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Asteroid Vesta data, gathered by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, reveals clues about how solar system formed

The +Houston Chronicle reports that scientists have released a trove of data gathered by the Dawn spacecraft about Vesta, one of the largest asteroids in the asteroid belt. The observations taken by the spacecraft are giving astronomers a glimpse into how the solar system formed.

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Photo: Vesta compared to other solar system bodies. (+NASA /JPL-Caltech/UCLA)


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braking news would be more like the pope jumped off the Vatican from shame of the church and its wrong doings
I would love to see a photo like this, only for every named object in the solar system, from the smallest, spiraling out to the largest (the Sun).
wow... why is there a giant NASA logo floating in the universe?
Hi +Nils Klawitter --- thanks for the comment! That "NASA" text was actually added to the image by me, not by +NASA themselves. (I used +Google+'s photo editing tools.)

I'm experimenting with different ways to give credit to the original sources that produce the images we use on our G+ page. We always give photo/image credit in our posts, but I worry that, because users often need to expand a post to see that text, not everyone sees it.

What do you all think? The text is quite big....! I think that G+ shrinks or grows the text depending on the amount of characters...since "NASA" is four characters, the text in this example is very (very!) large.

Thanks for your feedback,

If the text was smaller, that'd be nice. It looks ok though.
+Breaking News: Can you not resize the text box, once you click Add? Unless I'm doing it wrong, or not understanding the issue, I'm able to add text to my photos and resize the text by dragging the text box.
+Andreas Suter Ha, maybe I can! I will try that next time (it doesn't look like I can edit the text retroactively on this image).

Thank you! -Amy
+Louis Gray thank you, as always, for your speedy reply! Really appreciate it.

+Brian Rose, it sounds like +Andreas Suter may have solved the problem. I'm going to give his suggestion a try next time I upload a photo.

P.S. +Brian Rose and +Louis Gray -- part of what prompted this is that our G+ posts (and accompanying photos) are now displaying on Currents (yay!) and I wanted to make sure that proper photo credit consistently displays over there. (Currents only displays the top of each of our G+ posts, and I often include photo credit at the bottom.)

Anyway, I'll keep playing around with adding text to photos -- thanks, all!

Thanks for coming to our defense, B.N. However, we have a policy of deleting comments that contain personal attacks on other commenters, so I removed your comment.
Hi +Nils Klawitter -- I thought you might enjoy this:

I keep seeing this picture, because the post is still getting +1'd and bumped to the top of our notifications.

Every time I see it, "NASA" just looks bigger and bigger to me. It really is large, isn't it? I'm glad I've now figured out how to shrink text on photos. :)

+Breaking News It was not about the size of the logo at all. just wanted to make a joke about the "NASA" logo at all.
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