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Whitney Houston dies

Sat Feb 11, 5:03 p.m. PST: +The Associated Press reports that Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, has died.

The cause and the location of her death are unknown.
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damn! this is so stupidly tragic. she had it all going on. beautiful. unbelievable talent. man, i hate this. i was pulling for her.
whew! thanks for that lea. hope this doesn't turn out as the false announcement of paterno's passing did.
Thanks, +Lea Terry - that link is from Sept. 13. Houston's publicist, Kristen Foster, confirmed today Houston has died.
damn! i'm getting emotional whiplash here!
Oh, I. Will always love you.
she was just performing at an Grammy event this past thursday night......:( I just wrote a tribute record that I hoped would allow me to meet her. But wow.
Now I feel bad for making fun of her come back attempt. She never should have married Bobby. So sad.
Awful news. I had heard she'd had a drug problem for a while, and a lot of personal problems.
+Linh Nguyen yes, I am trying to say that +Lea Terry may be mistaken about what she is saying as her Link does not appear to be a report from today, but from some time ago.
What!? I know she has problems (who doesn't), but I didn't expect this kind of news about her. Surely this is a shocker!
RIP Whitney ... talented great voice
Just yesterday I listened to her song--I'll always love you"--one of my favourites.So sad.
bobby brown did it and said THATS MY PERROGATIVE
What an incredible talent that has been laid to rest. RIP
I'm totally stunned!!!! I just woke up from a lil' cat nap to see this saddening post... Peace be finally with you Ms. Houston and my honestly sympathetic condolences to all of those out there (especially her family) who truly loved Ms. Whitney Houston .... :'(
Goes to show you when you lay down with dogs like Bobby Brown you come up dead!
At least through it all with Whitney and Bobby Brown, they can always say that they shared a deep, abiding, honest love of crack.
+Lea Terry it is an understandable mistake...who would have expected that she had been reported dead in Sept too!!
+Veronica Valentyne No, this just happened, the Sept report was simply a mistake at that time
so sad, still can't understand why she abused so much with herself.
Not a big surprise, sadly. Great talent 
This is sad. I pray for her family and children.
K Reid
Danm that's so sad if she never would've used drugs she would still be here.
wow she was a awesome singer we lost a good one at a young age, They all die young.
Oh my goodness... You have brought joy with your music and you will be sorrily missed. RIP...:( But instead of mourning for her death, we should celebrate all of the achievements that she has accomplished! :)
Truly very sad...she was one of the best~Rest in peace will be missed Whitney
Rest in peace, Whitney.
Not fair to blame a third party for the actions of an adult BUT that relationship was a one way ticket to disaster.
That's so sad.R.I.P. Whitney.
Just Me
Goodnight, Whitney.
so sad, she was very talented...
just read the news too from abc news,she is perfectly alive..please try to search this and i just read it before i came...
...and i...will you...
Damn whitney R.I.P. .........God took you to save from this evil world. Bobby Brown I hope your conscious eats your flesh for the rest of your life.! Bitch!
Alex W
No good news. RIP and thank you for the music!
Omg people so what!!! One less ......
What a shame. And the piece of crap, Bobby Brown lives. Her live went down the tube the day she met him. Dam one hit wonder sucked the life out of her.
Despite having heard her back when I was growing up is it wrong that I don't have a care about her death no more than I would the next person? Don't get me wrong, I do find it unfortunate but I can't see myself reacting to the news any different than I would another fellow human. I don't put celebs on pedestals like the masses; I'm just another person to them and their just another person to me.
RIP Whitney! we'll miss you so much. She had such a voice....
she was amazing such a sad time carribbean peeeps miss you Whitney
So sad. I have teenage memories of driving to school with her playing on the radio. What a loss.
+Jim McKinney Watch up the Twitter Universe people are finding that disrespectful since she was a celeb and all. If it was anyone else where crack more than likely affected their life span it would be..."O well, crack kills!" (with the assumption that the person was probably a no-good dirt bag vs. probably a good person who fell on hard times and made a horrific choice)!
To a beautiful woman who changed the music game you will be missed.
soooooooooo gooooooooooooodddddddd:(:(
OMG......that's very bad news.....RIP
Too young to go. She was only 48 and her voice rocked generations of people. Rest in Peace.
Wow this is a sad day. Our condolences.
The world has lost another great voice and actress. I will miss her even more. We will miss you, rest in peace.
I had to tell mom and dad about her death. Her songs were my parents love songs to each other. They were naturally saddened; and her death being announced on the love month maybe makes it a little sadder for them.
rest in peace, whitney.<3

Wow, very sad...what a beautiful woman
Another of America's finest gone forever much too soon.
