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GOP candidate Rick Santorum is dropping out of the US presidential race
Gettysburg, Pa., USA

Tue Apr 10, 2:01 p.m. EST: +Fox News, +Talking Points Memo and +CBS News report that GOP candidate +Rick Santorum will suspend his Republican presidential campaign.

Watch live video of Santorum's news conference and follow updates here:

Photo: Jason Cohn / +Reuters
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Whoooooooooooo! One less crazy on the field.
Ah, the crazy man who wants to control our reproductive rights didn't make it... thank jebus...
Was he even in the Race .. .. LOLZZZZZZ
His twitter feed is saying he is still campaigning. Hmmm.
I was never worried, he was the freakiest freak in the side-show though. The republicans had to know there was no way he could win.
He has Twitter .. .. OHHH nice .. hahahaha
Isn't he suppose to have something called #Swag on his Resume ;)
FINALLY....THANK YOU....That was one crazy fanatic...milked it for all it was worth. Now the books and 100K speaking engagements. Goodbye Freak-show!!!
Long over due. Now Newt and Ron need to follow suit. Not that either of them have gathered any meaningful support anyhow though.
the presidential race just got a bit less funny
My money is on Newt staying in until they literally turn the lights off around him. It's too personal for him.
No! I wanted Rick Santouram, but, if he can't win, then Romney.
Have You been #Bobamaiezed
I, for one, am thankful that Santorum has stopped spreading.
Don't have to be nice about it- that looney wasn't remotely nice or kind- just some loony- with a really apt name
you freaks, lets take his delagates..RON PAUL 2012
I still think his candidacy was nothing more than a nefarious plot by the GOP to make Romney appear (more) human to the swing voters.
+Simon Jou Zhang True, but the essence of our political system is that we all engage with each other, discuss such things, and (when necessary), tell people that they are supporting a clown. We just need to back that up, and Santorum gave us plenty of support! :)
+Alan Seidel I suppose you'd rather reduce tax revenue and increase the debt, as the GOP contenders put forth? Or cut tax revenue and also gut the entire government at a time of high unemployment?
So freaking boring... no one really even cares about politics anymore... I mean, we are so far down the toliet, it doesn't even matter anymore.
itll all come down to a douche bag and a turd sandwich.
thank god ihtz 2012! if the world is really qnna end, at least ihts before we have one of these airy political candidates as president.
It's people with your mind-set that has let our Constitution be descimated, our military heros forgotten, and elected our sitting socialist President who has done more damage to the United States in 3-years than all other presidents combined. I'll take the United Staes over any country in the world. If you don't like it, then move to another. True Americans will buy your one-way ticket!!!!
Too bad; a Santorum vs Obama election would have been a slam dunk for Obama. Anyone who didn't want to live under a theocracy would have run to vote for anyone who was against Santorum. The guy's religious views are so anti-democratic that it scares me that he got enough support to run. There are plenty of people I would not vote for but this guy is scary in a "turn the US into a Christian version of Iran" way. I don't need my government thinking it is the hand of God.
Yes there is corruption all around us, but WE have let it get this far by letting a small minority control the majority. Thank you for being an American; we need many more....
+Mike Cherry the latest activity by spells more anti-democratic tendency than all GOP candidates together.
Now all we need is for Romney to drop out, too... waste of time
+Smalls Mendoza has like the best first name ever. That's awesome.
+Nate Kasper - What the hell are you talking about?

