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James Cameron reaches the seabed of the Mariana Trench, becoming deepest solo diver in history
Western Pacific Ocean

Sun Mar 25, 2:59 p.m. PST: +BBC News reports that Titanic director James Cameron has plunged nearly seven miles down to the deepest place in the ocean, the Mariana Trench.

He made the descent alone in a miniature submarine kitted out with cameras and lights so he can film the deep.

This is only the second manned expedition to this ocean's deepest depths - the first took place in 1960. The earlier descent was made by US Navy Lt Don Walsh and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard.

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Image: Screenshot of!/JimCameron/status/184036733959143425
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... And he was never heard from again.
I hope he's got 4Square in addition to Twitter on that phone.
^ Lots of people. This represents a resurrection of a pioneering attitude that hasn't been around since the 60's. It's good to see that we have some adventurers left.
Jim Gomes
Everyone seems to forget about one of my favorite James Cameron movies.. The Abyss. Way better than Titanic. I still have that image of Bud dropping off the edge into the darkness and heading straight down. Pretty damn scary and thrilling.
wow thats amazing keep up the good work watch the Titanic in my language arts class right now!
How the hell did he tweet from there?
Uhh... it's not a far stretch to think that if video can be transferred that a simple data line could also be connected through the tether.
+Jim Gomes yeah...I totally agree with you. I thought The Abyss was fantastic, especially the Director's Cut that answered some questions and should have been the theatrical release.
I wonder how much would this trip cost !

I know it's over my budget but a single tweet from there would give like a 1k+ followers 😄
Why oh why couldn't he take Michael Bay with him?
+Mike DiMatteo I haven't seen the director's cut, but I did read the book. Even though the book was written from the move, it was done by Orson Scott Card, and it was excellent. There was a lot of background on the characters, and the ending of the movie finally made sense. I'll have to look for the director's cut of the movie. Thanks for the heads up.
This is a big deal for man kind. If he can do it, then there is nothing we cant do... besides fly.
how in heaven's name can you tweet from the bottom of the ocean. really?
um... IDK I think you'd be eaten by then
I said IDK even though that aint much of an answer but your electronic device would go out in the ocean anyways so there really is no point in trying.
IDK a submarine maybe if they got internet or wifi.
wow, he's brave. i hate the ocean. sharks. everywhere. not a good place!
ikr? I hate the sea monsters where i come frome i believe in the sea dragon
AKA like when my grandparents imagrated from laos to here.
yeah man! anything could be out there!
where's laos?
lik in asia somewhere but i am like from the US
how r u posting this from the bottem of the ocean????
I am not in the ocean ok.
He's using his supersonic-underwater-laser-gadget-beam-projectile-launcher to propel the signal to us directly. Duh.
How could he possibly tweet this at the bottom of the ocean?
I would really like to know how the hell he tweeted from 11 km down. Either he has a REALLY long Ethernet cable, or he has one hell of a WiFi network set up on that boat and submarine!
Maybe he is testing out the unreleased 5G speeds of Verizon's Cell Network.
Great going mate, look forward to see what the pics look like
Can anybody provide me with a link for a video regarding this dive? or are there any?
who doesn't like this song!!!! And marry the night by lady gaga!!!!
Awesome !!! I think this is for Avatar 2
cool. wow . hope he didn't get the bends
How could he possibly tweet this at the bottom of the ocean..?
IDK! In a subarine? DX
Read about it
(IKR its a dumb answer,this comment.)
seems like it's more of an achievement for the people who built the submarine, rather than james cameron, who apparently just sat inside of it for seven miles while it dropped him to the ocean floor.
How could he possibly tweet this at the bottom of the ocean..?

Isn't it obvious? His twitter is power by untwittertanium. It will be the key plotpoint in his sequel to Dances with Bue People.
They have a remote, unmanned sub that went to The Challenger Deep, so surely they can send the Internet with it.
James, bravo! Your existence was, in the past, of no consequence to me. However, this is a fine acheivement. Can I borrow some cash?
I'll bet there was a Starbucks there...
COOL! I'm from the Northern Mariana Islands, its good to know this, Welcome !
Make sure you record a metal album while you're down there.
I lost a lot of respect for James Cameron when he blatantly ripped off a lot of Roger Dean's artwork in Avatar and did not credit Roger Dean at all . . . not even as an inspiration!

Don't know what I'm talking about? Google "Roger Dean Avatar" You'll see plenty of relevant results.

