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Zimmerman medical report shows broken nose, lacerations after Trayvon Martin shooting

+ABC News reports that a medical report compiled by the family physician of accused Trayvon Martin murderer George Zimmerman found that Zimmerman was diagnosed with a "closed fracture" of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he fatally shot Martin during an alleged altercation.

Zimmerman faces a second degree murder charge for the Feb. 26 shooting that left the unarmed 17-year-old high school junior dead. Zimmerman has claimed self defense in what he described as a life and death struggle that Martin initiated by accosting him, punching him in the face, then repeatedly bashing his head into the pavement.

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Photo: George Zimmerman appears for a bond hearing at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility on April 12, 2012 (Gary W. Green / Orlando Sentinel / +The Associated Press)
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It's an unfortunate thing that happened to the other person involved. This guy approached someone with a gun, and used it. I'm not sure if injuries he sustained change much, considering he might not have received them had he and his gun not confronted someone.
Why did this bit of information never make the news before this? Two black eyes....? Something is not as it appears. Whatever that might mean.
Hard to believe it was a life and death struggle. Most likely he was just really pissed off about getting his ass kicked by a high school student.
I think the more important question I have is what did Zimmermen do to Trayvon before he shot him? It seems that Trayvon did attack Zimmermen but why? Why would he attack him? Maybe Zimmermen was following him in the shadows and Trayvon got scared or maybe he continuously stalked and accosted him and Trayvon got fed up. That should really be the focus on this story... what led to the shooting.
If he was defending himself then there has to be some evidence on Trayvon's hands, nails that could prove this. I personally don't believe Zimmerman but that's my own opinion. The police weren't exactly cooperating with the investigation and would know to check for evidence.
I guess that explains why there was a news crew in front of the neighborhood again today. I don't mind that they report on the story, but why the hell do they have to keep coming back to the neighborhood to do it? There's nothing to see here.
I'd have given him a broken nose if he was running after me. Based on his previous domestic assaults that his judge Daddy "took care of" and saying on the stand he thought the kid was his age while on the 911 call he said that it was a kid in his late teens, I don't give credence to his "self defense" reasoning.
Also, why would Travon take the time to grab the skittles and his drink if he was being chased by someone with a gun? Afterall who in their right mind would hold on to the skittles and drink while smashing someone's face into the ground? Doesn't add up.
So, if the young man was being muscled by Zimmerman, what do u expect him to do?.....FIGHT BACK!!!...If any human feels threatened he will fight for his life!!!
The way I figure was perhaps the cops did it to help Zimmerman's case since obviously they knew the charge against him and knew he would have to have some sort of defense.
It stands to reason that if Zimmerman attacked the Kid, he would fight back
I'd agree with that, +Steve Barnes, if he didn't approach the victim with a gun after assessing the situation. Who's assaulting and who's defending themselves in this case? Even without a witness it shouldn't matter who attacked who first, when the person approaching the other with a gun ended up shooting the person he approached.
+Steve Barnes Just because he has a concealed weapons license does not mean he can just go following people and getting into situations where he now has to defend his life. You walk up on any reasonable person ACCUSING them of being something they are not you might get your nose broken and a black eye also... And I thought he was on his way to TARGET why are you carrying a gun in your waist ban on your way to Target... GZ left home guns blazing....
We know he didn't make it to target and TM didn't make it home from the corner store... GZ should have just dialed 911 reported what he saw and went on about his business...
I think they are giving him the death penalty or life without parole
+Tempest Rising It's Florida. Lots of people carry weapons to target. For some, it's just a way of life.
+Steve Barnes George should then have stayed on the phone with the 911 operator since he was "scared" of the teen and also have told Trayyvon that cops were the way so he better stop scaring him with Skittles and iced tea.
+John Larson No, but that's not the criteria for the defense. The criteria is whether GZ feared for his life or safety. If he was getting his head pummeled into the asphalt, then I suspect there's a good chance he was afraid.
I def agree with +Jeumayne Dummett and Trayvon fought back as he should have bc a nosey, neighborhood watcher and wannabe cop came to harass him with a loaded weapon as he walked home with some Skittles and Arizona Sweet Tea. Zimmerman should face 1st degree murder among other charges. +Steve Barnes read more on the story Zimmerman was following (stalking/harassing) him before it happened. Zimmerman had a gun looking, and prepared for confrontation. Trayvon had Skittles and sweet tea...hmmmm.
Is there DNA evidence to corroborate GZ's claim? Was there any blood or other DNA evidence on the pavement? Did the police even collect any evidence?
+Dennis Tenn, I don't think any of us know these answers. Oh wait - you're doing one of those rhetorical things.
I have to say that looking at GZ's picture I get the feeling that I wouldn't trust the guy. Call it a gut feeling. Not that it matters in the case.
+William Beem I live in Texas we carry to CHURCH lol GZ had the right to carry a gun and TM had the right to be in that neighborhood and the right to LIFE who is GZ to take that away?
I remember reading about a woman in Florida who defended herself by shooting a warning shot at her abusive husband. Mind you that noone was killed, but I believe she got 20 years for that?
+Dennis Tenn She doesn't have a retired judge for her Daddy, so she can't use "Stand your ground" law as Georgiepie did.
+Tempest Rising Trust me, we'd all be happier if this had never happened. I was in Savannah that night and didn't hear about it when I came home the next day. Then I saw Sybrina Fulton on TV a few days later. I can't see how anyone couldn't be moved by her genuine grief and confusion over what happened to her son.

