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Colorado Supreme Court affirms that University of Colorado students can carry licensed guns on campus
Denver, Colo., USA

Mon Mar 5, 1:34 p.m. MST: +The Denver Post reports that the Colorado Supreme Court today struck down the University of Colorado's campus gun ban, saying the CU Board of Regents overstepped its authority in blocking students from carrying licensed concealed weapons.

"We're very, very happy," said James Manley of the Mountain State Legal Foundation, which argued against CU's ban. "The position of the Supreme Court was that they (the CU regents) were operating above the law."


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Wow... pretty much the stupidest idea ever.
Oh great. I'm sure both on & off campus police really really love that decision.
Didn't I tell you it will get fixed at Supreme court level.
Just what we need here in Colorado -- hormonal, drunk college kids packing heat.
TJ Tinner
Let's not forget how much quicker those incidents could have ended had someone been firing back!
The felons don't bother with licenses, folks. This decision is for those who follow the law. If you want to dismiss them as "buncha idiots", I'd suggest you give the issue a bit more thought before using your traditional knee-jerk insults.
+Scott Delaney Here's what I know will happen at some point:

Some freshman gets hazed at a frat party or rejected, doesn't take the experience well, returns packing heat to revisit their decision, news story at 11
+Scott Delaney Armed intruders against known unarmed students - same thing in every workplace. If you know you are the only one packin' you're a whole lot braver!
I can't recall the last time I heard about someone with a legal conceal and carry permit doing something illegal with their firearm...
+Shaun Nicholson In nearly every state, you have to be licensed and have a background check to get a concealed-carry license.
The white supremacist who was executed in TX last fall used a legal one to shoot a few people.
+Sabeena LoBello I am sure it happens, just not that often and I'd wager the vast majority of gun crimes are by people who are breaking the law simply by having one. The percentage of legal gun owner's committing crimes with them is low.
+William Beem While you are right that it is knee jerk to call them a bunch of idiots for doing what is right ... I rather not forfeit a right to people who are acting above the law. It still stands that the law needs to be revised in the proper manner to make this illegal. It just defies conventional wisdom and opens a Pandoras box of issues.
If someone is willing to go through the trouble of getting a conceal carry license they should be able to carry where ever they wish.

That is just basic second amendment rights in my opinion. when some nut opens fire and the students start shooting,you have bullets flying every where.Will they be wearing orange vest so the Police can tell who the good students are?

This is going to be a blood bath!!

If I'm the Police/State Trooper/Deputy Sheriff I'm shooting whoever is holding a weapon.
+Lori George What do you call it when one person and walks around shooting defenseless people? That sounds worse to me.
+Aaron Meck I just have reservations of college kids carrying guns on campus and being irresponsible with their weapons. There was a guy up in U of WA a few years ago who shot dead his ex-gf.
+Sabeena LoBello There will always be bad people who do bad things. This is about not throwing the baby out with the bath water.
brian m
Stop the gun men by carrying a gun....pretty sure that most people who carry out a killing spree generally have a death wish to begin with. I doubt that they are going to go for the obvious time, probably during a game or in a library.

Idiotic idea.
I wouldn't want to be the parents of kids who get shot to death by the few bad apples.
+Aaron Meck So we replace one nut with a firearm with thousands of hormonal, reckless college kids. This does not make any sense at all. It endangers the classroom ... I wouldn't want to be in a class where the possibility of someone carrying a concealed firearm is tolerated.
+Sabeena LoBello I'd prefer my son, who I know is responsible and raised to understand and respect guns, to be allowed to carry if one of those bad apples went off. I think you would too.
As if bad people who are going to shoot people care about concealed gun laws... except for the possibility that OTHER people might be packing heat and turn it on them if they try something. I'd rather take my chances in a huge crowd (or campus) where I know a lot of people are legally carrying than than in a situation where everyone around me is an easy target (and that no criminal need worry about "interfering" with their plans).
I'm a retired Deputy Sheriff,I don't like this idea of untrained and a few trips at the gun range doesn't count- (weapons)students packing.

Law enforcement are trained to shoot who ever deems as a threat.Will these kids be forced to qualify for their weapon every year like cops do?

