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Whooping cough epidemic declared in Washington state
Wash., USA

+The Associated Press reports that Washington state's worst outbreak of whooping cough in decades has prompted health officials to declare an epidemic, seek help from federal experts and urge residents to get vaccinated.

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Photo: Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire announced the opening of an emergency fund to help contain a whooping cough epidemic in the state as officials urged residents to get vaccinated. (Ted S. Warren, AP)


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Yeah +Jeff Songster, I thought whooping cough had been pretty much eradicated thanks to vaccination... Where's this coming from
The cause of this is undocumented aliens that have not been screened for communicable diseases. This was pretty much wiped out before massive undocumented migration.
What about documented aliens? Or worse, Japanese tourists?!? Care to document your source there +Steven Hess
It's a combination of what +Jose Valencia and +Steven Hess said. There are undocumented people and people who are just plain tourists coming here and carrying the disease. Normally this wouldn't be a problem except that people have refused a completely safe vaccination for idiotic reasons.
What a bunch of crap. While some of these people may be contributing to the problem, the reality is that there are these buches of American Jerks who have decided that vacines are made to damage us, and who refuse to immunize their children that grow up to be adults that are carriers of whooping cough, polio, and who knows.? Valencia and Hess... what fine old American surnames.
+Kris Vockler common sense is all you need. No documentation is needed. If they are documented for permanent residence they have been health screened and vaccinated. If they are tourists the risk of exposure that would cause a epidemic is very minimal. Look at the communities that are most impacted as well. We had this same situation in California. I got a TTP booster as did my wife. Adults pass this stuff to children quite easily.
Let's see documentation and not a bunch of false cause.
+Steven Hess documentation is exactly what you need. No, no, it's ok, I can see that this isn't the logic channel. My bad.
Kris Vockler can you document another source?
+Steven Hess I don't have to, the burden of proof is on your shoulders for passing off an opinion as fact. I don't know the answer but I can smell faulty logic and false talk when I see it.
+Kris Vockler a concede to your superior intellect. I just know what happened in California. That is all I can go by.
Rae O.
I just came from a ten day visit to a friend in Florida who is 77; and was diagnosed with pertussis last Friday.
Why would you? It's a taboo subject. The important thing is for everyone to get vaccinated without regard to their immigration status. Get a DPT booster, everyone and vaccinate your kids.
....officials do not believe there is any connection between immigration and the whooping cough outbreak.

Do not believe or do not know?
But not getting vaccinated is good for you /s. I just feel sorry for all the poor children who have hippies for parents who are purposely endangered by their parents.
This is sad. The benefits of vaccinations are that they not only prevent disease but they make diseases harder to spread. Whooping cough? Really unfortunate. 
Wasn't the swine and bird flu supposed to infect everyone too? Who made those calls telling everyone to get vaccinated?
+Elijah Lynn The swine flu was the seasonal flu i.e. it infected hundreds of millions. The bird flu was never said to be a epidemic, it was said that if it ever did evolve the ability to be infectious from human to human that it would cause an epidemic.
I get flu shots prevention is better than no cure.
Measles, mumps, polio... Pretty soon all the diseases could make a comeback if enough people are unvaccinated. People today in the U.S. don't know how many people died or lost mobility due to polio.
+Evan Brody The sad thing is that even though people with brains can get vaccinated and be protected but i feel for people who aren't able to be vaccinated and rely on herd immunity.
+1 this if you think flu shots are overhyped and unsafe.
+Elijah Lynn I never said anything about your rights. Though I don't think one has a 'right' to plus one their comments. I don't think Google+ has a constitution.
"Whoop there it is" . :-) Haha couldn't resist. #agingmyself
The challenge for pro-vaccination people is that many of the past epidemics are distant memories. Meanwhile, if something like avian flu or swine flu doesn't materialize or doesn't do damage (because of successful vaccination), people wonder if it was worth it. The challenge of successful prevention is people don't get to see the threat that was mitigated. But they do remember the hassle of the preventative steps.
I think the problem is that people believe crap spouted by people with no credentials instead of listening to doctors who have spent 20 years dedicating their life to saving people.
Actually +Warren Jones, I've heard the name of the disease pronounced more like "hoop" or "hupp". So maybe the public health officials could say they are "shooting 'hoops" when giving whooping cough shots!
+Benjamen Meiers On the internet, people can't tell who has credentials. Like that old cartoon, where a dog is web-surfing and he tells another dog that the people online think he's human.
+Evan Brody I concur, every time i have heard it, it was 'hoop-ing coff"

On the internet, you can easily find out peoples credentials, if you cant find them, they don't have any.
+Benjamen Meiers What I really meant was, on a forum like G+, the posts from medical professionals and public health authorities don't look any different from those of ordinary people (like me). So a well-worded, articulate opinion defending something inaccurate can get a lot of traction while something correct but boring might not seem as credible.