I'm a huge fan of Roger Dean. I've admired his art for about 30 years now. When I went to see Avatar, I was thinking to myself, "this is Roger Dean's magnum opus!" during the whole movie. Then, I find out that he wasn't even credited.
Wow. Deepest pit and he still has network. (Can u detect the sarcasm in my voice?)
+fawnie marie - Please provide evidence that a particular individual or corporation was ripped off. Roger Dean's art is his paycheck. That's his career. He's an artist. For an arse like James Cameron to blatantly use, at minimum, visuals that were greatly inspired by Dean's art and not credit him in any way is a huge injustice, IMO.
Yea can't wait to see your amazing pictures of silt James....
This reminds me to finally get around to rent The Abyss.
He tweeted from the deepest place of the ocean? That's cool!
I discussed this post with 3 people in a hangout.
+Plablo Gee of course it's breaking news, this is the first time we can gather information from the deepest place on earth. The ocean is less familiar to us then the moon.
Must be really dark down there. See any weird creatures?
+Dennis Harrell Titanic Avatar's from The Abyss, Lol.
Think you are under a lot of pressure?
He, actually the sub is under 16,464 pounds per square inch. (1120 atmospheres). Good Luck
Im sure everyone is thinking that this is for the Titanic 3d, but I bet this will be a special feature of The Abyss blu-ray
Huh. #JamesCameron finally hit rock bottom. I never thought it'd be this close to #Avatar , though...
Guam welcomes him back ツ
Risk taker, who doesn't do it for the money - just for more fame and fun ?
Congrates!! Can't wait to see photos. What a strange world it must be!!
it must be dangerous to go alone. Who gave him their axe?
They should really give Cameron some kind of award
Good for you Mr. Cameron! Can't wait to see the movie.
Why is it he can tweet from seven miles under water when I can't from room to room in my house...loll but congrats can't wait to see the visuals.
I am astounded that people can't seem to fathom (pun intended) that the Internet runs through cables attached to a sub. Of course he can send out a tweet. It would have been funnier if he'd used Foursquare to get the Deep Dive Badge and become Mayor of The Trench. 
How about exploring our deepest economy problem and finding a solution how to improve it...we can all agree to that. Who give a shit about this bored millionaire has nothing to do with his millions of dollar.. Smh
I can't wait to see pictures of Leap Day William in his natural habitat.
wow! Just wow! wowowow Michael bay!
George Lucas should be sent to space if he changes Star Wars again
What are you doing there ? Get ur but on the ground n start filming Starcraft :p
How is it that James Cameron can tweet 7 miles down on the ocean floor, but I loose all reception in a Target store?
More info on the sub it doesn't look to be tethered, but broadcasting a radio single for seven miles through water is really no big deal. The voice and data communication technology it uses is most likely not the same as your local WiFi. Spending money and investing in this type of science exploration benefits all of mankind. I hated Pandora and have no desire to see a sequel, but if it generates this kind of deep sea exploration, I can deal with that. Still won't see the sequel, though. 
regarding the ongoing questions regarding Jim's subsea texting:
Radio waves can not transmit through 7 miles of water- not in the power range that is used aboard submersibles. Acoustic modems are used as links between ship and sub. Texting is less data intensive than voice communications- routine comunications are conducted via "text". acoustic modems do not have a large bandwidth. Most likely, the texts were transcribed aboard the ship by one of the crew.
+fawnie marie - (-1) !!

It's OK to be inspired by someone's work! It's another to blatantly use that inspiration and make millions of dollars off of it without giving the original artist credit.

Since I seem to be beating a dead horse here, this is my last comment on the topic unless someone other than +fawnie marie would like to give their $0.02.
+Breaking News thanks for the link. I feel a little let down that they didn't set up something more elaborate. However, the end of the article made up for it with the ISS Foursquare check-in. Win!
+jeremy robinson look i dint think h can go to the moon now if he went to the bottom of the ocean sry! but maybe its a possibility!(:
yes i think he can, why not i went to the bottom of the sea
off the coast of the U.S. at Santa Barbare island and Catalina island it was my open water dive . it sure is a new world down there. thank the gods i took photography.
Well... I started to answer some questions... and then realized that.. +Jim Gomes +seton schiraga ... and a couple of others... (regarding whether or not this is important... and Damn right it is!).... already answered them... that's what I get for being at least a weak and a half late.
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