This is a blow! But at least she is at rest.
totally unexpected...and right before the grammys
So very sad the rise and fall and now departed Whitney, such a shining star but tragic life. She is only little older than me but leaving behind a beautiful daughter Bobbi whom is younger than my own children. I hope Bobbi's future can be brighter and blemish free
this is shocking. she was so beautiful and her voice I will remember always. especially " One Moment In Time " I know she is at peace and with the Lord. we will miss you. Whitney... Barbara Matranga
Sad how her career went downhill so fast.
She has really died to all the people who don't believe
The story is true, its all over the news. RIP Whitney
Sept 13 death was a hoax today is true she died thus afternoon
Though it is the first time i hear about you,really sorry,rest in peace.
That's so sad. She was only 48. She will be missed that's for sure.
Classic example of what drugs can do to even the most gifted of people
Let's all take a moment of silence to pray for The Prom Queen of Soul and her family.
yes it is sad,but remember her death was self inflicted,she had the world at her feet,rest in peace.
Why need drug if they have everything. 
Oh Whitney ...
Sad. You don't know when, so live meaningfully
So sad. I grew up listening to her music. Rest in peace.
what a shock and a true loss of amazing talent RIP whitney
So sad rip nippy u will be truly missed
Gonna have too put up with that god damn awful bodyguard theme tune on radio for a week then, bummer
awww. dam that's sad. man life is short. but R.I.P Whitney my god be wit you
very sad tohear she will be missed she was a GREAT LADY nomatter what
Gone but not forgotten we will and forever love you Whitney:-(
so sad we lost another angle to soon.....blessings go out to her family, friends, nd her daughter...God bless
Drugs. Nuff Said.( I can only Imagine) She was a beautiful singer too..
Ed Lee
Another drug overdose death?
:( rest in peace whitney.she had a incomparable voice.such a would never expect that.atleast i didnt.
Just realesed news!!! Witney died in brooklyn neyyork, she was celebrating and passed away
+chris hatchett Not in my opinion; I'm always fascinated how the masses do care so much about someone they don't know personally above others they don't know personally. Then the irony...the person they care about so much, doesn't care about them.
and Diiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee eyyyyieeeeeeeeeeeee. Too soon?
My heart goes out to her family. R.I.P Whitney LUV YOU ALWAYS.
RIP. What about the ACTA protests. Isn't that breaking news too?
So many deaths due to drugs, you would think people would learn.....
The music world lost an unforgettable voice , R.I.P
You can't possibly be surprised
1: she always had troubles with drugs.
2: she's in Hollywood.... Do people even know how many stars in Hollywood do drugs? o_O
R.I.P of the pioneer female artists
Tea Kay
R.I.P. - Whitney Houston - Thank you for your contribution to the music world , gone but NEVER forgotten
A powerhouse that she was, will always be loved and missed.
Despite that the masses nearly worship the Hollywood elite despite there being nothing special about that person. Their job just happens to put them behind a camera.
I hope it well some closer to hear passing. Cause her fans has to right to as well the public
God Bless Whitney. Your at peace now.. Your beautiful voice will always live on!!!!!
Why is everyone ago shocked and surprised she died? Live by the pipe die by the pipe.
Your beautiful voice will be missed. RIP Whitney
Such a shame . Very sad .
So soon, she just came out for a movie and got back on track:(
What a loss. And we have Bobby Brown to thank for it.
Our daughter is named after Ms. Houston..... We'll love you forever "Whitney".
Just like a shooting star, so sudden.
Horrible. Such Beauty and Talent
RIP!! Sad news...prayers are with her family.
omg i feel sad for what a good voice she had just majestic
Rest in peace Whitney. Thank you for the music.
loved her great voice and songs. Rest in Peace, Whitney Houston...
sorry whitney we will remember you for a long time rest in peace <3 you have an amazing voice ;)
It is hard time when one of the loud voices in music history goes silent. May God rests her soul in eternity?
Sad so so sad about that many dear wishs to the family.
It's sad to see you go, Whitney!
RIP Whitney Houston~ the heavenly choir must surely be devine now. Thanks for leaving a song in our hearts <3
omg she was only 48 old years and she was using drugs RIP i feel bad
abby h
+Elijah Berke : You live 5 minutes from the Beverly Hilton Hotel? Whitney Houston was staying there, you're really lucky!!!
Whitney Houston was wonderful and had such a pure, angelic voice. She was a true talent. This news was terribly devastating and tragic. I'll always remember her... Rest in peace :-( ~Abby #missyoualready
feels just like somebody has blown out a candle...
Very sad but not surprising. Too many great talents ruined by drugs.
Rest in peace. A voice that will also be remembered.
So sad. May she finally find peace. 
I'm not having this todaaaayyy....
Exhale Whitney, I hope your last breath justified the hell they put you through! Until they squeeze out your last breath.... we never get to REALLY appreciate a falling star's brilliance.