You're right that someone could do a split-screen, checking credentials of other posters while they write. (Assuming they're not using a phone or other mobile device with a limited ability to multi-task on 1 screen.)
VACCINATIONS ARE NOT FREE HERE. Also, many vaccines contain preservatives that can kill certain individuals. Sulfate, rubber, eggs, horse serum...and if one CAN afford health care somehow, the providers rarely even know now what is in the vaccines, endangering people further. Who wants to maybe die to avoid getting something they may never be exposed to?!?
And there are people who did not immigrate through usual channels who are often VERY sick with TB and/or pertussis symptoms that do migrate that far up the coast to job hunt because those of us already here do not have our jobs anymore.
And travelers do make us sick here when we are in confined spaces with them, such as at free events out here.
Of course other parts of the country are different, and not everyone will understand how it is on this coast. But at least people are getting involved. I am relieved to see that. Maybe this health care mess can be sorted out one day, after all. And unneeded ingredients can be left out of the vaccines WITHOUT driving up the prices, so they are safer and more people can risk having them.
In any case, most everyone made really great points here based upon from whence they were coming, and I am happy I stumbled across this. Odd the salmonella epidemic from the pet food plant is not getting this kind of attention as it spreads across two countries and an island territory....
(Let's not forget certain vaccine batches fail to work...most notably, the measles vaccine at least two times in recent decades. It's science...but not "a precise science," unfortunately. Blaming scared ignorant people for their own lack of education and health coverage is not the real issue...fixing the systems is the starting point.)
We should blame Bush for this. Oooooh, that man! :-)
If unvaccinated people don't get the disease, or vaccinated people don't get the side-effects, each thinks he is right.

Similarly, most people have trouble perceiving the difference between 1-in-a-thousand vs 1-in-a-million vs 1-in-a-billion. All seem pretty remote, even though some are more likely than others. And humans respond to perception as much as calculations.
Australian States are thinking about dropping subsidised vaccinations for whooping cough.
ther is kids on here so u shouldnt speak like that
Just shy of 9% of the kindergarten students in 2009/2010 in Washington didn't get the vaccine (That's about 1 in every 11 kids). Thousands of those kids avoided it on philosophical grounds. As in, their parents decided they didn't believe in vaccines. The number of children who skipped vaccines on philosphical grounds, is greater than 10x as many as who missed it for medical reasons, and more than 25x the number who were exempted for religious reasons. Basically, they chose not to vaccinate their kids against this, and now, the very young, very old and other-wise weakened sections of the population who are usually protected by the rest of the populations immunity, along with all those kids who opted out are at risk, and it's started an epidemic of a disease we are totally capable of preventing from reaching an epidemic level elsewhere where kids are getting the vaccines.
so........................please its not pleasing to GOD...........................
My ex-wife is one of these fools who believes vaccination is evil. Her nephew was conceived by two mentally handicapped parents, and they believe his mother shook him pretty bad as an infant. Later, they find out he has a form of autism, and somehow she deduces that vaccination is the reason.

Anyhow, while we were married, we had a daughter. We have since divorced. She has primary custodial parenthood (turns out that it doesn't matter what advantages I have, the child lives with mom, end of story) and refuses to vaccinate. I have pushed to have it done, but seems I just don't have enough say in my child's well-being.

Last year, while my ex's non-vaccinated cousin was babysitting my daughter, she passed on her "bad cough". They later find out she has pertussis. My daughter suffered from August until March with a horrible cough. Obviously, because the medical profession is just a bunch of corrupt criminals, her mother refused to properly medicate her as well, so she only got relief the one night a week I see her.