One of the things that I hope comes out of this case is the dire consequences of using a weapon. One young man is dead, and another will never have the life he knew before. It's just bad all the way around.
Still deserves time in jail. Who receives bail for 2nd degree murder?
+Isaac Scafe Lots of people receive bail for 2nd degree murder. That's the way the system is supposed to work. You're forgetting the innocent until proven guilty part of the law.
+Dennis Tenn I know. And it's more Florida "justice", eg Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson and now George Zimmerman getting away with murder.
+William Beem So true. There should be Gun Training Laws for private citizens who have concealed weapons licenses. A required # of CE hours on Gun Use every year you are licensed or something...
Ah, a lengthy discussion about a sensitive topic that hasn't resulted in insults!
How considerate of everyone.
+John Larson My point is that Justice is supposed to be fair. I don't see how any of this is fair. Not for the woman who defended herself in much the way that GZ claims to have, even though she didn't kill anyone. Yet GZ may walk after killing someone.
+Isaac Scafe And then does not disclose ALL sources of income which allowed the low bail in the first place... SMH There is just to much funny stuff going on with GZ
+Sabeena LoBello OJ Simpson was in California, not Florida. Casey Anthony was brought to trial and the prosecution could not meet its burden of proof. GZ has yet to face his trial.
+Tempest Rising I agree! My cop buddy and I were talking about that problem. You can get a concealed weapons permit in Florida without ever having to demonstrate that you know how to handle a weapon. That's just stupid.

There should be mandatory training for a CW permit here - including a good view of what happens if you shoot someone.
LOL@ +Travis Blair. Maybe all the insults are taking place on whatever the ToiletTuesday is trending on G+ right now.

+William Beem Didn't OJ move to FL after getting away with his murders? That's what I was thinking.
Family physician? I want to see the report of the EMTs on the scene.
All I'm saying is that all the evidence coming out so far backs up Zimmerman's story. Not saying it's what really happened, but the evidence seems to back it up so far.
Silence people who tell me about the inside and outs of the law even though im 12!!!!!!!!
+C. Paul Courtney Exactly I know my Family Physician will hook me up lol It's nothing to call your regular doctor's office for a (return to work) note. Why not get a my nose was broken note. Where is the EMT report from the scene where he was initially seen and cleaned up that says all these things? Lost in translation I suppose.
I'm afraid this might lead people to actually kill someone and claim self defense to avoid long term jail time.

edit: Since there wouldn't be anyone to claim otherwise.
I won't be surprised if there's no onsite EMT report. I think it was the police department that supposedly cleaned him u. But since the same PD drug tested Trayyvon, but not George, they probably didn't record his injuries. They don't sound very professional.
This is really no big deal to me. One solid punch to the nose would black your eyes and as he fell hit his head on the pavement. The injuries don't necessarily suggest the kid was beat him mercilessly.
+Steve Barnes I feel you. I really do. We have a lot of innocent men and women in our prison system and we will have to wait for all the evidence to be presented. But my heart as I think most of the worlds goes out to the innocent young man who lost his LIFE, who was judged as a suspicious character, and not even given the opportunity to plead his case to the police who showed up minutes after he was gunned down. And whether he attacked GZ or not TMs innocence ranks higher on my lets have mercy on the innocent meter than GZ Sorry Dude. He will just have to get his facts straight before he goes banging up the block in the name of justice next time. or option B. Stay his ass in the car and WAIT for the POLICE like the man told him too. See so no remorse for the man that goes looking for trouble, isn't that what they say?
+Steve Barnes I can't argue that there are many who would stand ready to convict GZ and it's wrong to think he's guilty before being proven innocent. Noone deserves that. I'm just hoping that the real truth comes out, and not some fabricated truth that leads to legal justice, which we all know can bend with the wind based on which lawyer can outsmart the other.
+Tempest Rising If GZ's story is correct (and I'm not saying it is), then TM was not innocent. He instigated the incident.
Either way, TM and GZ both lose in this case. Too bad it didnt just go down like:

GZ : hey man... Im doin the neighborhood watch...whats up?

TM: just comin back from the store headed back to the house.

GZ: no prob... Later

TM: Later

So sad

+Paul Chinn No GZ is to sneaky for me. I'll bank on the investigations being done. +Steve Barnes Agreed. The remorse of killing TM and knowing he was not doing what GZ accused him of will eat at GZ for the rest of his life if he is not convicted of a crime. Personal demons are so much worse than anything anyone else can put you through.
+Marcus Roberts GZ: Hey man Im doing the neighborhood watch... what's up?

Sounds like someone had neighborhood watch training!!! #IfOnly
I have a young son and I teach him to never start fights or be a bully. But if confronted and he feels threatened, I tell him to defend himself. GZ should have stayed in his place and let the police handle the situation.
+Isaac Scafe Fine, I won't tell you about the law. I'll tell you about grammar. You don't need to use multiple exclamation marks. One will suffice. It already means the same thing as a dozen of them in a row, but you don't look illiterate by using only one.
+Henk Henk No, they don't fire warning shots. Bullets have a tendency to go places, so you don't fire that gun except to hit your target.
I agree with +William Beem in that warning shots are for the movies only. If you draw a weapon, expect to use it. If you use it, expect to kill.

I disagree with +William Beem in that this ain't high school English class. You can use as many exclamation marks as your heart desires.
+C. Paul Courtney You may disagree, but you know in your heart that I'm right. Wait, let me rephrase that.

u kno I'm rite!!!!!
Lol injuries or not, he should not of had the gun or followed him.... Guilty!! Neighborhood Watch.... Keyword WATCH
+Henk Henk According to ABC News, that was a photo taken at the scene before GZ was taken to the police department.
+Jose Valencia He was legally permitted to carry a firearm. While I question his judgment about following someone, it doesn't automatically make him guilty of any crime for the two things you mentioned.
What our society needs to address is why we have firearms, why are guns available to people.We will never live in a fully civilized society as long as guns are available and used.

Stop and think what guns and firearms are causing.All the lives lost, all the lives lost to prison.Think about this: it goes against humanity, against god, against every moral judgment to take a life and yet we make available to ourselves the very same thing that destroys us, guns.

Where do you think we will end up with more and more people using guns?
+carlos rosales A well regulated Militia,being necessary to the security of a free State,the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,shall not be infringed.
+carlos rosales cases like this are the exception, not the rule. The majority of deaths in this country by firearm are done by people wielding illegal firearms, not legal ones. Taking legal firearms away will only exacerbate the problem, the black market and other illegal venues won't shut down just because average Joe can't get a gun anymore.

Of course guns are causing problems, but the people causing the problems won't stop causing them no matter what kind of legislation is in place. It would be as ridiculous of an idea as prohibition.
Not to mention the fact that if you waved a magic wand and got rid of guns people would just kill each other with knives.
+carlos rosales One could also apply your statement to a person who is killed because they have no means to defend themselves.
+BJ Cardon I see your point.But you do know that other countries have stronger gun control and their citizens see no problem with it. I mean, are you really thinking there's a war coming to your neighborhood, please...
I don't know gentlemen, i just think we have problems...hate to see people killing eachother , call me a pacifist brothers
+carlos rosales I don't think so, but that isn't definitive. Just because you probably won't have to use a gun doesn't mean you should not be allowed to have one.

The UK is a good example, they banned firearms as high up as the police. Did crime rates go down? No. Did gun related crime go down? No. There is no correlation between gun ownership and gun related crime.

You're right that gun related crime is sad, however we live in a world where, one way or another, that is going to happen. You can't legislate yourself out of it any more than you can legislate yourself out of people drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.
Funny how he had those injuries NOW, and no photos were documented of them and there weren't even any mention of them before. Things that make you go hmmm.
Dan B.
Or, funny they were not shown by the local media because it would have hurt their chances at making a great story to keep the race war waged.