Since you are approving them to police their own...bad idea.
Let the teachers and professors pack heat not the students.
Not everyone who is in college is: hormonal (really?), reckless, irresponsible, on drugs, bad tempered, etc. A large percentage of college students are older adults, veterans, etc. It seems like you guys all have this opinion that college students are all wild crazy frat boy characters from a movie.
+Mary E. Gibson Being in a place full of people carrying guns does not make it safer ... where do you come off with this assumption? It is a hostile environment and may actually make people more prone to take out the gun rather than use there brain.
I rather not send any of my kids, sons or daughter, to attend a college that allows guns on campus. They will just have to pick a different college or go overseas instead if all US colleges allowed guns on campus.
What is the difference between going to a college campus where there are concealed carriers and any other place in the world with concealed carriers?

Most peoples arguments seem to be against having college aged adults having concealed weapons period. Are we supposed to prevent them from the same rights as every other adult?
Metal detectors and campus police manning them should be thought of first.Just like they do in high schools...well the we have them in New York City.
+Mohamed Abdinur Do you have any evidence that people who obtain a legal concealed permit are more prone to pull their gun in a confrontation? I know several people who have a CCW and they have NEVER pulled it out.
+Lori George Being a retired Deputy Sheriff you should know that to have a concealed carry permit, you are definitely not "untrained", at least here in Colorado.

To obtain a concealed carry permit in Colorado you must A)pay to have a background check with fingerprints. B) Pay for the ID card and local criminal history check. C) Be a Colorado Resident D) Take a 4 hour training course for concealed weapons. and E) not be a previously convicted felon.
+Daniel Polehn Also keep in mind that most college age people that folks here are freaking out about not being mature enough to handle are also the same age as the average soldier that we entrust with weapons orders of magnitude more dangerous.
+Derek Sanders ...and you will whip this permit out when Law Enforcement comes in with their weapons drawn and your adrenaline is on high alert. will be shot where you stand.
Law enforcement isn't train to identify who is the bad guy and who is the lone ranger.
Friendly fire happens and that's when we are in uniform...bullets don't care what they hit.
Good luck..I wouldn't send my kid to that college if they have to police their own and the college feels their staff cannot protect their own students.
You probably will have to sign a waiver,because they are asking for a lawsuit if they allow this.
+Scott Delaney VA Tech might have been different if people could have defended themselves instead of running and being shot where they hid.
+Aaron Meck Yeah but shooters come in many sizes, shapes, and social up bringing. The typical nerd can be a shooter just as much as a frat boy. You always hear that these shooters used legal guns that belonged to a relative to do the crime ... why make it that much easier for those that can have criminal intent to purchase a weapon. These kids who did the shootings had easy access to firearms.

Look it is a stupid law because we revisit this same arguments every time this happens. I can tell you one thing for sure, the outcome would never be better because of concealed firearms and may lead to more violence. Better to regulate it, and get rid of such a stupid law in the right way.
+Scott Delaney -- if someone wants to shoot at university students he doesn't need to get a permit for that. This law should help to protect against people like that.
In that case I think they should consider letting the full weight of the law across the board onto campuses. Lay off the "Greek" council BS of fraternities and sororities - and stop saying that various matters involving law-breakers will be handled via internal disciplinary measures. Drink under age - hazing rituals - etc. if you're going to insist you're adult enough to carry firearms - then you can be tried for all the other shenanigans college aged people get up to.
+Mohamed Abdinur you miss my point... and you are yourself making a wild assumption. One gun is all that is required to create havoc. One gun.

Common sense tells you that if you have a gun, and you want to shoot someone, you will think twice about it if the person you want to kill also has a gun, or if he might have a buddy near you who has one. This is the principle the real world works on, like it or not.

Put another way: why do you think SWAT teams exist, and that the cops do not just send one armed guy to take down the mob boss? Numbers matter, and in this case as in any other, if there are likely a higher number of "good" guns vs. "bad" guns... the bad guns won't cause trouble (or if they do, they'll be stopped a heck of a lot sooner).

In any case, I always like to find out where people stand on this issue... when unexpected disaster strikes, I like to know who will be able to defend themselves and their friends and who won't.
+Lori George I didn't mention anything about drawing permits when a shooting is happening.