Sorry, folks. Just needed to vent for a minute at how ridiculous our society is becoming.
Who let this sleestack out? I thought they didn't like the light
this was just in bc in around December, had a cough for months.
i will not be seing u in heaven...............and u will becrying out for me to wet ur toung while u are in hell and the Lord shall say no ...................................and if u are trying to get me to beleive in atheism i am not even close
i am 13 and i stand my ground and no one shall remove me from it
i was almost killed as a child with an attempted vaccination... it wasn't fear of getting vaccinated that killed me, but fear of death by allergic reaction to the vaccination. i suppose i should research the risks of vaccination (at my current age) to help prevent any harm to unvaccinated children.
Look, please, let's NOT start a huge debate on philosophy here. Danielle, I do realize that this is your religion, and I respect that, but please, just stop trying to convert them. They are not trying to convert you, but it seems to me that you are the one bringing religion into this. Brian, don't try to convert here either. Neither of you are going to succeed, and eventually you will both get so frustrated that you will do something both of you will regret. Sounds cheesy, I know, but it rings true.
sorry i know u are trying to help but he should not use bad language knowing who gets on here and all
Look, cussing is going to be around as long as there are insults, and insults are going to be around as long as there is hate, and hate will last forever, for without hate, there is no love.
It's the beginning of the zombie outbreak. EVERYONE! GRAB YOUR SHOTGUNS!
I'd have to agree with you man but I have never seen ANY one put that much dedication into a post. Nice job.
yall are blindedand u cant see ..........................we die or we go in the rapture its all in Gods timing we die because its a punisment from our sins that happened in the garden of eden and u see if it wernt 4 Gods sonJesus we would spend eternity in hell
+Brian Greene : According to Christianity, God did not, indeed, want for Humans to die. The only reason we DO die, according to some Christian religions, is that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and thus made humanity pay for all of eternity through death. After death, he allows you, according to some Christians, into his kingdom. Now, would you please stop persecuting her religion please?
according ...................according no he said it and he meant it and read the Bible if u dont beleive me
+Jerad Graham That does suck, but at the same time, there are people allergic to all sorts of foods, medicines, etc. While it's certainly a legitimate concern, there are ways to test for allergies these days. If a parent is really afraid their kid might have an allergic reaction to a vaccine, they should be able to have the child tested for allergies by an allergist. Yes, it takes a little more time, and it may cost more, but skipping vaccinations puts a person a much greater risk than the odds of any random child being allergic to a vaccine. Hopkins has an article on the subject here:

I'm glad you are ok, and I don't mean to make light of what was probably a very scary situation for everyone involved, but skipping vaccines altogether without a reason without investigating other options, may not be the best plan for most kids.
you should actually try opening your mind to the ideas of those you oppose ... try reading as danielle suggests since you apparently have very little understanding of the ideas you are attempting to squash
+Danielle Bryant : I say according because there is no way to prove that there was a God, without using the bible, which could be swatted down as an old fairy tale by some people(such as +Brian Greene ), and no way to prove that there wasn't a God. Stalemate.
or its not a place for a inresponsible grown man who dosnt know how to use a gift that God gave you and its called words brian
yea +Meghan Sanders they gave me the vaccine and (from what i've been told) the allergic reaction happened.... so i was just lucky or had good enough doctors
i wouldn have said anything unless you would have the right language
+Brian Greene I do realize that, scientifically, dying has nothing to do with curses and stuff, but still, at least let her believe what she wishes to believe, regardless of whatever consequences may come to you or to her.
sorry brian, but i dont think that a post of text can qualify as "shoving some religion shit on me." if you don't want to read about religion, avert your eyes.
because like i told u there could be nine year old s on here surching and boom * and they go to eat dinner and they ask there parents what does***mean
+Brian Greene , +Danielle Bryant : Look, just let it go. Also, +Brian Greene : I was, at one time, an atheist myself, and I did study the bible several times. I do realize that you need to look at several religious texts to decide if something is out there or not. Now then, I bid you all a good night.
do not try to talk me out of my so called religion
i didn't claim to have anything shoved down my throat. you should use your supreme logic to figure out the meaning of my comments before responding to them.
+Danielle Bryant While I understand where you are coming from, Google+ does not have a language policy that forbids adult language. Also, there should not be nine year old children here; it's illegal to use a service like google+ while under the age of 13 unless written parental consent is given under the COPA laws in the United States where Google is operated. When Google+ opened, it's minimum age was actually 18.

