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Founder of anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd arrested

The Australian reports that of the founder of the anti-whaling group +Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Paul Watson, has reportedly been arrested in Germany.

Captain Watson was arrested for the alleged violation of ships traffic in Guatemalan waters in 2002, over his involvement in interrupting the activities of a shark finning operation.

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Photo: Paul Watson, 2009 (Witty lama, via +Wikipedia)


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South Park whaling episode sequel should air in a couple weeks then. Nice
With starving children all over the world; right passion, wrong cause. 
Please release Paul Watson!
Really +Randy Davis? We should only fight to rid hunger among children around the globe? Is that what you're seriously saying? Forget everything else out there and lets band together to stop hunger, people! Cause that's the only cause worth having a passion for! ...........right. 0.o
Wow. That's pretty surprising, but it was definitely expected to happen. Of course that's not going to change anything in the Sea Shepherds. I'm still looking forward to this season's Whale Wars.
Paul Watson has shown courage and determination for so many years and he's worked so hard. A relentless, admirable man. This won't stop him.
Hope he get released soon. he´s needed to save the whales. We need more like him.
Paul Watson is an idiot. This is good for society as a whole.
A lot of people can be classified as idiots, but we can't jail all of them.
Only the ones that do something illegal.
I can't argue with that, but some of the stuff he does isn't illegal, such as the campaign in the Antarctic. Other stuff is just protesting. He rarely does something illegal (this 2002 issue is probably one of the only ones and it's ten years old.)
+Alex Mette Why is it wrongh if he tries to stop the extinction of an endangered species? We all have a responsibility to protect animals worldwide. And unless the international community stops countries like Japan to bypass the rules then you have to use harsh methods. Do you want to tell your children and grandchildren that it was right to exterminate the whales?
I still salute you, Captain Paul Watson! :D
If you've ever gone over the speed limit in your life, you've broken the law. :)
Arrested again? This is old news for Captain Watson.
They aren't pirates. They may be hippies, but they don't pirate anything. They do what is needed to achieve their environmentalist goals which is beyond what other organizations do. Sea Shepherds don't wag their fingers. 
this guy deserves to be in jail. he is a terrorist of the sea's. I hope he rots there
No they throw bottles of smelly stuff instead... If your going to fly the skull and cross bones your identifying yourself as a "pirate". Real pirates would sink a few of those whaling boats, kill a few whales and then club a baby seal or two. Your right Sea Shepards are certainly no pirates...
Okay +Manas Maximus they may prevent some people from making short-term money, but whalers cause a lot of terror to whales each year and killing them will cause long-term damage to the world ecosystem. That sounds pretty terrifying to me. 
what about there tuna campaign nick felker? there not indagered and they simply chose to destroy there nets because they determining that they took the fish out of season without proof and without even asking
also pilot whales are not indangered. the sea sheaperod has determined that they shouldn't be hunted even though they are used and in my opinion humanly killed and used for food. Who is anyone to tell a nation other than there own not to eat an animal that they have been for hundreds of year to survive just because it is there own personal belief that they shouldn't.
Although these animals are not endangered as of now, I'm sure continuing the practice will slowly deplete the population.

The Tuna incident does seem up in the air as to whether or not the capture was legal. It is pretty tough to say for certain whether the Sea Shepherd's actions were justified until there is further evidence, so I won't comment much on it.

The pilot whale campaign is just protesting. They aren't doing anything illegal. If slavery was a traditional practice in the South US, the North should still be allowed to protest. The 'grind' is pretty gruesome regardless of opinion. Sure the whales may not feel themselves getting slaughtered, but there is still a lot of gore. 
To be fair Nick your statement, "They do what is needed to achieve their environmentalist goals...," is a patent statement of terrorist. The results do not usually justify the means. I would agree that the practices need to be examined and curtailed, but that could take away freedoms and erase culture & custom, much like Europeans did to the Native Americans. So how would that be better than killing off the whales, tuna, or any other species? My point is that there are better and legal ways to seek and incentivize change. Destruction is not an incentive, nor a true deterrent. Destruction often leads to entrenching of ideas, ideals, and actions.
I find that if someone has a problem, before they express it loudly they should have a workable solution. A few suggestions for curtailing the whaling, overfishing:
1. Make people fish for themselves, by putting huge restrictions on catch numbers.
2. Put huge impact taxes on large hauls, based on boat, captain, and/or parent company.
3. Turn aquariums into fisheries, but still allow people to come see ad learn about what is going on. (A touch of jest here)
4. Give people more vacation time to do their own fishing. (A touch more of jest here)
You have a point. However, Paul Watson took your advice and found it didn't work. He used to work at Greenpeace but quit because they didn't take action. That was back in the 70s. 
the piolot whales have a healthy population and if studies were to show that they were endanger i am sure the people there would take into consideration this fact. they take a certain amount and are using the meat to sustain there food needs there. I don't believe these acts are endangering the population until I am told some information other wise.