Rick Santorum should be happy, he just saved himself taking the least important government office anyone cares about. He should turn around and run for a position of real power, become a lobbyist.
Tony Va
I"m predicting a win for Obama regardless , what a waste of republican funds . Get more votes if they gave it to the millions of homeless & unemployed ... get my vote anyways .
+Anetone Va A win for Obama was always the intention, otherwise conservatives would have had to make good on all those promises... The real idea behind the massive money dump was not to get a viable republican candidate but to distract us from bills going through congress designed to empower corporations, minimize the ability of small businesses and proprietorships to compete without corporate sponsorship, and to refine the laws governing super-pacs so that corporations can better influence future elections. It was about killing democracy by distracting you with talk about how limiting corporations limits democracy, by clumping the top 1% in with the top 35% like their individual situations are the same when they're not, and by getting you to empathize with a "what if you were rich scenario and they took your money away", but knowing full well they will never let you be rich, and if you do innovate really well (like google has) - they will use the courts to take you down before you become the problem they've become to established corrupt companies like Microsoft and Oracle.
I'm so happy that he dropped out, hey it was only a matter of time.
it was expected for him to drop out
well that's what happens when a man declares war on women, he knew he lost the race after that. now our governor walker passed something so that teachers can only promote abstinence instead of showing them what kind of birth controls are available and that using them is better than not using them. there will be babies popping out like pez candy everywhere.
as a Pennsylvanian I gladly give this news a points finger "HAW HAW"
And the Republican nominee will be Willard Mittbot Romney, barring an act of God that strikes him down.
Actually, Ron Paul getting in would certainly upset the establishment. good or bad, I'm pretty sure that all the lobbyists are already making their little payoffs to Obama and Romney. It would be like voting the biggest a-holes off the island and finding out that the nice soft spoken guy is the only one left and there's not enough drama to fill the season.
One less wack-a-doodle to laugh at (or be frighted by). I kinda miss the Michelle Bachmann days when the laughs just kept coming.
I'd feel sorry for comedians, but there's plenty of comedy gold left in the GOP.. and we have 7 more months of crazy to go before the general election.
Ron Paul is better. And yes, he is still in it!
84 comments and how many have mentioned specifics about Santorum's political views? How many have uselessly and irrelevantly spoken only against the man himself? Come on, Americans, we aren't really mindless goo unquestioningly buying every scrap of media muck that tickles the ear!
oh praise jesus! romney sucks ass, but santorum would've been worse.
LMAO gives standing ovation AMEN!!!!
jesus has nothing to do with it. but he sure as hell wouldn't have wanted that smarmy, hateful, retarded asshole douchebague santorum to win the nomination. and a santorum presidency would have absolutely fucking RUINED america, freedom, democracy, and ultimately the world -- finishing the job started by george fucking bush. so HELL YES that's reason to praise jesus. or buddha. or allah. or the flying spaghetti monster.
i dont know but that wasa weird comment olivia
What Jared Nave said was freaking awesome!!!
+Rick Santorum, I wish I could give you a big hug and an uncomfortably long kiss you big guy you
Subsequently... while on the religion subject...My head is spinning.... "Praise Jesus" and a gir avatar? Do you know Invader Zim at all? Or the other work Invader Zim's creator has done? I don't want to seem rude or pretentious, but I would look into that a bit... It is simply my personal opinion that gir or any other Vasquez creation is not an appropriate like of anybody religious...
"Suspend", because much like everything else in the political lexicon-- the idea of being direct and honest is a ridiculous notion.
--Santorum quits 2012 presidential run.
Woohoo! Rick Santorum dropping out of the presidential race is ihe best news i've heard this week!
no i love rick santorim my parents voted for him aww
Sorry but politicians are all lying bastards that can't be trusted other than they can be certain to feather their own nests.
^ +alex kesto you love him but spelled his name wrong...
So sad. All I can say is we need to CHANGE THE CHANGE!!! Somebody hit undo!
+Lars DeRuntz - his daughter is ill. Regardless of my opinion (not high, by the way) of the man and the politician, I respect his decision to step down. He has a special needs kid, and he is being a responsible parent. Bash his politics all you want, but hey, don't call him a quitter because his daughter is ill and he happens to think that is more important....
So our choices are now Obama or Obama lite. Not that Santorum was a much better choice. It seems like lately, the shit floats to the top of any political contest. I for one, am sick of voting against the worst choice. Just one more time I would like the opportunity to vote FOR someone.
In the word of Luke Skywalker. "Noooooo!!!
Seems though the Republicans have given up on 2012 election and are going to shoot for 2016
come on!! so many good memes lost... come back RIck! the internet community needs you!!
+Fiona Maria I agree that we shouldn't mock family motives, except I can't believe that that's really what's going on. His daughter has always had these health issues, and had a much more serious scare a few months ago. He isn't quitting for her, he's quitting because of electoral math. If he wanted to take care of his daughter, he wouldn't have run for president at all, the two things are mutually exclusive.
Ending is good. But we need an alternative first.
Here's the fucking alternative: Rick Santorum
These whack jobs are specially designed by the party to be vote attractors on the lunatic fringe. They will always drop out, theoretically transferring their votes to progressively saner candidates in the same party.
bla bla bla bla! All this talk for nothing!
Man, God is going to be ticked off at him. I thought he had a personal man-date from the big guy himself. as to pursue his seat on the throne, in Mordor.
Meh... I liked Obama's chances better when Santorum had a shot at his Parties nomination. Sad to see such a polarizing figure lose out so soon.
+Igor River "Santorum is beyond reason. And probably thinking too."

You mean, like most of the people who comment here in this thread?
Now it will be a question of whether Newt will realize that Romney is too far ahead in the polls for him to stay in the race...
Santorum's views on various social issues, particularly his views on women's rights (contraception, abortion, equal pay, etc.), were too extreme for him to remain a viable candidate in the minds of voters, specifically independent sing voters, who may end up deciding the presidential race come November.
+Katie Kitty No, his daughter has always had health problems and had more serious problems two months back. If he wanted to care for her he would've quit then or, better yet, never run for a job that would take all his time.
Don't worry - America will end up with the best Government money can buy ;)
I feel bad for him and his daughter
I've been reading some of these commenters' profiles and streams. It's really sad to see so many here who think they are so intelligent, who have no clue of what they speak, who spew so much hatred for those they claim are so hateful, who think they know what others think, who think they know what others believe. Really sad. So much false information. So many people who have no knowledge of our Country and its founding, let alone the Constitution. So sad.

(No, Santorum was not my pick and has nothing to do with my comments.)
When I see Mitt Romney I think of Looney Tunes and Wyle E. Coyote when he has a sheep costume on to dupe the sheep dog. I see Mitt as a Liberal elitist in the skin of a conservative.
I thought he was doing pretty good so far, kind of a surprise when he dropped out.
if a candidate falls in the forest and no one hears it ...
AL Reid
Now I have no one to vote for :^( Romney is a rich fool that has no clue and Obama just has socialism in mind and has done enough damage to last for the next 50 years. It seam rather hopeless for a real person and honest man to get into office.
I was a little scared there with Santorum. From what I have seen, and I look at it all, Obama has done what he could considering what he started with and what he has to work with in congress--He gets my vote--and no not a socialist just a staunch believer in the separation of church and state--thank goodness--I know I don't want anyone telling me I have to have 18 kids.
Good job Newt! your votes took away from Rick! now you can be the vp as planned!
InspectorAL. Whats wrong with having a president with a successful business background. Im not for Romney but he is still a improvement from what we have now. I want a candidate that focuses on the good of country not party politics.
This PA chick will miss the chance to see Santorum loose his home state, again!
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