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FBI to review thousands of old cases for flawed evidence

+NBC News reports that, months after the +Washington Post revealed that lab technicians at the FBI mishandled evidence, the Department of Justice has announced it will review of thousands of old cases.

The review, the largest in U.S. history, will focus on work by FBI Laboratory hair and fiber examiners since at least 1985.

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Yeah, other countries have a perfect justice system, and their labs are impeccable.
Would any other country admit this? No. 
Some others would, I'd guess.
joe biden made a comment that mitt romney would have a joke for a dept of justice. i guess the joke is on him. :>)
Cool! There will be new episodes of I.D....
We need the FBI to be run by a J.Edgar again.
A devoted man for the welfare of the our country.
Andrew Wilson you are either very, very young or extremely nieve if you think that J. Edgar Hoover was some kind of a patriot.Check out history. The only thing Hoover was good for was picking up dirt.
And dressed formally in his mom's best dresses
Lol, Joshua Jones, He not a Patriot, but he was not a corrupt man.
He is a devoted man to what best for the country, perfect for a man in charge of FBI.
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