As for the tuna they are in court now and are out on some sort of bail. Yes we will see what the courts dicide and as of now they are not guilty.

Yet I would venture to say they are vigilantes. they go out make there own conclusions as to the guilt of others and attack. These are poor {in the financial and helpless form of the word} fisherman trying to make a living for there family. They don,t live in the USA { not that its getting better with the unemployment rate} and are trying to do the best they can to make a living and the SOB is running around the seas making it harder for them to live as well as there children and family at home.

They are the judge, jury, and executioner of the open seas.

And are you comparing black people to whales. What the hell kind of argument is that?

they are not protesting. There attacking these people in open waters. The throw ropes in there props and assault them with chemicals. This is the biggest form of harassment i have ever seen. They are all criminals and belong behind bars
Trying to protect animals is good, but Watson's support of human population control based on political ideology not so good.
They protest activities they find immoral, kind of like how abolitionists protested slavery, even though it's what some southerners needed to sustain their plantations and even though they were not affected personally.

The Sea Shepherds do non-violent actions. The prop fouling sucks but nobody is hurt by it. The chemicals they throw stink, but it won't hurt anybody unless they breathe too much of it. The chemicals are on the ship's deck, so that is unlikely.

The Sea Shepherds take action through non-violent means. They just tick off people. It is true they are their own jury, but in international waters there isn't always very strong regulation of rules. That's what the Sea Shepherds claim to do: enforce fishing laws by dissuading others from breaking the law.

Now we go back to the pilot whale scenario. That is legal and so far the practice has been sustainable. The people say they use it for food. That doesn't mean it can't be protested. You don't have to take a true side, but they still are allowed to protest. 
I can't help but cheer for the Japanese whaling fleet. Mr. Watson will never gain support as long as he continues his eco-terrorist campaigns. "SAVE THE HUMANS"
+Nick Felker If by quit Greenpeace you mean being voted out 11-1 (Paul Watson was the only "no" vote) in 1977 I guess he quit. As for piracy Paul Watson himself claims to have sunk 10 vessels which, by International Law, make him a pirate.
So, a bunch of sanctimonious liberals are trying to stop a regulated, traditional whale hunt huh? OK, I will support the whale hunt 100%. Since liberals are always wrong, 100% of the time, about everything, there must be a good reason for the whale hunt.
+Nick Felker I like how you just completely side stepped my point.

He wants to control breeding based on political ideology and remove 6 out 7 people from the earth.

When he was asked about this he said "Curing a body of cancer requires radical and invasive therapy, and therefore, curing the biosphere of the human virus will also require a radical and invasive approach."

That is genocide. He's is pro-genocide.

