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Andy Griffith dies

+Entertainment Weekly reports that television icon Andy Griffith, best known as the sage town sheriff in the ’60s sitcom The Andy Griffith Show and as a cantankerous defense attorney on 1980s-’90s drama Matlock, died today in Roanoke Island, N.C. He was 86 years old.

Friend and former University of North Carolina president Bill Friday confirmed the news to WITN News, an NBC affiliate in Washington, N.C.

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RIP Andy.  Probably the best show ever.
Wow, I didn't even know he was still alive haha! I mean.. that is a shame.. may he rest in peace..
First Perry Mason, and now Matlock. Ally McBeal, you'd better be on your guard.
guy yak
condolences |
My grandmother loved the "Andy Griffith Show" it was because of her that I watched it. Thanks to TV Land you can watch this show all the time this show is "Priceless"

RIP Andy Griffith you will be missed.. 
Andy will be missed by thousands!
Yes his shows aired all over the world even in UK.
RIP Andy. Superlative actor. Going to watch waitress
R.I.P Andy, you will be sorely missed.
May his soul rest in peace and sorrow to his family
Kelly M
Love this picture.
Why is this breaking news? Did you think he want going to die one say.
Live in peace Andy.
Yes, Thanks for the laughs Andy, and thanks for showing my generation good parenting.
It is a sad day. Thank you Andy for all the afternoons of entertainment watching your show in black and white.
Well this just stinks. I grew up watchin Andy
one of the greats in television history is gone...
P. Wang
Jayla, RIP is an abbreviation for requiescat in pace (Latin for rest in peace).
Oh no! We'll miss you andy!
:( He will be missed. Fond memories of watching his shows with my sisters.
Nick at Nite is about to go wild this 4th of July.... RIP to a Legend, an Actor, favorite (TV)Sheriff, who became the world's Greatest (TV)Lawyer...
That is so sad i will miss u
the world is a sadder place now! loved his shows but loved his singing more.  bye Andy
RIP Will Stockdale the Air Force and the Army will miss you
RIP Andy an American icon. He was more a father to me than my real father.
Imagine today if the law was implemented in Mayberry fashion!
Matlock and the Andy G. Show were the best shows ever, we sjould remember him by the way he lived not where and how he died. RIP Andy. 
A true gentleman and a kind-hearted one at that.
RIP "Ange". Spent many a nite in Mayberry back in the day!
U will b greatly missed Andy. Enjoy the peaceful Mayberry as it should be.
Loved that show when I was growing up. R.I.P. Andy Griffith
I dont know him but thats very sad still! :(:(:(:(
I wonder how many of you are whistling the theme song right now.
awwww i think im gonna cry! i loved all of his shows!!!!!
I like watch his shows like every day,  i think im going to cry. :(
major league actor and human being, RIP Andy

R.I.P. Andy. Thanks for your contributions over the years.
rest in peace .Andy you will be sorely missed. savannah georgia Philip jones
You will be missed. You gave us the gift of laughter.
Noooo! Not Andy! RIP.
Mayberry gets smaller and smaller every day.  RIP Andy!
RIP.  Sad.  Sympathies go to friends and family.
Miss you love matlock and Andy Griffith R.I.P
Hurts my heart. I grew up on Andy. Great guy! RIP
I liked the Matlock serie a lot. Well... we all go one day. Rest in peace.
RIP Andy Griffith. He was a great person. I enjoyed Matlock and his guest appearances on many other shows and even Music Videos.
So Sad!!! There will never be another Andy!!! RIP

I Love Andy Griffith . . . but I would have swarn he was already dead for a while now.
If I get to live to 86, I'll be happy. I believe he had a good life. RIP 
What a huge loss. I am a huge fan. God bless and RIP
Still the number one theme song to get stuck in you head!
it is true my dad luved tht show wen he wuz a kid & showed it 2 me wen i wuz little
😚 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 sorry whistling the theme song in memorium Rest in Peace Andy Griffith now he can join Aunt B and Barnie Fife 😢
Big loss, great actor who's given us many many fond memories.
I love that show sorry that was a big loss. R.I.P.
i can't belive this.... he was hillarius!... i hope he had a good life...
R.I.P. Andy - you were a big part of my childhood and I always thought of you as a kind man - it was just how you portrayed yourself on TV yet I feel that you were in real life. 
Too bad they can't make wholesome quality shows like he did anymore. He was great!
Leo T
R.I.P. (but this is a creepy picture /: )
Anna, I have every confidence he knows the Lord. He was one of the few actors who lived a wholesome life.
OH my God Andy Griffin used to trip me out alot!!
One of the great iconic actors. He will be missed but his legacy will last. Blessings to his family in this time of need.
Watch A Face In The Crowd, Griffith's profound movie, timeless commentary on the farce of Celebrity.
I am just glad to know that he knows Jesus. Life is not complete without Jesus. Enjoy your everlasting Andy...
I loved and watched all his tv shows. Mattock and Andy griffin, I loved them both. 
Search for his comedy album, recorded before he got his TV show.  It's full of raunchy, backwoods humor.  I was surprised by it when it aired on PBS series about TV pioneers.
Rest in peace Sheriff Taylor
Sad to lose a great actor.
Such a loss.  Still watch his shows.
Thanks for the great childhood memories Andy Griffith
my fav old time show, i was related to Don Knotts "Barney Fife"
so sorry to here about this......
My elder brother in Phi Mu Alpha. All Hail Sinfonia!
RIP Andy Griffith and you were a Good Man!
The last of the great performers who also had great morals. He will definitely be missed.
R.I.P Andy u brought a lot of laughs to me as a child & an adult. U will be missed by all
nevet forget Andy griffith and his down to earth sincerity
And thanks for the wonderful singing of true American and English folk songs.
he was a great person and he will be missed ..i still cant beleive he has passed ..may he rest in peace ....
The things we grew up with, watched shaped our lives "My 3 sons" "Andy Griffith show " with little Ron Howard.

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I was born in 97 and didn't know about this show... All I knew was it was a highly acclaimed black and white tv show. I feel kinda bad that I didn't watch it :(
Don Knotts & Andy. Great combo. Thanks for entertaining my childhood :-) RIP
forever will be missed.
forever will be seen on TV.
forever will be in our dreams
forever will be in our hearts
forever rest in peace.
Rest in peace, Andy. Thank you for the wonderful hours with the TV series "Matlock" in Germany
But why was he buried immediately, within a few hours after he died? No embalming. No funeral.
at least he lived a long good life and he will always be in our memory
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