As far as I know, none of us were there...
Dan B.
So, I take it you were there and saw it happen then? You speak as an authority on what actually happened? Lot's of assuming going on...
"Zimmerman was diagnosed with a "closed fracture" of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he fatally shot Martin" It says it here, injuries happened after the shooting. Unless you believe he got struck in the face in both eyes and still able to shoot Trayvon dead.
+Andrew Wilson it doesn't say that at all. It says he went to the doctor the day after the shooting, which makes sense because the shooting happened in the middle of the night when all doctor's offices are closed and he may have not considered the wounds life threatening enough to go to the emergency room.

I don't know if this guy killed Martin unprovoked or not, but I think too many people are too ready to jump to the conclusion that he was in the wrong when there are no real facts to support either position right now.
And clearly the teen walking home with Skittles and tea for his little brother didn't start the fight. He wasn't the one on "patrol". He was the one being pursued for no reason.
+C. Paul Courtney Clearly? How do you know? Ah, you don't. You're making an assumption and substituting it for facts that you don't have.
+William Beem if you have it to use, sometimes its ok to use common sense. No matter what they feed you on Fox News.
+C. Paul Courtney I've never watched Fox News. I don't own a gun. If you want to use common sense, start by admitting that you really don't know what happened that night instead of making up stuff to suit your frame of mind.
Take it easy +William Beem It was a general statement, not aimed at any specific indivdual. Jokes, dude. Jokes.
The people who are privy to the information saw fit to charge Zimmerman with a crime. That's a fact based on more than you or I can say with any authority.
BTW, how can you never have watched Fox News? Unless you don't have a television.
+C. Paul Courtney Jokes don't translate well online. All I see is text. I can't read your mind to know if you meant something that didn't translate to print.

Yes, Zimmerman was charged with a crime. I'm fine with that. A young man is dead, and that deserves intense scrutiny.

I haven't watched Fox News. Just never felt a need to check it out. There are plenty of news broadcasts that I don't watch.
2 black eyes, lacerations to the head and broken nose from a 17 skinny kid, and he managed to shoot the gun accurately. Wow he is some guy. The video of him at the police station after the incident showed no injuries what so ever. LIAR!
The EMT who first responded on the scene says that GZ had definite injuries on the back of his head - at least a 1/2 in wide. He had abrasions on his forehead, cheeks & face. His nose was swollen.

Just heard this on WESH news (NBC affiliate in the area). Apparently this is evidence that was just released.

Also, GZ's father is stating that he has no doubt that the person screaming for help that night was George.
Now they're showing newly released evidence photos of GZ. You definitely see everything mentioned by the EMT. Blood on the back of his head, abrasions on his face, etc. These photos are inside of a building, not taken outdoors. Also shows him with a healthy goatee, which I don't recall seeing before.
+Steve Barnes if it were your kid that got shot how would you feel. If you were being stalked by someone in a vehicle then on foot, would you start fearing for you life? This young man had no choice but to defend himself. Once GZ got his ass kicked he used his weapon but you can't claim self defense when you provoked the situation. This was ultimately avoidable....too bad young Martin isn't here to tell his side of the story.
Zimmerman clearly provokes Martin. He followed him in the 911 call after being told NOT to. Martin was defending himself from a guy who made 40+ 911 calls in a year most of which he was targeting black males. If Zimmerman gets away with this, I have lost faith in the US judicial system. As is I have very little hope or faith for this country.
Martin wasn't defending himself against the smaller weaker man, he was enraged that someone had tagged him as suspicious; and therefore he started beating up on him.

Nor does "This young man had no choice but to defend himself" make sense. All the evidence indicates that he eventually sought to confront Zimmerman after initially running away. If Zimmerman's gun had been out already, then the confrontation would have gone differently tool; neighborhood wouldn't have heard 15-20 calls for help.

And the 40+ 911 calls in a year are part of his Neighborhood Watch role -- if you're gonna judge this against him, then all you're doing is ensuring that fewer people call the police, and more tragedies will occur. If he hadn't called 911 this time in advance, I'm sure you'd have been seen as even more guilty than he currently is. "Why didn't he call 911?" you'd have said.

Zimmerman may have caused this in the beginning by following Martin; but he also sought to end it peacefully by shouting for help, while Martin was giving him serious injuries instead.
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