I was discussing the fact that students with concealed carry permits are just as trained as adults with the same permit. Just because we are students, doesn't make us any less trained and capable than the next person.
Doesn't matter +Derek Sanders I get your point,this should be something parents of students that attend this college should decide.
I wouldn't send my kid there..carrying a weapon concealed or not is dangerous and innocent people get killed or seriously injured when bullets start flying.
Nutcases and innocent bystanders alike.
I didn't know The Onion was making up news under this name too! Oh... wait....
+Mohamed Abdinur I guess we take a different look at things. Rather than further abridge the right to bear arms, I would prefer to see people properly trained & licensed to use them. With licensing, training and registration also comes a sense of responsibility.

It's easy for a reckless felon to get a gun and think he (or she) has a sense of power over others - unless that felon knows others are also armed and may be on better footing to resist. As the saying goes, an armed society is a polite society.

Many people here have predicted that college students will give into hormones, alcohol and other influences to start blowing away their fellow students. Such comments are the inflammatory results of blatantly ignorant people. Even in the wild west, such shootings were uncommon and just as socially reprehensible as they are today.

As I said, licensing & training is a good thing. However, I realize there are some of you who will never see rationally beyond your opposition to firearms. I recommend that you wear something to identify you so that law-abiding gun owners know not to protect you if you should ever fall victim to a felon with a gun.
LuciO M
The floodgates have opened...
+Mohamed Abdinur this doesn't make it easier to get a gun it just let's those who qualify carry one. It wouldn't make it easier for a Virginia tech to happen.
It does make some small difference that this is Boulder we're discussing, not L.A. A small difference.
It does not matter. If I went college there and heard a loud argument I would drop to the ground man. LOL Minor exaggeration there.
How about some actual facts. Let's lookup how many students with permits used their weapons in an inappropriate way.

I live in a state that allows concealed weapons, but its perfectly legit for a place of business to not allow guns on its premises. How is a collage different?
Yeah..and You're, of many other unmentioned things, an ignorant simple-sayer.

" It wouldn't make it easier for a Virginia tech to happen." - listen to me, I'm credible and know.. trust me.

No, it'll just make it easier for the scenario that we all are terrified of which hasn't yet plagued our history..'today, a gunfight broke out at a university campus, killing some, wounding others, over a misunderstanding.'
Guess I'm not going to Colorado for college.
Yay, let's stop gun violence in this country by allowing everyone to carry one! Is it just me, or does that idea seem somewhat flawed to anyone else?
+Bill Hildenbrand It's interesting that you have an opinion, but it's irrelevant. Though most colleges still prohibit firearms, there are many who do allow licensed owners to carry weapons. Surprisingly, the bloodbath that you and others predicted here hasn't happened at those schools.

Could it be that you're just making it up?
As a Virginian who lives just a few hours' drive from Va Tech, I applaud this move. Even aside from the very clear wording of the 2nd Amendment, this is also just a good idea. Licensed carriers are probably the safest segment of the population outside law enforcement that you could entrust with a firearm. They are stable and law-abiding people. This is bad news for would-be mass murderers, thugs and rapists (for obvious reasons) and apparently also for liberals, for reasons that don't totally compute.
Purely on principle I am against more firearms in circulation. More tools of death in circulation just can't equal a safer society. Look at global stats, where do we have the most gun violence? Certainly not in countries with low gun ownership. With easier access and a more relaxed attitude towards guns I just think the threshold for using them is all that much lower. Of course, this is not just about allowing guns on campuses but the entire American love affair with firearms, I don't know - it's rather baffling to the rest of us and it's not like you can show us how much safer America is because of it. But I guess it's part of your pioneering culture, your land of the free, watch out for the federal government, trespassers will get shot attitude.

America, f*** yeah.

