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73-year-old Japanese woman conquers Mt. Everest

The Mainichi reports that Tamae Watanabe has successfully climbed the world's tallest mountain at the age of 73, setting a world record.

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Photo: Mt. Everest. (Pavel Novak, via +Wikipedia)


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Japanese women are healthy folks huh
You sure she just didn't get lost. :)
My compliments and admiration for a job well done.
I don't see her up there in the pic... just sayin
Incredible, and here I am complaining about my back pains.
That's why it is said 'Old is Gold'
Wow 73 I could never do that and I'm pretty young
It 's very rare to find elderly mountaineer woman that she could conquered this mountain range peak
this is a motivation to all of us young and energetic ! life is more than the current one 
Wow she is strong and resilient! Bravo!
That is awesome!!!! Congrats to the Miss. 73 year old lady.
But did she make it down ? 
Hey, it's Saturday morning and I'm still in the bed.
I love hearing about people who climb Mt Everest. Fascinating. 
Nick R
Me and my brother plan on climbing everest some day and that's totally epic that at 73 years old tamae has done it. we all have our mountains to conquer and i'd say she has.
That's really qte something!! Shld start exercising >_<
Hopefully she didn't get any cerebral hypoxia on her way up there. If she suddenly starts exhibiting symptoms of dementia we will know why.
Amazing!! I'm in my 20s and I could barely run a mile :/
its very nice n what a brave lady she is
Well, that something unusual but I course usual for women!!! Women Power:)
what?! 73? she's awesome!
congratulations!!! if one can think i can, really v can achieve our goals
in our life.....
Nick R
jon fagner's an idiot mainly because they don't run snowmobiles on everest because of the lack of oxygen needed for an internal combustion engine plus gasoline would freeze at higher levels of the mountian. but a middle school drop out with no knowledge of everest or mountaineering wouldn't know this so i won't hold it against you.
WHAT?!?!?! That is boss, good work old lady!! 
How on earth is that impossible who agrees with me if you do please write back if you can I would be REALY happy for once lol not REALY 
She is still strong.even she is already 73.yrs old.impressive.
Someone else conquered mount everest
this is a beautiful pic
boo Jay
Psssh! If a 73-year old woman can do this, I still can't do this.
wow!!!! May be dats y ppl say " where dere is will. dere is a way"
Damn elderly people are going nuts for her right now...That's very impressive and that's definitely something that should be on people's bucket list. 
she is me in the future
Wow. I don't really know what else to say.
Jpn women's average life expectancy is 86yrs old.
A lot of energetic grannys here and there in JPN.
Of course, she's rare & great.
Good on her for going out there and living life
Olé! eso si que es una superabuela
Nt surprised japanese women are strong in physical activities;-D
itni old ho k xcetp dis k ibadat kertii.....madam MA pohanch gaiii.....really amazing.
73?? My grandma already gone and she climbed higher. RIP
73?? My grandma already gone and she climbed higher. RIP
73?? My grandma already gone and she climbed higher. RIP
73?? My grandma already gone and she climbed higher. RIP
Excellence and perfection never know age.
Impossibe itself says- I M POSSIBLE,
Super lady prove it.
Bravo!, At the age of 73 still strong like 21.
How beautiful nd wonderful is my God's creativity!!!!!!!!!!
Who next is toing and froing the mountain.
Who next is toing and froing the mountain?
Who next is toing and froing the mountain?
this is a natural beauty.......................
suberb .oldies are goodies
I wish I was addicted to exercise.
omg....who else can do that!!!! Congrats :)
This goes to show. Your never to old,as long as you have the will !
That's pretty amazing! Hats off to her!
It may sound strange to foreigners. Her given name is Tamae and family name is Watanabe.
That's a pretty big accomplishment for someone 73 years old
they dont the woman had to be strong and used to climbing big moutains
the mountain is very beautiful
I have always wanted to see this,what a beauyiful nature is this?wonderful
S Singh
Shows its never to late to live your dreams
Wonderful. Salute to the great lady and her courage
oh realy thats good to ...
Wow now that's determination !
will this put off younger people from attempting it...... :) one a serious note. a very impressive achievement for that age! It is supposed to be treacherous for the strongest of people...
I read a book about mount everest one its called peak its good u should read it
where is she.......i dont see her!!!!!!!!
Don't you think a picture of her will go great with the tittle? Where is she?...All I see is Everest Mountain.. Is she dressed white?
she is tired and relxing on the otherside of everest,what an acheivement?
Hi +Gustavo Garcia - Thanks for the comment. I agree - a picture of Tamae Watanabe would have been a great addition to this post. Unfortunately, a picture of her (that we had permission to use), was not available when the news broke, and +Google+ doesn't allow photos to be added to a post after it goes live.

Here is a photo of her, via +NPR:

Thanks again for the feedback,


P.S. I love this platform for reporting on breaking news but the lack of a mechanism to add or change a photo after a post goes live is definitely a weak spot. :(
The word is climbed not conquer ( don't push the bullshit to far, it can push back ! )
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