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Neil Armstrong, the 1st man on the moon, has died at age 82

+NBC News reports that Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died Saturday, weeks after heart surgery and days after his 82nd birthday.

Armstrong commanded the Apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, and he radioed back to Earth the historic news of "one giant leap for mankind." He spent nearly three hours walking on the moon with fellow astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin.

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Ron Ng
RIP Neil ... 
I remember watching this on TV.
R.I.P. Neil, Rover will take it from here. 
Sad news.  I was very young, bu I remember . . .
WOW :( May his soul rest in peace !
But good 4 him.... what an amazing life he lived ... Wish i could be the first in sth , so when i died , i would be happy i have done the best i could do  !
Another person, who would not settle for less. RIP.
RIP. In coelo quies est ~ In Heaven there is rest. Epitaph of his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. 
One small loss for Neil, one giant loss for man kind!
RIP, I was 15 and will never forget that moment.
RIP sir, I shall always remember you, Back in 69 I along with the the rest of the world then was glued to our sets waiting for him to speak.  What greater words could have been said will never equal his!
Yes Earl, he is one of the few who actually did something truly amazing, rather than doing the usual celebrity stuff. RIP
He took about the most historic step in history. 
Via con dios el hero de Americanos.
great loss to scientist and human being
The world has lost one oh the greatest heros of the 20th century.
Wouldn't it be awesome if he was cremated and placed on the moon?
America won't forget the great. RIP Neil Armstrong
The only man to tell the truth of what he saw on the moon. Giant leap
Wd just lost the first link on space history, I don't know what to say... 
Another childhood hero gone. R.I.P. Neil.
thats sad cuz sally ride died to she was tje first famalee in space
Jim L.
Thank you, Neil, for inspiring generations to reach for the stars. I hope your new journey answers all of your unanswered questions. 
RIP,  if only more people were as honorable and courageous
RIP to a great American hero. The world will never forget.
One of the bravest men to every explore another world..... thank you for inspiring the dreams of a world.
i'm glad he got to see Curiosity's incredible landing on mars, and all that promises.
R.I.P the greatest pilot and explorer. He was a true American/World Hero!
Rip Neil. One of the great moments in history is slowly disappearing. We need humans in space.
That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.
stand in silent tribute 
One of the few true heroes and a man who deservedly will be remembered for many many years to come.
Wow! What a great man, too bad even the greats have to leave us.
Very sad loss my prayers to his family and friends . We lost a great man but heaven gained a great angel you will b missed
Sorry to hear about this.  What an incredible life.
Another hero of my youth. Soar old man, soar!
We need more space exploration, the history is disappearing.
Rip your mark left on in the history books wont be forgoten.
One of the greatest legends known to mankind
A journey which you had started... to be continued...
R.I.P Neil Armstrong! Truly one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!!!
Incredible. What a man of such historical significance for the world. Our thoughts go out to this man's family.
A true pioneer who set the mark for everyone else who followed. RIP Mr. Armstrong
Love ya man. Ya'll remain in our hearts forever.May ya soul RIP
its a great lose...we will miss in peace...
+Boozama Oz
Yea conspiracy theories again... we never went to the moon, 9/11 was an inside job, aliens killed JFK, soviet won the cold war, al qaudea doesnt exists... easy to make up the truth aint it??
One of a few people that have left their mark on the earth and the moon! RIP Neil Armstrong
Totally a bummer. Good man. Rest in peace Sir.
A great man who led a great life, we all should do as well, R.I.P
Yes. A good and brave man. Rest in peace.
god bless him.we wish thosands new .armstrongs will come on the earth,lives with us.we will not forgate him.
an amazing man, will always be remembered, a real inspiration. R.I.P Neil Armstrong.
R.I.P Neil, this man risked his own life to show the world what moon looks like, a real hero!
He is awesome.....first moonwalkkk......
Another small step taken. At least this one will not be full of conspiracy theories. R.I.P
RIP to a man who inspired a generation and who,s journey will continue to inspire even with the incredible advances the curiosity is making. The amazing voyage he made gave me a million things to dream about and hope to achieve one day.
Sailor rest your oar.