Whales aside. We are talking about a man who wants to reduce mankind's population to less than 1 billion in the near future. Tell me how that advocates non-violence.
i don't have a problem necessarily with cause, though i don't necessarily agree with him. I have a real problem with his group's lack of professionalism and general incompetence.
+Nick Felker you are an idiot.... Yea they at pirates and the cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages and lost meat each year. They throw ropes in to the water to destroy the propellers of the Japanese ships.... Also they amount of whaling that is done compared to the amount of southern Fin whales and Minke whales, which against popular belief are the only two whales they hunt, is minimal and does no damage to the natural population. To say they are helping is pathetic, and you do not know the facts a all they are doing is pirating the Japanese ships, destroying product and preventing the people that have that hard job from making a living and the people that live off the meat to have food on their tables... So if you want to support such a horrible person then go ahead, but know the facts please. I live in Japan and I have studied this while here. So trust me when I tell you they do not do any good. And it comes down to do your support human like or that of a whale.... If that is not an easy question to answer you are lost.
Sorry I have a lot of spelling errors, I typed it on my phone and right now it is not agreeing with me.
Baristas coffee co... supports Captain Watson
It's good to see there are folks out there who care enough about these magnificent creatures to put their own lives in danger, good work!
So I have one major question to ask all the people that remain ignorant to the fact that this actually does not result in a decline of the natural population rate or the Southern Fin whale or Minke whale... (do do the drastic increase of population of these two whales in the southern hemisphere, do to the dramatic decline in natural predators). My question is, what is more important the life of a human or the life of a whale? 
Ps he didn't quite Green Peace.... He was kicked out because he was to extreme or as they say "We politely asked him to leave Green Peace... His plans of action did not represent Green Peace in a positive manner." 
So Cole, if you could save one life would it be a human or a whale? 
Also I worked on a farm in Texas... If you can tell me how to make all natural agriculture, while keeping the quality to correct standards, and having enough of the product to supply the demand of the world, while still keeping the price down, and still making enough money to feed my family, and keeping the land as wonderful as you want it. Without using pestasides, and till and of anything else like that. And make this perfect world you say I'd easy... Than PLEASE!!! PLEASE! Tell me how! Oh right I forgot... This Utopia you want to live in doesn't exist and never will.... Oh and I would like to add Japan doesn't have the land mass to have this agriculture you suggest....
I would save the whale, a human cause more harm to the planet.
Yep that is the answer I needed and this is why I don't want to live on this planet anymore.... People like you are a lost cause... The type of people that will save their pet from downing before the save a man.... It is not logical and it is pathetic. Then if that is your answer how bout you come to Japan and explain why fathers can't put food on their tables for their children, or why a child can not eat tonight. 
Why doesn't anyone acknowledge the fact that this guy isn't just trying to save whales. This man openly promotes the destruction of 6/7 humans on earth. He wants to kill people on scale 500 times more massive than Hitler.

You are all ignorant as hell. He is pro-genocide. He has said that humans need to be removed from the earth in the same manner as cancer from a body.

If you are in support of Watson than you are worse than a Nazi, because you support genocide on a grander scale than the Nazis ever did.
This is what he wanted: Publicity.
+Bryan Kennedy why are you so disingenuous? Watson doesn't advocate killing ANYBODY, he advocates people not having so many offspring, thus reducing the population through attrition. That is not genocide by any definition.
And +Shannon Mccrary is also disingenuous in her diatribes. Please show me the people in Japan starving because they can't get their daily whale blubber. Your argument is a complete and utter joke, are you being sarcastic? There is NOBODY on Earth starving because they can't get some whale meat. NOBODY.
Yeah, but he doesn't kill people. His twisted opinions are his own. Bottom line, a psycho who does good works is still a man who does good works.
Does this guy wear a wig?
in terms of which are going to be the best results in saving a life, is not wise to save one of our specie just because is part of our team, like is not wise to choose to save a life just because is from our own race, or own country, or our own political party. if you want to save a life, choose which one is gonna be more beneficial to be alive.
a life is a life, free your mind from discrimination, don't be a specist.
+Canoro Canoro How about a kingdomist? Is it OK to kill life forms in a different kingdom?
discrimination is not OK.
+Scott Mc I believe it was "Thou shall not commit murder". God himself, ordered the Hebrews to destroy the Canaanites utterly; men, women, and children.
+Thomas Andersson Minke whales are not endangered. I don't agree that a group of people has come together and declared whales off limits. I don't eat whales, but I don't have any problem with people doing so, so long as the animal is not endangered. On the show, the Japanese are not hunting humpbacks or blue whales, they are hunting Minkes, which are not endangered, but Paul and his crew have decided that they are off limits, and so will not allow it.
Nick, maybe he should try an effective peaceful protest, like the Palestinian prison did in Israel and won 2/3's of the changes that they were seeking.
C.E. Wyatt a very good argument can be made that if the Japanese aren't eating whale, then they are going to be eating another food source that will in turn deplete that source for another group of people. Now while that line of reasoning can be exaggerated, the idea that Japanese are only using the whale as food is also exaggerated. The whale hunts are a marker of culture, a source of food, used in medicinal research, production of consumer products and help keep Japans economy self sustaining.
+C. E. Wyatt You sir are being naive and are blatantly lying. His exact words are "Curing a body of cancer requires radical and invasive therapy, and therefore, curing the biosphere of the human virus will also require a radical and invasive approach"

Here is the article written by his own hand and published on his own site:

To make it more obvious for your, invasive therapy is where you cut a person open and remove the cancer by scalpel.

Now how do you translate "curing the biosphere of the human virus will also require a radical and invasive approach" as non-violence?
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