Excuse me, Ms. Teacher, (hand in jacket pocket) but, is that an F or an A on my test?
Liberals on the gun issue believe that ordinary people should not defend themselves. They are willing to tolerate a policeman to have a gun on campus (why? aren't guns bad?), but even if it is demonstrated that the CCW demographic is stable and safe, they are adamant that they don't want those people defending themselves and others. Va Tech is a direct result of liberal policy on guns, not, as the ignorant believe, a case for stronger gun control. Many of those kids did NOT have to die.
18 year Olds carrying guns without major incidents has precedence. See any soldier in any army.
Nice one! Meanwhile I've asked CU security what I'm to do if there's a shooter on campus/site, my reply: "Call 911 - not us!"
How stupid can they get?? I mean there can be a killer and they might not know about it!!
+Joanna Zhang, the number "911" is convenient for a reason. The 911 dispatch is much better equipped to be the point of contact for life and death emergencies than a university security team, and the latter would be notified quickly through appropriate phone calls and radio channels etc, so they could assist.
Everyone under stress is a potential killer when you can carry death in your pocket. Great idea! lets give guns to angst fuelled teenagers. USA is heading for 3rd world conditions and deserves to be there.
Oh Andrew Vogan! (nice last name) I wasn't talking abotu 911 but about the rules.
"Blasters... so uncivilized." - Obi-Wan Kenobi

I'm only ok with this if the University would require gun safety and proper use classes.... oh by the way, those teachers need to be packing too.

Perhaps, this might also end bullying... but who knows right?
Maybe, but then the bullies would still have a gun as well. They could just get one. It can go either way. Good or Bad..... We'll see
here's what I also fear... gun envy: "That's not a gun.. THIS IS A GUN." (Quote taken and rephrased from Crocodile Dundee) and this: "They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago way!" (the Untouchables
Can't we just have tazers on each student? Nothing will sound funnier than an attempted gunman yelling: "Don't Taze me Bro!"
Some of you just fail to comprehend that criminals dont give a shit about gun laws. If they want to shoot somebody on campus, a silly law isnt going to stop them because theyre already set on murder. Gun laws just create victims
Coming soon to the campuses of America - MW5. "Kill the Nutcase". You can watch it daily updates on Youtube.
Just Because its licensed... doesn't make it legal to carry around campus.. I thought they had a law forbidden all weapons from school campuses because of the recent school shootouts..
Did you know University of Utah, Utah State, Colorado State, Michigan State and more all allow concealed carry on campus? How many bloodbaths have taken place there? The point all you hand-wringers are forgetting is that all these schools shootings are taking place DESPITE the presence of anti-gun laws. All those laws are sure doing good, aren't they?
I'm all for 2nd Amendment rights and +National Rifle Association but IMO a line should be drawn. Places like churches, schools, sporting events and/or bars and clubs shouldn't be allowed for security reasons and public safety.
Wait till they allow guns on airplanes.... boy the TSA will be extra useless... just like +Patrick Steed, every citizen has the right to bear arms... but there should still be common sense on where to carry and bring these guns. I would hate to see guns in airplanes (unless you're a US Marshall), Kindergarten (I'll be fine if the teacher and some personnel are armed but PLEASE don't allow kids to carry) and other similar venues.

And everyone, please don't bring your guns while road raging....
How is that messed up? No way some random gunman will try anything on that campus knowing anyone in that room can put an end to their rampage.
Boy I sure hope UC Berkeley will not vote to allow guns in their campus... just imagine those student protesters and Occupy Oaklanders being armed. Capus police and Oakland PD would have to rethink their Pepper Spray and Tazing tactics.
Doesn't this make a gun more available to a student planning mayhem? Just take it off one of the licenced students carrying a gun. Can't imagine that concealed guns actually remain unknown to other students. Also, would students with concealed guns actually use them to defend unarmed students ie draw fire to themselves instead? Really?
What happens when there's a student on a rampage? An incident like that happened a few years ago at Virginia Tech... There's no need to bring weapons to an institution of learning. Wonder what the Judge was thinking?
+Felix Quan He was probably thinking there was a Second Amendment. Note that the VA Tech rampage took place on a campus where you weren't supposed to have guns, so obviously the legality or illegality of such a thing doesn't mean much to someone who would shoot innocent people.
Why are you people calling licensed gun owners stupid? Do you morons not understand that if licensed and responsibility gun owners can't carry weapons that the only person carrying them will be criminals and the clinically insane? Good for Colorado University! I hope they get an influx of new students because of it.
"Access" to guns is the cause of gun crimes.
I think many people here are jumping to conclusions. I doubt the intent is for students to bring guns into classrooms. Most crimes against students happen off-campus. If the school prohibits students from having weapons on campus, then that also deprives them from having the weapon going to & from school. It may well be that the impetus isn't about danger on campus, but being prepared in the event of danger elsewhere.

