey Jones, was always a huge fan
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I lost my Mom last year and she was 66...thats way too young. R.I.P -
:( Watching the Monkees was something I remember well from my childhood. G'bye, Davy.
So very sad. I loved the Monkees when I was a little girl. Bless you Davy Jones.
So sad. I had such a crush on him when I was a kid.
Aww. That's sad. Crazy. I remember watching re-runs of The Monkey's TV show on Nick at Nite. That's how I even knew anything about them.
Between my wife and I we had most of the Monkees albums, and made it a point to catch the TV show every week. Rest In Peace.
Sad, he was my fav Monkey. R.I.P.
He was an man..husband..Fortunate to do the work he loved..sing and dance. I enjoyed him!
He is going to be sadly missed, But I know I will never forget him...I am so lucky to have the Monkee Theme on my phone, so I get to hear it everytime someone sends me a text...A Davey Jones Fan Forever!!!
My wife will be heartbroken when she hears.
I predict a return of the vulcan hair dou..
My name is Jean and every time I heard "Cheer up Sleepy Jean" I liked to think Davey was
Singing to me! I will miss you Davey. RIP!
Enjoy what comes next Davy.... nice job this round.
Davey was my first real crush. Would always race to watch the Monkees! RIP!
Noooooo! RIP, Davy. Thanks for all the catchy tunes...
Very sad news not old at all.. I loved watching the monkeys as a kid.
Hey Hey we're the Monkees! Used to Loooove that show and my 33 and 1/3 album~ Here's to Davey Jones!
RIP Davey. You had a great impact on music. Hey David Bowie ended up David Bowie vs. David Jones thanks to you. Thanks for the music.
Big part of my teenage years. Thanks for all the top class entertainment - RIP
This is so sad! I was so in love with him when I was growing up.
He took the last train to sad.
+Marco Calibani Okay, seriously... I truly believe that even Mr. Jones--wherever he may now be--is laughing and laughing at that comment of yours.
The first band I ever played with in 1966 ( I was 12 ) covered Last Train To Clarksville. They were huge when I was a teenager. Sad to see him gone.
Damn I don't believe Davy is gone. I used to watch the monkies growing up.
Davy, may you find your way home, love and peace.
I loved watching the Monkees every Saturday morning as a kid. Very sad news. Davey Jones is gone, but not forgotten
I watched you as a kid and enjoyed it. R.I.P. Davy :'(
Q Bick
awwwwwwww! that's sad. don't know who the Monkees are, but still very sad. :(
Lol like pirates of the Caribbean Davy Jones
Loved the show as a kid.
He was why David Bowie changed hs name. Underrated band
R.I.P Davy. We will all miss you. But at now you will be a daydream believer. Looking down from us heaven.
Bye Davey, you were one of the greats. (in my time)
Oh and I loved your show as a kid LOL
super sad that he died he had awesome songs!!!
aw. i love "i'm a believer". so sad he died
No more monkeying around :( RIP Davy
So sad to hear this. Love the Monkees music.....My prayers are with his family and friends......
Sad when anyone dies, but the Monkeys were a joke!
rob M.
man i loved watching the Monkees on tv as a kid, they didn't take themselves too seriously & considering the way big media worked in those days, they did a cool job. RIP Davey Jones.
Yes I know who the Monkeys were, the three song mentioned above the photo were hits those days & I also remember Davy Jones of the Monkeys. I was still at school those days. Condolences to family & friends. He will be remembered by us here in South Africa who new his music. The Lord will be with u all.
Wow. Looks like our years just do not last now a days. What the hello.
I was a fan in the 60's..great band !!
Rest in Peace Davy and Thankyou
".. and our good times start and end"
I could sing his songs; this is from THE day!
Used to watch him when my kids were growing up. Loved it!
I'll always remember him from Escape from witch mountain.
I'm deeply traumatised at the news of his passing. Much loved but also maybe a reminder of how old I am getting.
that is very sad we will miss him
so sad he will be dearly missed!
Time to watch "The Monkees" tv-show again...
Can't we swab Marcia Brady's cheek and grow a NEW Davey Jones from the DNA? She promised to never wash it.
One of my favourite when I was a kid. I watched the Monkees every day after school. A sign of reaching that age when your childhood heros are all slowly leaving.
Not a big oldies fan but they r deff an awesome band and its a shame to c this news
i was listening a while ago to NPR and that's where i heard the news
S Chapo
RIP Mr Jones. Thanks for ur musical talents.
He's your real father +Elyse Sauber... sorry you had to find out like this.
Condolences to the family. Sad sad.
I enjoyed his music and his TV show. RIP
My deepest prayers for the family!
Davey, Peter, Mickey and who?
It was such a zany show! I watvhed it too as a kid.
Awwww....he will be missed.
I used to run home after scool to watch the Monkeys, to bad.
We just dealt with the death of Whitney Houston and both deaths touched us as part of americana
Such a shame I adored Davy when I was little :-(
isnt he that octopus face guy from pirates of the carribean
Wow, he looked really young!
I'm going to miss this tambourine banging Monkee. I loved this show. I always felt like if Scooby Doo was live action in the 70's it would be sort of like The Monkees, which would have been of been odd since I was born in the 80's.
Another one gone.
So, does he throw himself in the locker or is there someone else appointed?
Oh. Glad I'm not dead, I guess.
Didn't know he was still alive
A friend of mine has a photo with him she just put on facebook ,I had a serious crush on him when I was young
I remember singing "Hey, hey we're the Monkees" and "I'm a Believer" along with him. RIP Davey!
Never heard if them either.... But its a pretty funky name. Haha.... r.i.p.
I remember watching The Monkeys as a kid He will be missed
I may only be 25,but growing up I remember watching the show all the time with my mom.We still catch the reruns sometimes. Monkeying around in heaven! R.I.P Davy
I Remember the "Monkeys" I use to listen to their music when i was 12 yrs. old....
I am sorry to heard that missed him so much as long a time of singer. 
Ah man this really suxs! That dude was as much as an icon as the Beatles or Jacksons or the Partridge and Osmonds. Those of us who grew up on 60s and 70s Sitcoms know what time it is.....🎉🎥👷
"To a day dream believer and a homecoming queen... " Love ya man!!👸🙇
Wow, what a loss. I loved that show "The Monkies" He was also on an episode of the Brady Bunch. Great voice. Epic loss.
Rest in peace ... I remember the monkeys.
Sorry to see you go. I still have the albums.
vu phan
Sad.....poor guy you know funny I'm 90s person of year I'm in I'm sure he has alot incomment with me if I knew more about him I'm sure I would like guy as bro things but sad see a believer go away like another has known of.
Even sad see same of faded person I though ones was a guy has full of spirit up.
I had no idea he was so involved and actually the tv show was such a small small piece of who and what he was.. RIP Davey Jones
I loved him and his his group( monkees) over the beatles.........he will be prayers are with his family and friends
you'll be missed.. thoughts & prayers for your family..
That's one helluva unibrow. Nevertheless, my condolences to his family and friends. I may have not grown up in the generation of music he was in, but I still enjoyed his music.
You were a big part of my young life. Thank you.
Thanks for the memories David, grew up with the monkeez
davy jones died of a heart attack? how come?! his heart was in a locker. anyway RIP
Did everyone die of a heart attack last night...?!
God bless you for the memories Dave from Puerto Rico RIP. 
May he rest in peace and rise in glory. Lord, hear us.
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