Furthermore, while you personally may find it offensive or inappropriate, you can not dictate how people communicate on this platform based on religious preference. Google does not mandate that it's users behave in a certain way based on any specific religious belief and other people may not share the same beliefs as you do here. If someone dissagrees with you on a religious topic, you can debate it, but the polite thing to do is to let it go if you can't speak to each other in a respectful way. At this point, you are derailing the conversation on the posted topic.
she is 13... and i already read that, i do have scrolling capability. if you think a 13 year old has fully developed biologically, emotionally, theologically, or otherwise, you should, again, probably do some reading, and rethink your decision to fight fire with fire against someone whose age you know.

in response to your post about me not knowing you, i never claimed to. your "logic" about the flow of god's decision to create, let die, bring to heaven, give eternal life... and conclusion of god's nonexistence because of your lack of understanding led me to comment on your lack of understanding, not on my knowledge of your church history. i doubt an internet conversation based fully in an argumentative string of comments will convince you to do so, but i would suggest you find a more suitable mentor than you seem to have had in the past.
Seriously? Seriously!? We have managed to turn an article about vaccinations into a religious debate. I'm a little annoyed but mostly impressed, let's find out what other tangential subject we can make into a religious debate. I think the next one should be a subject concerning the possible health benefits of tomato soup.

My 2 cents? If you insist.

+Brian Greene not ever religious slight needs to be turned into a full blown war. Just because their beliefs are not yours sometimes it's ok to shrug and walk away. If you stop arguing Atheism isn't going to lose some major war, no one will look down on you. People don't like to be told that beliefs that hold are wrong, be it religion or politics. I suspect I'm not cluing you into some universal truth. I suspect you already know this, but I think it's time to let this one die.

+Danielle Bryant you are in for a long and rocky road if you are going to try and clean up the language on the internet. May I suggest you start with 4chan, if you can get them to change their ways, then you'll be well on your way. A piece of constructive criticism though, if I may; it doesn't matter how good your argument is, if you can't at least use proper punctuation and good vocabulary most people aren't going to take you seriously.
repeating past statements doesn't change things. you can think you're having things shoved on you all you want. believe what you will, but you can still choose not to read it or choose not to engage in a debate with a 13 yr old girl that puts your anger and unhappiness on display for the community.
+Brian Greene Are you in so much in denial that you cannot see how reprehensible you sound in this thread?

You sound like you have a lot of rage. Ranting about immunizations or religion is understandable; but ranting against a 13 year old? That is truly pathetic.

However, your posts are educational. You are teaching us and +Danielle Bryant that some adults are so insecure, they feel the need to attack the religious beliefs and argumentative stylings of a child who is just beginning to understand abstract concepts.

In my experience, only very wounded people will "fight back" at windmills.
Wow. I really must stop reading comments on what WAS an interesting initial story. This has officially been a train wreck.

We should all be a little bit ashamed for wasting moments of our lives to reading or participating in it. I guess it's a sign that G+ is getting popular, the flame wars have begun. Peace. Out!
Everyone I know have been vaccinated. None of them have strange defects. None of them are dying from nasty diseases either. And we all live in Africa!
Dan B.
Wow, this thread spun into epic levels of douchebaggery.
Dan B.
One kid that wants to push some religious views completely out of context and one adult that doesn't know how to behave like one when dealing with a kid, or in public it would seem...that can never end well.

Vulgarity is typically what the ignorant resort to when they have no means to further make a point.
Dan B.
No, it's what fuels losers, the ability to act like that without the threat of the eventual punch in the mouth that you so deserve. Adults should rise above such childish douchebaggery, but to be a better example.

Fight on keyboard warrior.
Dan B.
I just know the first "adult" I'd see talking to my 13 year old like that would think twice before doing it again.
well that was quite a read.. i'm surprised +Breaking News didnt put an end to the flame war. they're usually on top of that. though it'd probably take an ocean or 2 to do such.
Hi +Tyler Phillips --- you're right, we should have stayed ahead of this one a bit better. Thanks for the note!
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