The folks who are predicting shootouts on campus as a result of this decision are speaking from emotion, not intellect. As I mentioned before, there are a number of college institutions that permit guns and we haven't found any bloody battles there.
Wow... a lot of heat on this one. Having a concealed weapon permit makes one, in my opinion, less likely to use it than a thug or maniac. It's been my experience that people that go through the effort to get a permit come from families that know and respect the power of a firearm.
Having been a bartender in a 3 college town, I can attest to the fact that I wouldn't want some of the kids I've encountered packing, but my scope is admittedly narrow on that point.
BTW the 2nd amendment says folks can have 'arms' as part of a well-regulated militia. Gun control laws may not stop a nutcase, but they provide law enforcement with the means to better enforce their charge of social safety.
For what it's worth, I'm much more in fear of the driver using a cell phone than I am a person with a gun.
You yanks have some strange laws.
Lol, some of these posters...

I don't get it. Weren't places like Columbine and Va. Tech "gun-free" zones? How is it possible these massacres could have happened?

For those who actually have an open mind and don't automatically think guns=bad, please take a look at a book called "The Bias Against Guns". It empirically proves how guns laws have made the world much more dangerous for us citizens.

+William Beem kudos to you for bringing a well-reasoned argument to the discussion.
Rob M
This is the next step of Marshall Law. :(
Look at Chicago, Illinois. One of the worst crime rates in the country. You're not allowed to have a gun anywhere in city limits yet people are shot everyday by criminals. Great idea. Take the guns away from good people so they die horrible deaths. Then, the only people that have guns are the criminals.
Yes, I'm sure those guns just materialize in bad people's hands. They didn't come from somewhere.
21st century and they still play "wild West" in the US - well done "Supreme" Court - I guess it is all for self defense, right
Wow. I'd want my child to go to a school where a bunch of drunk and/or drugged out college kids can whip out their guns at the nearest frat party and play Russian roulette. Where do we sign up?
+Leah Arington Very good! Can you whip up some more imaginary dangers in your little head? Just a bunch of drunken & drugged up rednecks firing six-guns in the air - wohoo!

Never mind that it has no basis in fact. Go ahead, whip up some more of your slander. It shows the person you are. Tell me, do you drive a minivan and talk on the cell phone at the same time?
I love all the close-minded opinions on here. All the people that went through the process to obtain a firearm legally and carry it within the law are going to go on a shooting spree now that they can carry at University of Colorado. LOL.
oh good. cuz there aren't nearly enough school shootings.
+Rose Moore Do you have any evidence at all to support your position that this will lead to more school shootings? Because I can cite resource to refute that position based upon existing schools that permit weapons on campus.

The following is from (citations to support this comment are found on that cite).