We have lost a part of history.
I watched the landing live in "69", same week as i got married. Hope they send his ashes to the moon, a fitting resting place. RIP
RIP to the one that faked the landing on the moon! :/
A modest but courageous hero. I have heard that he risked his own life in trying to find a safe landing spot for the LEM on that historic mission. Houston was seconds from giving the abort command but Neil and Buzz found a place and set down safely. 
Thanks for everything Neil! Rest in peace.
realy he was 1st man who walk on the moon? there was a challenge ...
God bless and rest in peace what a life he had
Walking on the moon can you imagine it
Wow only men who had done honest and great things leave the greatest memories behind.
RIP most venerable gentleman & pioneering explorer.
you might have left earth, but u showed us to reach elsewhere.. beauty beyond earth... salutes and respects to the hero.. rest in peace.. your memories and stories will always keep inspiring the generations to come..
Sorry for the loss of such a great man may his soul rest in unending life. and sorry to americans and the world at large. 
May he rest in peace. What a man of courage, a real hero.
Rip, sad the only person that knows the truth of if we landed in the moon or not
Da world vl remember him forever..@-}--
Legend i will never forget his 1rst voyage .world hero
And with him may have gone the truth about the way to moon...
So sad, such a prominent man in United States history. Rest in Peace Neil, for as long as mankind exists your name will live on.
can you believe we put a man on the moon,a boy rember i small step for man i giant leap for man kind. i waved at him.
i remember when i was kid at school. R.I.P.
One of the few true gods among men. The only proper way to remember this man is to return to space in force and continue to make giant leaps for man kind.
Hex es
Thank you for being awesome! Say Hi to my Dad! RIP
Yes he will always be remembered as the first person to walk on the moon. What a legacy!!!!
The moon will not be the same with out you, Neil. I know you're in a better place now, so R.I.P. Neil.
Rob Bob
" Houston,Tranquility Base here,the Eagle has landed"
Thanks Neil, you did the stuff most kids only dream about. RIP
Neil armstrong, not only the first man but also a great hero. A gift from my heart- yellow rose reminds one of the sun. A yellow rose is given out to show joy, happiness, friendship and welcome. U re no more but still lives in our heart. will all miss u. May ur soul rest in pace. 
R. I. P. Mr Armstrong. You've inspired millions.
RIP Neil Armstrong, one giant man who made a leap for mankind.
Man with a remarkable history behind ;"Nëil Armstrong" will always bë remembered . R.I.P
MY appologies  Mr. Armstrong is one of this countries greater heros
An inspiration to mankind. He furthered our curiosity, our ability, achievements, and drive to discover. 

