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We're keeping a running list of news organizations' Google+ Pages.

Here's our list -- please feel free to share your suggestions in the comments.

+ABC News
+ABC News Radio
+Al Jazeera English
+Austin American-Statesman
+The Atlantic
+BBC America
+BBC News
+Bloomberg News
+The Boston Globe
+breaking news brknws
+CBS News
+Chicago Tribune
+The Denver Post
+The Grand Island Independent
+Financial Times
+Fox News
+The Huffington Post
+KOMU 8 News
+Los Angeles Times
+NBC 10 Philadelphia
+NBC Bay Area
+NBC News
+The New York Times
+Newsweek & The Daily Beast
+Progressive Radio Network
+Search Engine Land
+Talking Points Memo
+Think Progress
+The Verge
+The Wall Street Journal
+Yahoo! News

(Thanks to +Mark Glaser +Tom Benton +Roeland Roovers +Lauren Bertolini +Alex Schrank +Dan Patterson +Myroslaw Bytz +Violet Mae Lim +Omar Gallaga +Phil Priser +Mat Yurow +Thom Robinson +Holger Eilhard +Joel Abrams +Ernie Smith +Justin Gibson +Jay Zalowitz for your contributions!)

Note: We'd love to create a news circle to share with you. However, shared circles currently remain static, so we wouldn't be able to update it once we shared it. If dynamically-updating shared circles become available (fingers crossed!), we will migrate this list to a circle.
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+Carl Mattick As soon as we know of them, we'll add them! If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Thanks!
You can just SHARE your circle of organizations here and it'll grow as you add them.
Do we know if these are genuine? I presume Google has means to check that someone creating "BBC News" actually works for the BBC?!
My suggestion is share this as a circle.
Thanks for these. My news circle is growing. Will you lists sports as well when they come on board?
Anyone can create a clone page with the same name, as long as they put it in a different section (other instead of news for ex). also, page names are case sensitive, so people can capitalize one or more letters to have the same page name. this will be VERY confusing for end users.
Edit: search for TechCrunch for example. there are 3 pages as of now. one of them I created for testing purposes (put in the description that it is a test and that I'll be deleting it)
Every time I see CNET, I keep thinking about the old BBS software.
Thanks for sharing, if innovation is to reign on Google Plus Brand pages, news organisations will lead the way.
Thanks, all! I'm adding these as quickly as I can. Keep them coming!

Regarding circles -- once they are shared, they cannot be updated. Once dynamically-updating circle sharing is possible, we'll be sure to create a circle of all of these accounts and share it.
boy does this list sound familiar. Lol, thanks for bringing them back.
Keep a running list please to review every now and then!
+Roger Parrow We are listing all news orgs -- including those that cover sports. Let us know when you find some. Thanks!
+Robert Fulkerson We'd love to create a circle to share, but circles remain static, so we wouldn't be able to update it. Once that changes (fingers crossed!), we will migrate this list to a circle.
This is a great list! Thanks for sharing +Breaking News! Reminds me of the first time we all went through this lol...
+Hassan Dibani That is helpful info about spoof pages - thank you!

All -- We are working hard to verify each page that we post (hence the slowness - sorry). If you see a suspected spoof page here, please let us know right away. Thanks in advance.
+Ian Tang Thanks for suggesting CNET! It's now added. I tried to call you out for a special thanks above but Google+ is feeding me other Ian Tangs before it maxes out on its suggestions. Thanks again, and sorry about the omission of your name above.
Still adding away...thanks, everyone! Once the lonnnnng alphabetical list is done, I'll pull out some subcategories to make it a bit easier to digest.
Nice. Would really like to see the Economist.
Sorry, folks -- we've been getting an error message each time we've tried to ammend this post during the last 10 minutes. The problem persists regardless of how much text is included or how many +mentions are listed. We'll try again shortly.

In the meantime, please see the comments above for some great suggestions.

Thank you, all, for your help building this list!
I would love to see The New York Daily News....
Just make it a circle and share it once an hour or something.
+KCET, Public Media for Southern California is all signed up!
You're awesome for posting competitors pages! I'll stick with breaking news.
There's so many to add! This will take awhile to cherry pick the ones i want. :)
Thank you! GREAT resource!
For the Upstate NY crowd, there's WAMC Northeast Public Radio and Albany's Times Union
Just share what you have and re-share daily. The ones already added will be ignored, while the new ones will be added.

Seriously....that's alot of work for my mouse....I don't have enough cheese to keep up
circle search engine land~
Starting to put together a circle right now - stay tuned!
Rohan S
Chan Li
+Breaking News hi,please share a circle of them ,so that we can add them faster
Hi everyone -- thank you for all of your suggestions! This was truly a group effort.

Thanks too, for all of the suggestions that we create a shared circle. We have done so here:

As we noted above, once a circle is shared, it can't be updated. Please continue to list your suggestions here or as a comment on the circle.

We will then re-share the circle with your suggested additions.

Thanks again!
What a fantastic launch for + pages....can't wait to see what the next days and weeks hold!
irish d
i'm lazy so if anyone created a circle for this news group yet (all verified?), pls share thanks!
so like verified profiles, are these news organizations profiles verified too ?
Not all of them are really "news" organizations. For example, Al Jazeera is an anti-American Israeli hating hate mongering incitement site. And anything ABC shills for the Democrat party. And the BBC ....
+GMA News in the Philippines. Among PHL news organizations, they're the first to create a Google+ profile since the launch of this social network but like others, they were taken down too. They're back though! :)
+The Wineclub Wine news from India and the world over, wine community, wine jokes, wine tips, wine blogs, interview of famous wine personalities, etc.
Ro O'F
Thanks for doing this! social media statistics portal has joined the game of SOCIAL ANALYTICS PLATFORMS, now #1 on G+ and covering G+ stats!
Please send feedback to request dynamically-updatable circles. The more people do it, the more/faster we're likely to see it.
The New Age newspaper (South Africa)
Hey, +roga moore , thanks for the "Best Of"! Here's one you people will be sure to enjoy: +France 24 (they seem to be mixing english and french posts currently; inevitably, they'll have an all-english page. ;) )
Excellent, thanks for sharing!
+john hawley All of the above news organizations do, or at least those that were shared in the comments before 1 p.m. PST today.

There was one at least one (unattended) omission, however - +TIME. If you see others, many apologies - please post them again.

Note that this circle covers news organizations only, not individual journalists, columns or shows.

+KQED public media for Northern California
For local news from European countries see +The Local. Disclaimer: I work for them.
Thanks, +Ellie K!

Unfortunately, a bug in +Google+ is preventing us from updating the original post. However, we've added the correct +BBC News to our circles.
I have created a circle of approx 55 news pages of interest to me, which I share occasionally (check my profile) ... I tentatively plan to break it into breaking news vs. news analysis vs. other criteria.
Add euronews to your google+ news list.
Baramulla area futting chudding munz see then ans
Hey,  nobody mentioned Fox News! Don't worry, the truth won't hurt you. 
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