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Jennifer and Julia Hudson release statement after Balfour conviction
Chicago, Ill., USA

Jennifer and Julia Hudson have released a statement following the conviction of William Balfour earlier today.

A Chicago jury convicted Balfour of murdering Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew.

"We have felt the love and support from people all over the world and we’re very grateful," the statement reads. "It is our prayer that the Lord will forgive Mr. Balfour of these heinous acts and bring his heart into repentance someday."

Read the entire statement:

Follow updates and read background information:

Photo: Jennifer Hudson, Jan. 10, 2012 (+The Associated Press /Charles Sykes)
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Bank failures are news. Murder trails are local events.
Not when it involves a superstar 
Death of TV would be news. Death of a superstar is entertainment.
Again, +Jim Williams is right. And before anybody says anything no, I'm not a racist. It's just this whole situation ain't worthy of this much press. Explosions in Syria or the banking thing is real news.
Far too much "if it bleed it leads" out there. When the people getting the news was a couple of thousand then a murder was news. With a couple of hundred million you need a mass grave for it to be news.

Breaking News hasn't been too bad so far, but I've already flushed several "news" pages because they were trying to use TV's formula.
I'm not sure I'm thrilled with one group of individuals trying to decide what is or is not news. I don't see why we need to limit our news to 'big stories', especially since everyone has a different opinion on what constitutes a 'big story'. Breaking News wants to cover the interests of a lot of different people, and there is nothing wrong with that. Seriously, if you don't care about a story then ignore it: there's no reason to hate on it and ruin it for the next reader.
Breaking News is for real Breaking News. Not Celebrity drama News.
Not hating it. You are blowing up our opinions much more than what they are. It's just there's celebrity news groups who can do all the reporting on Hudsons hood life problems.
What's wrong is that out of I don't know how many "news" pages there's no one providing the news. I have plenty of other stuff in my stream, and I'll uncircle others who post too much stuff I'm not interested in the same way I'll uncircle "news" sources who post too much non-news; which I fear will be all off them since they're all trying to use a model that is unsuitable to the medium.

Trying to be all things here will make you nothing here.
+Dan Wilcox Yes, you are hating on it. You could have just ignored this post, maybe even muted it, but no, you felt strong enough about how horrible Breaking News was for posting this article that you had to call them out on it. For many people, this does count as breaking news. Grow up and get over it.

+Jim Williams That's strange, I'm not having any problem finding news. Whatever though. If Breaking News isn't satisfying your definition of news then go ahead and uncircle them, but don't be a drama queen about it. Everyone's tastes are different, and I highly recommend that you respect them.
BTW, I'm muting this post. Personally I don't find it that interesting either, but unlike some people I see that as a personal choice. I've said what I want to say; if that doesn't encourage some maturity then I doubt anything else I have to say will either.
+Dan Wilcox Referring to the brutal murders of 3 innocent people as "hood life problems" would lead most people to assume that you are indeed racist (although I'm sure you won't publicly admit it.)
Wow Breaking News lasted in my circles for all of 13 hours.
+Dan Wilcox i can't even begin to try and understand how you can call something like this hood life problems. i agree it's not really breaking news but wtf? thinly veiled racism is so obnoxious. i at least have a tiny bit of respect for in your face racists, at least they have honesty as a trait.
+Breaking News You don't have to change anything for these people. The audience doesn't decide what's news, the organization does.

If it was some blonde little girl trapped in a well their tune would be quite different. Do your job, +Breaking News; we appreciate the fact that you're even here. The complainers never matter.
Thanks, +Lamarr Wilson. I really appreciate you -- and +Jim Williams , +Dan Wilcox and +Keith Childers -- for taking the time to share your thoughts.

It's an interesting question: what is news? And, specifically, what is breaking news? It's impossible to pin down a concrete definition...but it's certainly worth a conversation and we definitely welcome feedback.

Have a great weekend, all!

I cannot see how to have any mercy for a person who killed a 7 year old kid.
Celebrity drama? This women lost family members to violence & you act like she is a Kardashian.
Here's what Google provided when I asked, "what is news"
1. Newly received or noteworthy information, esp. about recent or important events.
While the statement isn't as strong as say, the verdict, it is newsworthy for those that have been following the tragedy and subsequent trial.
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