I remember when I was a child and had first learned that we had been to the moon, walked on the moon, that it didn't seem like such a far and distant place after all. After that, I began to wonder, to dream about further space exploration. I distinctly remember pondering that if we had been to the moon, then the rest of space was now just another generation, just another dreamer away. I salute you sir and for all that you have done to intrigue and open up the minds of young ones around the world. 
An American hero. God welcome him home
Eki Drg
R.I.P Mr. Neil :'(
may good give him an absolute peech
I mentioned this to a friend.  "Is that the guy who races bicycles?"  *SMH*  Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Armstrong.
Great work he did for mankind
RIP Neil - Great man, great impact on mankind
Many a child of the 60's looked up to him - and we will continue to do so.
RIP sad news, what it must have been like stepping on the moon I have always dreamt about
My dad was born when he was taking his first steps on the moon... Rip Neil
Very sad...An American icon gone....:(
A true American, and someone that countless numbers of kids and adults could look up to. He will be missed.
R.I.P Neil Armstrong. You were an amazing asset to American History.
May his next journey be full of wonderment. Rest in peace, Neil.
Why is everyone saying sad and omg. The man lived a good life and lived to 85. He didn't die of drugs or anything like.
First man to walk on a surface not of Earth. He did it. No real words to express that. 
A true American hero. A dying breed for sure. (No pun intended.)
Emma R
So sad RIP
Hmmm it's sad R.I.P
Check out his later in life documentary appearances. Toward the end he quit caring so much about his confidentiality agreements and started revealing interesting info about the cold war era NASA program.
Thanks for everything Neil, you are an inspiration.
good bye spaceboy..we always remember u..
Back to the stars from where we came.
RIP Neil hope the family is ok
R.I.P. legend Thks 4 the first steps of the future. 
im sure they will make a nice memorial for him
RIP. Thanks for inspiring all of us who ever dreamed of taking one giant leap for mankind.
Sad, I watched it live on TV back in "69"
God Bless You! Thank you for your service to our country. The best to uour family. Steve Cole Ontario, California United States of America.
RIP you will be remembered always 
Can anybody tell why he became Muslim.
They should bury him on the moon.
R.I.P. to a great American icon/hero
A man whose name will be remembered forever. A true first.
Never met him,but very sad news.
A true inspiration...One Day a Ghanaian will also walk on the moon.
RIP Neil Armstrong... I would like to think you are up in the heavens looking down on us, but you kinda did that already.
Oh, how sad... Yet, he lived a life others could only dream of. Rest in peace, Neil. You've earned it...
Rest in peace you've made your mark in this world. 
Even if humanity disappears and civilization crumbles, Neil's steps on the Moon surface will forever remain as a fitting tribute to this great American Hero.. Godspeed Neil!
Not just an American hero but a really great guy and one helluva pilot. We lost a whole lot more than we know.
Rest in peace moon man. Now the moon, the planets, and all the stars are in your new living room.....
bummer, I had some questions I wanted to ask him, I suppose I could ask Buzz, but he's a bit of a nut job.
Rest in paradise, what an ingenious man.
Will always be remembered as a hero and will always remembered as a legend..
R I P neil.. X
All the GOOD men are going and it looks like only the BAD are left.  Bill Finch
R.I.P Neil Armstrong , you inspired me <3 . i wish to be an astronaut in the future too  .
God bless him,for having the courage to start the movement in this country that has helped people around the world.
Thanks for your small step that really was a giant leap for mankind. You made it possible for the people that now live out there in space station
RIP Neil Armstrong. Personal legend of mine. Buzz, you lose again! But you're probably happier this time. What is Michael Collins doing these days? The forgotten man of Apollo 11. 
RIP Neil, mankind will never forget you.
RIP Neil Armstrong, you will be missed
Long life to ur soul in this new elevation,ache
Giant death and giant loss for mankind
:( god bless him , he was a duper hero.
May God bless his soul. I was camping in the Ceder mountain of Lebanon when he landed on the moon.
Rest in peace sir, you were an inspiration to several generations
Rest in peace, you were a brave, bright man and you will be forever in our hearts. Best wishes to his family and friends.   
May your gentile soul rest in perfect peace.
Počivaj u miru,vječna mu slava,1969 godina,prvi čovjek koji je kročio na mjesec
First man on the moon
I wish i could've met him first
The moon landing was as fake as my girlfriend's orgasms.  We're married now. 
RIP Niel
I wish i could have met him first
One giant loss for mankind. RIP Neil.
A hero and pioneer of flight and aerospacr engineering gone...His footprints left on the moon are a romance of a bygone era when women dressed well and men dressed well and men dressed in suits. There was class and sophistication. Women were ladies and men were gentlemen. Neil Armstrong's footprints on the moon are both historical and symbolical of what they represent to America. He will be forever be remembered ad the FIRST MAN ON THE MOON. Rest in Peace Neil you are Home now.
Thanks Neil for taking that major step for all of us. RIP.
Rip to a pioneer.... May the stars welcome you home.
Damn. Damndamndamn. In too few years there'll be no one left to personally thump morons that claim the landings were fake.
im only 10 but i learned about him im science class he is amazing

Wow . . . A true inspiration. May we all pass, leaving such a legacy.
Thanks for taking that big step for us. RIP
Troy Hacker
Sad news.... One of my childhood heroes.

R. I. P. Neil.
Sad News.
I know he had been unwell recently, but I wonder if he saw or heard about the Mars Curiosity Rover landing?
I hope nobody forgets the man who's story inspired at least a generation of Astronauts, and indeed Engineers and Scientists.
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