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Robin Gibb, Bee Gees co-founder, dead at 62

+Rolling Stone reports that Robin Gibb, one-third of the Bee Gees, has died after a long battle with cancer. Gibb was 62 years old.

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Photo: Robin Gibb performs in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1991. (Rob Verhorst/Redferns)


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Rest in peace, Robin. And thank you for sharing you talent with the world.
Last Gibb that checked out they badmouthed all the doctors and sued the hospital.
Heaven is gathering up the best disco music stars, Robin Gibb will live forever in our hearts. RIP 
R.I.P Robin.....I agree, this is so sad. His gift of music will stay. I thank him and his family for all they have given over the years, so many hours of pleasure.........
Always has to be one heartless jerk. +Hudson Child gets to be this threads. Congrats, your family must be so proud.
He's gone but his soul is still here with great songs.
RIP thanks for your music over the years, the world will miss you
He finally died, and the world started crying. R.I.P 
So much respect for these guys, sorry for the idiots that will never learn to appreciate good music.
Merrell michael Vos lo que sois es una tremenda plasta de Mierda desalmada 
Many condolences to his surviving family, the world will share in your loss.
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Awww; too bad. My brother will be sad.
A sad loss. One if not the greatest group ever. We mad the effort to see them on their last tour to Australia (One Night Only) a truly memorable experience, unfortunately one its not possible to repeat now. Maybe its precognition but I was playing the One Night Only sound track yesterday.
R.i.p robin the music will live on
Keep on writing songs up in heaven .
My heart go's out to all your family and friends
good man 
I swear, cancer sucks!! Surely every person knows someone personally who has or died from cancer. 
+Mark Whitcomb maybe you should just change your password. How hard would that be. The security here is fine, but chances are you used a stupidly easy password to crack. (difficult for you, not for anyone cracking password)
Rip robin you will NEVER be forgotten thank you for sharing you music with us all these years it will live on for eternity !!
RIP Mr. Gibbs!
Tragedy has been my favorite song since I was 17...tried to listen to Bee Gee music with my teen friends as illegal activity in VN after 1975.....we have always remembered Bee Gee...Love you!
Class of 1985.
why am I being bothered with this. I think its great. We all move on at some point. Please remove these types of space clogging irrelevant posts from my page, or I will have to remove myself from it. You serve me really targeted advertisements for products why are you NOT doing the same thing with this (not)"Hot Topics" showing up. I am disappointed google, i just spent 2 hours filling out my profile to go on my page and find the first post there is worthless junk spam. What VP is in charge of this portion of the project...., off with his head. Hot is relative, this is not a hot topic. it is an interactive obituary you think thats gonna go well for you as a product. hmmm this is why I DONT GO ON FACEBOOK!

please remove this soon. . . As much as I love to be reminded when people die... it actually offends me. . .


Oliver Jack (oj)
Disco is dead , RIP Donna and Robin .
Every day sees losses. So many are the icons of my youth, which makes it seem sadder. RIP, R&R (rest and return)
One less vegan in the world is always a sad day. Love in truth.
Bummer. I have always enjoyed their music...and the SNL skit is one of my favorites.
I LOVE the Bee Gees music. Thank you for the music, Robin! May God bless your soul!
And every time someone comments of this obituary I am gonna be reminded in the upper right corner of the screen about something that offends me. . . hmm..... what if my grandfather had died very recently... and you kept reminding me repeatedly with the number on preceded by a plus. like 1 of my family members is now gone.I no longer want to hear about old people dying. I am now signing out of google plus....
Whaaaa the heck you talking about....Go have another glass of wine.
I just hope he keeps his word and stays signed off. Gives us all a break. In the meantime this is of course sad news, the Bee Gees were icons and a part of a few eras. r.i.p. to a gifted singer.
The rule of 3!!!! Donna Summer, Robin Gibb and then? .?.?.?.
The body may have died but the music will keep on staying alive
RIP. thanks for your beautiful music 
Way to complain about a free product Oliver, hope that Works for you...
E ka
This is sooo sad... I am a big Bee Gees fan and he will truly be missed... My prayers go out to the Gibbs family. :( 
I agree with #JoyHarrison peace to you and the Gibb family.
ikr +Chantelle DelValle first, chuck brown, donna summer, one of the kennedy's and now him im a little scared now
Theresa + Nick Jenner
RIP ...Your music will live on.
soz to hear about him not shore of who he is but RIP
There is always a heartless asshole like Hudson Child. He probably thought the Bay City Rollers were the best group ever.
That sucks but life is short for some people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Condolences to his family and loved ones.
wey are you not tack to me
Tim Lee
God will bless.
why do good singers have to die?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! we will miss him :(
classic. just like his brothers. of long hair.
So many hit songs and so many memories his music gave to me. RIP music man
that's very shocking, may he rest in peace
cm sham
I finally die
Ah ah ah ah, not stayin' alive not stayin' alive
rip Rob prayers go out to fam friends and fans alike
Such a sad loss. RIP, thoughts with his family and friends.
Those guys presented a lot of great music to our world. I am saddened by his passing.
You will be missed Robin. Rest in peace and thank you for the music.
Sadly Will Be Missed. Another Great Singer Gone.
Lots of great singers are dying...we will truly miss them all
It is so sad that he lost hits battle with cancer. What a great entertainer.
I'm so sorry for the Gibb family--RIP Robin,we'll miss you very much!
I just read about this it was a shock but in light of the facts death comes in 3's I knew there would be another soon. I was really sorry to see it was Robin. Whitney, Donna and Robin you all blessed us with your great music and you will be missed. The memories I have of these three artist music can never be replaced.
seg doh
gosh, I grew up with bee gees music. Hard to learn each one of them dying. But I guess we all can't defy death. Rip robin!
Ah ah ah ah staring alive staying alive - oops, not anymore!
:( I know he is in the best place, heaven. His talent made the world a better place.
R.I.P. Robin
You'll be missed. We will always remember the good times we had to your music.
Tom & friends GOD BLESS
Rocked it hard with the boys years and years ago... RIP.
Rest in Peace Robin. Thank you for giving us happy memories with your music.
Very sad month indeed ... last week we lost Donna Summer and this week we lost Robin Gibb.
We will miss you Robin.
R.I.P, He will be missed. My thoughts & prayers go out to his family.
RIP. Your unique voice will be remembered.
Not sure why people would choose to +1 this news as death of anyone, famous or not, is sad. The world has lost a talented person & Robin has found release, fulfilled his karma & moved on to another dimension. +1 to celebrate his life. -1 for his family right now.
Really feel sorry for him. Sixty-two is quite young for him to die!
He is a great man :(
Are they going to sue the hospital like they did last time?
: -( Az egyik legnagyobb kedvenceim ! Nagy kár érte !
My favorites were. and then they also will you be!
Follow our love to an endless life! I never forget you.
The World is Crying But The Music is Still PLAYING.
Words Emotion. One of The Great Songs of "BEE GEES" 
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