A very sad end for Whitney, may God grant her a place in His bosom. My condolence to her family and loved ones.
descance en paz siempre la recordaremos...
Our prayers go out to the family, we will miss you Whitney.......
I think that is just say it cant happen may be
This is so heavy and so sad. We witnessed a life slip away right in front of us.
What a waste, money & fame don't make you happy neither do drugs. RIP, condolences to the family and loved ones
red rum
Gonna miss ur pretty smile & beautiful whitney u will always be my favorite female artist & michael jackson os my favorite male artists...u are both with god now & I no he wanted u both 2 perform 4 him & his
Nata m
sad to hear. She had great voice.
RIP Whitney always n 4ever Queen of Pop :)
The candle that burns twice as bright Burns half as long
Whitney, we will always remember you! Hope to catch up with you in our next reincarnation! Keep singing!
She deserves the tribute at the Grammys. She had a voice others would kill for. Tragic end. RIP.
Come on, its sad when anyone dies, how can y'all really feel something for someone you didn't know. I am sure someone who had a more profound impact on the world died today too.
One of my all time favorite artists, it's sad to see her go so young.
Despite her personal issues, this is a true loss.....
Aww, i didn't really care for her anyway :(
Didn't the paramedics realize she is just 'waiting to exhale'??
That is sad they found her body in a HOTLE
Well with all the drug use and bad decisions it was bound to happen. Still thats really to bad
Whitney HOUSTON. R.I.P
This is sad sad news! Such a great singer!
Rest in peace. You were the greatest love of all. Most memorable singer from my childhood. First song I memorized was greatest love of all. Always in our thoughts and hearts whitney. U are in the better place.
R.I.P best singing ever in the "I will always love you"
Such a beautiful voice. My sympathy to her family and friends.
million dollar billR.I.P.
So sad to hear about her passing.
A wonderful singer, she will be missed but her songs will go on forever, a sad day. Jesus be with her and family..
good by a fenomenal singger
If I,should stay,I will only be in your way, and I................... will always love you!!!
She remains one of the greatest of her time. A huge loss indeed. May her gentle soul rest in the bossom of The Lord.
Fucking god She is dead !!
I fuck God by the ass !
Rest in peace WH
add me im new and none of mr friend are on :(((((((((((((((
Such a tragedy I wish her daughter and mother to be looked upon bye God thru these upcoming morning period! RIP W.H.
Sad someone has died, otherwise ... So what
no wonder most of her music videos were showing on mtv during jersey shore today... i wish the best of luck whoever u are
A voice for the ages! So tragic. Too soon.
Her voice made its mark in our lives and will go down in history as one of the greatest there was. Whitney's songs will live forever.
She was an icon, her music defined the 80's & early 90's, providing inspiration for so many stars who followed her....her passing is a tragic end to what seems to have ended up as a tormented life! Rest in peace!
I just newly n 1st time download google stream n I got this bad news. Shocked me.... I don't believe it. The moment I said it out, my 13yrs old son seating bside said yes . It's ardy kb fb. I love I always Whitney. u was 1 of my favourite singer during my schl days.
Such a selfish bitch. Her family deserved better anyway. Do drugs, gamble your life. Simple as that. I don't feel the least bit saddened by her death. She did it to herself, and she knew what she was doing.
The real tragedy is no one will care or know about which soldier/sailor/Marine died today, except their immediate family and friends, defending your freedoms to care about an entertainer turned drug addict.
Really saddens me to hear about Whitney .. we lost another great talent..
who cares if she died... she didn't care enough about the world to try and keep herself in it....... shes better off now anyways
So sad to hear this....RIP Whitney
I luv her now I cant see her want go to her consert but I cant because she die
Whitney U RIP NOW**Very sad that she died BUT Cause & Effect is so real Drugs do Kill :(
Kab Yaj
She will forever live in her songs. And we will always love her.
When I found out about it, I felt very sad. Her voice was incredible. She will be missed. :(
RIP Whitney, another victim of faith with drugs and fame.
may god give peace of her soul... its sad news, one is human left this world.....
Whitney Houston won an impressive six Grammys in fourteen years.
Slightly less impressive was her recent attempt at six grams in fourteen minutes.
Live from Beverly Hills Hospital’s life support division.
Whitney Houston un-plugged :-)
Whitney Houston's last 2 really big hits were the crack pipe and the floor:-)
RIP Whitney Houston mis condolencias a la Familia. ):
pretty sad-gr8 loss-one of big fav of mine-pray for the peace of her soul-condolences to the gr8 fans and families-no way than to bear the pain but it would be easy if we could share it.
We all love u whitney rip may god have ur soul we will never forget u
I still can't believe this amazing talent is gone from this earth forever.. May she finally rest in peace! -We Will Always Love You xoxoxo
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