"Since the fall semester of 2006, state law has allowed licensed individuals to carry concealed handguns on the campuses of the nine degree-offering public colleges (20 campuses) and one public technical college (10 campuses) in Utah. Concealed carry has been allowed at Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO) since 2003 and at Blue Ridge Community College (Weyers Cave, VA) since 1995. After allowing concealed carry on campus for a combined total of one hundred semesters, none of these twelve schools has seen a single resulting incident of gun violence (including threats and suicides), a single gun accident, or a single gun theft. Likewise, none of the forty ‘right-to-carry’ states has seen a resulting increase in gun violence since legalizing concealed carry, despite the fact that licensed citizens in those states regularly carry concealed handguns in places like office buildings, movie theaters, grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, churches, banks, etc. Numerous studies*, including studies by University of Maryland senior research scientist John Lott, University of Georgia professor David Mustard, engineering statistician William Sturdevant, and various state agencies, show that concealed handgun license holders are five times less likely than non-license holders to commit violent crimes."
+William Beem No they can't support that claim at all. Good job bringing the facts...
+Aaron Meck I guess I just want to see more intelligent discussion and less emotional wackiness. Thanks for the kind words.
No shooting @ Colorado=yes guns.
Statistically proven that when guns are taken away from the people that violent crimes increase. Look it up. DC, New Orleans, Chicago...all been murder capitals of the know what they all had in common when crowned? Gun bans
I am all for self protection and protection of others. I have a few handguns registered with a CCW permit. I NEVER carry but I have the option to if I so chose. I understand the concern of gun violence. But if they take my gun from me they better take your license and cars away. I know each and everyone one of you anti-gun hippies has a drivers license. And I bet you break the law on a daily basis with your speeding, rolling stops, and wreck less lane changes. Not to mention there are way more accidents than shootings. I say we take your cars away and save lives. 
This pretty much 100% guarantees that CU Boulder will never have a Va Tech type shooting now...
I'm really taken aback, at the ignorance and intolerance displayed against CCW holders. This ruling says that responsible adults, who have applied for a license, undergone a state police and FBI background check, who are not felons or adjudged mentally incompetent, and who have taken training, may exercise their constitutionally protected rights on a college campus...and this group of law abiding, honest, upstanding citizens are being slandered as a group who will go crazy, and start murdering their fellow students at the drop of a hat? This is a group of people who have wrestled with the moral questions of armed self defense, and decided that they are not willing to be victimized, and have done something about it. Can I ask a serious question, to those who believe this group will harm their fellow man so capriciously? Is your fear based on the fact that you know you yourself would not have the patience and self restraint to carry a weapon? Are you projecting your weakness of character onto others? Do you really believe that everyone else would make the poor choices you know you would make, if you were armed?
Maybe they should of just made the campus a "gun free zone", that will surely stop any potential wackos from shooting up the joint.

Well, with all due respect to the Colorado Supreme Court, just fail to understand allowing students to carry guns, even licensed one... one would've thought students were supposed to carry only their weapons, i.e. books, pens, and the like - but guns? just cannot fathom...
Right on, +Charles Stockmyer . Also, most of the hand wringing seems to be treating college campuses similar to elementary schools - these aren't children, they are adults in the eyes of the law. The majority of them all being of legal age to carry an M-16 if needed (military service).

Also, according to this site:
a person has to be 21 years of age to even get a concealed carry permit. So again, what's with all this "drunk, immature, kids toting guns"?
+Aaron Meck Arguments are more effective if you play on fear and emotion as opposed to reason. Thus, comments about gun-toting drunken children are more effective than discussing reality :)
Simply a stupid decision by the Colorado Supreme Court....
Seriously, why would you legalize the presence guns or any fire arms on a school, college or university campus? The second amendment...but why would you want the right to bear arms on a school, college, or university campus? Just for the principle of the 'right to bear arms'? Really!? Because the legalized presence on these sites is of so much importance to you? So where else? Malls, what about hospitals? Wait, wait - churches and temples too!? When was the second amendment written and why was it written...and what relevance is it today? To keep a firearm is one thing, to form a militia another - but to bring one's principles to the school sites (and other public spaces), is selfish, arrogant and draconian.

I'm a school and college professor. I've seen how children are forced to hide under tables, when there's a stranger prowling a campus with a firearm. Obviously this is okay, in the eyes of the vox populi and State Supreme Justices...
+christopher faller, most schools and universities are already legally designated as "gun free zones". However, your own observations bear out that there is panic when a stranger is running around threatening people with a firearm. But wait!!! How could there be a firearm in a "gun free zone"? Could it be that if we as a society legislate that the sun shall hereafter be designated as black, that somehow the sun might continue giving light? There's no way to stop lawless people from carrying guns into "gun free zones". To quote your phrase, it is "selfish, arrogant and draconian" to flatter oneself that one is preventing mass murder in a school by doing nothing more than preventing responsible, law-abiding teachers, custodians, janitors, principals, etc. from defending themselves. You're making the situation worse, not better. The "gun free zone" phrase is little more than a cruel joke and a specimen of Orwellian terminology. You're cooking up the exact same recipe that gave us Columbine and Virginia Tech.
If only mass murders were illegal on college campuses. Just think of the lives we could save! Write your congressmen.
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