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Certain soaps may cause newborns to test positive for marijuana, study suggests reports that a new study suggests that certain soaps used to wash babies shortly after birth may cause the baby to test positive for marijuana on some newborn screening tests.

In the study, urine samples that contained minute amounts of any of five baby soaps — Johnson & Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, J&J Bedtime Bath, CVS Night-Time Baby Bath, Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash and Aveeno Wash Shampoo — gave a positive result on a drug screening test for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana.

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Certain soaps used to wash babies shortly after birth may cause the baby to test positive for marijuana on some newborn screening tests, a new study suggests.
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Now that explains a lot why babies sleep soundly after the bath. :-)
YES! I'm going to smoke some soap...
<<< Waiting to see bubbles out of Jaz's smoke pipe.
Ben Handy
That would really suck if any of those babies was applying for a job.
Ya know, when you use "Breaking News" so often, it really loses its meaning. Why dont you try it when it actually means something.

Lol I forgot, you guys don't record anything good, only depressing.
Of course babies take drug tests, have you seen that child in africa that was smoking?
+Dustin Jones presumably in the USA.  Here in the UK, I have never taken a drug test in my life.
Why would babies be getting tested for Marijuana?
"Can you fill this please Mr Bond?"
"From over here?"
"are you on drugs son?" nope. that's the soap. 
They're gateway soaps. Before you know it they'll be using harder soap. This needs to be stopped. </sarcasm>
This prove that there is nothing better than use a natural and neutral soap for our babies.....
Meanwhile, let me take a bath full of baby soap :-P
Puff. Puff. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Who tests babies for drugs? And are they using tax payer money?
This is part of the Stupid problem we have.  Starts with hiring people you like rather than people who are qualified for the job. 
pssst....wanna buy some soap?
Just a reminder, not to use urine from a pregnant woman if your newborn has to take a soap test.

Doctor: your baby is on drugs and pregnant, otherwise he's fine.
+Eddie Chaplin Because in the US, in some states, if the mother/baby tests positive for some drugs she is jailed for child abuse/endangerment and the baby is put in foster care.
The testing itself is appalling. If the parent is completely spaced out, then that is one thing but if a test is needed to determine the presence of the stuff then it is an invasion of privacy.

You do have laws on privacy in the USA?
our constitution is fantastic if we could just get the government to operate within it.
That't the advantage of a Queen.  You can;t ignore her.  That would be rude and you all think that we are polite over here.
that explains the maddening hunger and lethargy
Why are we testing babies for marijuana?
+Brian Castle +David LaCivita  its done in cases where a parent is suspected of exposing a child to drugs. They don't expect that a baby is smoking a joint. They are testing the baby for second hand contaminants.
I didn't read the article but why are newborns being tested for weed?
Why was the kid tested? Because not all mothers are responcible enough to not drink, smoke, or do drugs while pregnant and hospitals are known to do these tests on new borns.
Sounds like it's time for some updated tests. 
I'm sure, some idiot will try to extract "good stuff" from baby soaps:)))
It's not right, making babies smoke soap.
I use Johnson & Johnson Head-to-Toe, but I don't inhale.
"Certain soaps may cause newborns to test positive for marijuana"   and nothing will happen to the babies... 
Blake B
It would probably be healthier to just rub pot on them instead of these chemical concoctions. I use soap everyday and will probably die of cancer or some other freak disfiguring mutation due to all these wonderful products we all love to use. As usual, "all the news that isn't".
It is funny that the soaps that are best for babies makes them test positive for thc. What does that tell you. Weed is everywhere.
+Emily Grim it tells you that people are super paranoid about a substance that relatively harmless.   We need to focus on real issues (like oh i don't know education) but people are too busy with false positives from a test that shouldn't be done in the first place.  I think there is too much money to be had by making a mountain out of a grain of sand. Now if we were actually allowed to follow the money instead of having everyone claim intellectual property, national security, or by simply lying. We might get somewhere.  OK I'm getting off my soap box now :)
Because we test newborns for marajuana so often... Is this the kind of study our tax dollars are going to?...seriously?
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